Um … Dad, Why is Aunt Beru So Crunchy?

Crispy Critters - Luke's Adoptive ParentsIf there’s a Star Wars Geek in your life, then he’s unlikely to have this particular bit of memorabilia: 

That’s right kids – it’s the official Kenner Star Wars Owen Lars and Aunt Beru (Charred) Action Figures.  Relive those exciting scenes from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, in which the chemistry between Owen and Beru, Luke’s Skywalker’s adpotive parents, literally sizzles after they give some trigger-happy Imperial Stormtroopers a brief spot of target practice.  Join these intrepid Rebels as they stand up to the evil galactic empire with real “Smouldering Action!”  Be the first kid on your block to be able to accurately re-stage the first major crime scene set in the Star Wars Universe, and   conduct your own forensic analysis for the war crimes tribunal!

Fun for the whole family.  Recommended for Ages 4 and Up.

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