Those newfangled manual door locks are a bitch!

We all get used to things working a particular way so it’s sometimes easy to forget the alternatives when things suddenly stop working. Take powered door locks on cars. How the hell did we ever unlock our car doors before we had that handy invention:

A woman called Kissimmee police to say she was locked inside her car at the Walgreen’s on John Young Parkway near Poinciana.

“My car will not start. I’m locked inside my car,” the unidentified woman said.

“Nothing electrical works. And it’s getting very hot in here, and I’m not feeling well.”

The dispatcher asked the woman if she was able to manually pull the lock up on the door.

The woman said she would try, and then, she said, “Yes, I got the door open.”

The news item is very brief and doesn’t mention the age of the person involved, but my first guess would be that they’re very old. But then I consider the fact that if they are fairly old then they’ve probably got some experience with standard manual door locks from back when they weren’t standard equipment on most cars. So maybe this person is just very young and somewhat stupid. Either way we’re glad to hear she got the door opened and will be able to go on to pollute the gene pool some more.

More importantly we’re suddenly struck with curiosity over what the hell “newfangled” actually means because it’s one of those words that we’ve used for most of our lives that we kinda know what it means from inference, but haven’t ever really read the definition for. * looks it up in online dictionary * Oh.