Christian lawyer gets his panties in a bunch over historical display of Pledge without “under God.”

I’m told by many Christians that their insistence on keeping the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance isn’t an issue of trying to force their religion down everyone else’s throat, but actually an issue of history. The words … Continue reading

Why Children Cannot Speak To God In School

I received a forwarded email today which made me laugh out loud. It read as follows: A PETITION FOR PRESIDENT BUSH Please do NOT let this petition stop and lose all these names. If you do not want to sign … Continue reading

Semi-clueless Republican calls Francis Bellamy an atheist.

Over at they’ve posted a transcript of Rep. Ron Paul’s (MD) speech in which he urges his fellow representatives to support the Pledge Protection Act (HR 2028) that he cosponsored. It’s full of the usual bluster and misinformation we’ve … Continue reading


BEING GODLY By Peter Fredson George Bush II is Godly. Although he doesn’t know enough theology to fill a peanut shell, he says he Loves Jesus and talks to God, and that is enough nowadays to get him elected President. … Continue reading

U.S. House passes amendment to ban SCOTUS from hearing cases dealing with the Pledge.

They’ve been talking about doing this for awhile now and it looks like today they have: Yahoo! News – House Blocks Court on Pledge Case Rulings WASHINGTON – The House passed legislation Thursday that would prevent the Supreme Court from … Continue reading


UNDER THE CHRISTIAN GOD By Peter Fredson The question “Do You Believe in God?” is much asked today in government circles.  The President of all the people in the United States openly and frequently declares that he believes in God, … Continue reading

Bible To Be Banned - Satan Expected To Speak At DNC Fundraiser

In a continuing effort to show us, through example, cool dirty tricks and surefire ways to have one’s opponent burned at the stake, the Republican National Committee admitted to the following: RNC Says It Sent Mail Warning Bible Ban Washington … Continue reading

WingNutDaily rants on about Governor Schwarzenegger’s silence during Pledge at Reagan’s funeral.

The most common argument I’m given by folks who support the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance is that no one is forced to recite the Pledge at all if they don’t want to. When I point out … Continue reading

What America can learn from its atheists.

One of the best essays I’ve read on the whole Pledge debate in general and the recent Supreme Court case in particular is from The New Republic Online titled Under God and Over. Leon Wieseltier does a great job of … Continue reading

Time Magazine talks about the God of America’s Founding Fathers.

There’s a very well written article up over at about what the Founding Fathers believed about God and the role of religion in American government. In particular it focuses on Jefferson and his desire that church and state should … Continue reading