Movies I’m Looking Forward To: “Looper”

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted a trailer for Looper before, but they just put out a new one that really has my ohmygoshIhavegottoseethis juices flowing again:

I’m really hoping it lives up to the promise of its trailers. Just wish it was coming out this week instead of September.

Movies I’m Looking Forward To: “Looper”

Now here’s a use for time travel I hadn’t considered. The mob in the future still deals with problems by having them killed, but it’s still a pain in the ass having to get rid of the body and all that crap. How do you ensure that the evidence of the hit is never found? Easy, send the poor bastard back in time 30 or so years and pay someone back there to kill them and dispose of the body.  It’s an easy payday for the hit men too. They just show up at the right spot and time and shoot whoever appears in front of them, collect the gold strapped to their backs, and dispose of the body someplace remote. Joe is living the high life thanks to this job. At least until the day the mob decides to close the loop:

What I find particularly interesting is the amount of makeup they’ve put on Joseph Gordon-Levitt to make him look as much as possible like a 30-year-younger Bruce Willis. There’s another clip out there showing comparisons between the makeup and old photos of Bruce and while it’s not exact, it’s a pretty good bit of work. Seeing as Bruce Willis really only has one character he can play in an action movie (Bruce Willis) it’ll also be interesting to see if Joseph can pull off a half-decent imitation of him. Lastly, it’s a sign of Joseph’s rising star that the trailer focuses on him as the main character over Bruce who usually commands star billing.

For my mother: The “Dark Shadows” trailer.

From what I understand, Dark Shadows was a TV soap opera from the 1960s about a vampire and zombies and ghosts that did stuff of a soap opera-y sort. I have no idea having never watched the show myself, but my mother has said on more than one occasion that she loved it. It was pretty popular for being such an odd beast compared to other soap operas of the time and having some rather lower production values that, near the end of the series, made it somewhat campy.

Still, it’s a soap opera and I, as a rule, don’t watch soap operas so I wasn’t all that interested when I heard that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were teaming up to make a feature film about the show.

That is, until I saw the trailer:

That does look like it’ll be amusing especially with Depp in the lead role. A part which he has apparently wanted to take on for years having been a fan of the original series himself. Hopefully it’ll live up to my mother’s expectations as well.

Now this is the “Star Wars Episode 1” I would’ve loved to have seen.

We need a good time machine so we can go back in time and show George Lucas just what a shitty set of prequels he was going to make in the future and how he should hire Michael Barryte to help him make them better. Cause the version of Episode 1 that he describes in the following video is one I would’ve been amazingly happy with.

Check it:

Doesn’t that sound like it would’ve been awesome? Darth Maul being a bad-ass for several movies, Obi-wan having some reason to be pissed off, Anakin not being some obnoxious little kid. What’s not to like?

Movies I’m looking forward to: Pixar’s “Brave.”

Disney released a small clip from Pixar’s upcoming animated feature Brave and it makes me want to see it now:

My kind of woman.

Trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man” hits the net.

I was skeptical of the first movie under Sam Rami due to the changes they were making, but it turned out to be pretty damn good and even relatively faithful despite the changes they made. I’m also skeptical of this new movie, but if the trailer is anything to go by then it may also be pretty damn good and faithful to the source material. Which is really quite the feat when you think about it.

Check it:

This won’t make me buy more Warner Bros. movies. This will just mean I’ll see fewer Warner Bros. movies.

There are very few movies I'll buy without having seen them first so if I don't catch it in theaters then the next opportunity would be a rental from Red Box. If WB holds back rentals by 56 days all they'll end up doing is delaying any potential purchase I might make by an additional 56 days. They're not hurting anyone but themselves with this policy. There hasn't been a movie made that I couldn't wait for the rental before deciding whether it was something I wanted to add to my collection. #google+ #movies #stupidity #Warner_Bros.

Report: Warner Bros. Will Stretch New Release Rental Window From 28 To 56 Days

Apparently no longer content with the 28-day window in which it sells DVDs but doesn't allow companies to rent them out, Warner Bros. is reportedly on the verge of doubling that time frame in an effort to starve viewers into starting to buy movies again.

According to AllThingsD, Warner Bros. is gearing up to announce the new window at next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The 56-day rental ban will apply to Netflix, Redbox and Blockbuster.

Along with the revelation that HBO wi…

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” trailer hits the net.

Oh, but this is looking good:

Definitely something to look forward to next December.

“Men In Black 3” trailer hits the net.

Surprisingly, I think I might want to see this. Check it:

Loved the first movie, but was disappointed by the second one. This one looks worth it just to see Josh Brolin channel Tommy Lee Jones.

Movies I’m Looking Forward To: Pixar’s “Brave”

Oooo, but that is looking good.