The Crusaders

I just finished reading an article by Bob Moser of the Rolling Stone entitled ‘the crusaders’ over at from the and felt I really needed to share this with the people here at SEB. The article is well written and joins the dots between a lot of recent events including ‘Roys Rock’, and points to the insidious creature swimming just beneath the surface that is making those ripples. Even allowing for an element of hype this story makes reference to documented events and verifiable facts that make it a disturbing read.

  The article begins by relating a lot of events we are already familiar with, and gives a name to the driving force behind them, the dominionists.

Dominionists are pressing an agenda that makes Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America look like the Communist Manifesto. They want to rewrite schoolbooks to reflect a Christian version of American history, pack the nation’s courts with judges who follow Old Testament law, post the Ten Commandments in every courthouse and make it a felony for gay men to have sex and women to have abortions. In Florida, when the courts ordered Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube removed, it was the Dominionists who organized round-the-clock protests and issued a fiery call for Gov. Jeb Bush to defy the law and take Schiavo into state custody. Their ultimate goal is to plant the seeds of a “faith-based” government that will endure far longer than Bush’s presidency—all the way until Jesus comes back.

The article then goes on to quote the Rev Mel White, and draw a conclusion most of us here at SEB have made many times.

“Most people hear them talk about a ‘Christian nation’ and think, ‘Well, that sounds like a good, moral thing,’ says the Rev. Mel White, who ghostwrote Jerry Falwell’s autobiography before breaking with the evangelical movement. “What they don’t know—what even most conservative Christians who voted for Bush don’t know—is that ‘Christian nation’ means something else entirely to these Dominionist leaders. This movement is no more about following the example of Christ than Bush’s Clean Water Act is about clean water.”

  Ever wonder what happened to ‘Roys Rock’? Well it seems that monument to the Christian rights agenda to undermine the separation of church and state is still doing the rounds.

Roy’s Rock sits out front, fresh off a tour of twenty-one states, perched on the flag-festooned flatbed of a diesel truck, a potent symbol of the “faith-based” justice the Dominionists are bent on imposing. Activists at the conference pose for photographs beside the rock and have circulated a petition urging President Bush to appoint Moore—who once penned an opinion calling for the state to execute “practicing homosexuals”—to the U.S. Supreme Court. ( bold added for emphasis)

I read this part with more than a little incredulity, this man has openly stated that he feels people should be judged not by reasonable human laws and standards but by biblical ones, even to the point of executing homosexuals. Can you imagine if this man got into the supreme court? It just doesn’t bear thinking about…

“The most humble Christian is more qualified for office than the best-educated pagan,” says Cass, an anti-abortion activist who led a takeover of his school district’s board in San Diego.

Ah right well that would explain the village idiot you have as a president then, as long as he can read the bible and say hallelujah at the right intervals he’s obviously qualified to lead. Then again this is also a point much debated over here at SEB, the fact that these people see education as an enemy because educated people are more skeptical, and of course we can’t have that when we are trying to make everyone believe in the bible eh?

Cass also presents another small-town activist, Kevin McCoy, with a Salt and Light Award for leading a successful campaign to shut down an anti-bullying program in West Virginia schools. McCoy, a soft-spoken, prematurely gray postal worker, fought to end the program because it taught tolerance for gay people—and thus, in his view, constituted a “thinly disguised effort to promote the homosexual agenda.” “What America needs,” Cass tells the faithful, “is more Kevin McCoys.”

Oh great, so ‘queer bashing’ should become a national sport then? Perhaps they could use the stadiums to host events where they feed all the deviants to wild animals for the ‘righteous’ to witness the holy spectacle of divine judgment being passed on these ‘evildoers’? The more I read the more glad I am that I live on the other side of the Atlantic in the UK. Though bearing in mind current trends I am painfully aware that if the US goes down this road, then the UK will not be far behind perhaps 5-10 years at most.

As a pagan I generally work on a live and let live principle, and am fully aware that my beliefs would also fall down under the scrutiny of the SEBometer, then again my beliefs are personal and I don’t go around trying to force them on other people. Whereas this Christian need to bring everyone round to their way of thinking be it by persuasion, indoctrination or force, is something I find incredibly disturbing. How much would it take for a return to the witch burnings of the past I wonder?