One Nation Under God.

What happens if the United States abandons the separation of Church and State?  This separation has been the source of many comments here on SEB.  The fear is that it may become a reality. But really will it turn out bad?

One Nation Under God…

  1. What happens to schooling?  In many European states schools have a religious element.  In the UK a religious assembly must be held by law. This may surprise Americans, but in my experience it does not turn out hordes of Fundies.  It is 20 minutes to be endured, often with a homily about being nice, and then back to class, including Evolution.  The fear is of course that it can not be that mellow in the States.  Instead science will be only that which agrees with “God’s word”.  Which will it be – hum-drum or Dover?
  2. What happens to the rights of non-Christians?  A colleague in my office told me of her son, a merchant banker in Chicago.  At one multinational bank, a world player, it was made clear that promotion was hindered by his lack of faith.  Will those outside a Man-Woman legal marriage be discriminated against for their sexual morals?  Will job discrimination on the basis of religion be legal, tolerated, even commonplace? Even common rights? Bush Sr doesn’t think atheists can be patriotic – why should they have rights?  What about the ‘wrong kind of Christians’? Will it be a ‘broad church,’ or a narrow path to righteousness?
  3. How will the world treat America?  Will the Middle-East try an oil war? What will happen to Europe, will we be dragged down the same path in an effort to stay friends?  How will the new Superpower – China – react?  Will it make an Islamic Nuke in Times Square a certainty? Will alliances depend on religion? One Nation Under God, or leader on the world stage.
  4. What about Business? Will inward investment stop, especially in reaction to the previous three points?  Which will accommodate the other?  The Religious Right – when it’s a toss up are they Religious or are they Neo-Cons?