South Carolina gas pumps tells non-believers to GTFO.

One of the great things about Christians is the loving tolerance they have for everyone including those who hold differing and/or opposing viewpoints. Take, for example, the friendly message one True Believerâ„¢ gas station owner in South Carolina felt compelled … Continue reading

Porky Pig recites the Pledge of Allegiance minus “under God.”

There’s something missing in this recital of the Pledge of Allegiance by Porky Pig: Now that’s a pledge I can support and one I think we should go back to. Or, even better, I think we should use the version … Continue reading

SEB Mailbag: Chain Mail from Ben Stein. Kind of.

I’ve mentioned before that most of my extended family is religious to some degree or another so it’s not uncommon for me to receive chain mails with variations on the taking-the-Bible-out-of-school-is-the-cause-of-all-our-societal-problems theme. I got one such chain mail today and … Continue reading

For the first time I can recall my President acknowledges me.

I watched Obama’s inauguration speech being replayed last night after getting home from class and there was a sentence I couldn’t help but notice and feel good about: For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a … Continue reading

Who knew reciting the Pledge of Allegiance allowed you to do so much?

At one point Tuesday night during the Republican convention they had a video featuring 15-year-old Victoria Blackstone reading an essay she wrote about the Pledge of Allegiance. It featured all sorts of patriotic imagery and the young woman talking about … Continue reading

Texas politico adds “under God” to State’s mandatory Pledge.

They really like to promote their ignorance proudly down in Texas it seems. State Rep. Debbie Riddle successfully introduced a bill that adds the words “one state under God” to the Texas Pledge of Allegiance. A pledge that all school … Continue reading

One Nation Under God.

What happens if the United States abandons the separation of Church and State?  This separation has been the source of many comments here on SEB.  The fear is that it may become a reality. But really will it turn out … Continue reading

One Christian thinks you should be forced to say “under God.”

One of the arguments supporters of the current Pledge of Allegiance like to put forth for not ridding it of the words “under God” added in 1954 during the McCarthy Red Scare is that folks who want to say the … Continue reading

Reciting Pledge in school once again declared unconstitutional.

Get ready for round two. Looks like Michael Newdow has managed to get a judge to declare the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional pretty much ensuring the issue will once again come before the U.S. Supreme Court. U.S. District Judge Lawrence … Continue reading


VAST RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY 1 By Peter Fredson Recently I had occasion to review thousands of files stored from the 1990’s.  The reason to look backwards was to understand the immense progress that Conservatives, both religious and political, have made in … Continue reading