SEB makes the jump to WordPress.

After many hours of work and some 22 export files with an average of 300 entries per file (highest was 500, lowest was 150), I have successfully migrated SEB from ExpressionEngine to WordPress. I will be writing a post about how I did this which will include the templates a I used and details on all the problems that cropped up along the way. It’s far from perfect, we’re currently missing approximately 323 entries and 4,471 comments that I’ll have add in later and there were all sorts of snags along the way, but it works so long as you’re dedicated to the process. This blog is eight years old and has now transitioned from MovableType to ExpressionEngine to WordPress and there was a fair amount of crap in the older entries that needed fixing along the way.

Expect the theme to change on you over the next few days as I look for something I feel good about to use until I can find the time to learn how to whip up my own WP theme. Also if you’ve ever submitted an entry when SEB was under ExpressionEngine then you already have an account created under WordPress. The trouble is that WP doesn’t seem to have bothered to import your email addresses into your account so I’ll have to go through and edit all 91 of you to put in your email address. The account was created using whatever your Screen Name under EE was, not what you used to login to EE. So DOF, for example, already has an account as decrepitoldfool. If you think you have an account already try using the recover password option with the email address you registered with as that’s what I’ll be putting in so you can recover your passwords.

Another thing you’ll have to do is resubscribe to any entries you want to receive comment notifications from. WP doesn’t have a native comment subscription option so I’ve added a plugin that gives that functionality. You do have the option of subscribing to an entries’ RSS feed as an alternative if you don’t want to have to leave a comment to subscribe.

I’ll probably be adding more plugins over the days to come as I figure out what other functionality would be useful. If you have suggestions on themes or plugins you think would make a good fit, let me know. Or if you have an account already and want me to put in a different email address, again, let me know.

86 thoughts on “SEB makes the jump to WordPress.

  1. The note above had an IMG tag when I wrote it, but threw an error:

    Warning: Value for HTML.Doctype is of invalid type, should be string in /www/pmh4790/public_html/seb/wp-content/plugins/html-purified/lib/HTMLPurifier/Config.php on line 238

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /www/pmh4790/public_html/seb/wp-content/plugins/html-purified/lib/HTMLPurifier/Config.php:238) in /www/pmh4790/public_html/seb/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 865

  2. OK images should now be doable, along with a few other HTML tags, as I just went in and edited the kses file directly.

    Legacy, you can get an avatar at the Gravatar site.

  3. @Les… Ahhh… I gave that a thought for a second, but wasn’t sure… I was just thinking about how I was always logged in to comment on the other setup.

  4. BBCode doesn’t work yet, but I’ll be adding a plugin for it soon.

    And, yes, there are advantages to having an account such as bypassing the Captcha.

  5. I had to re-register. I’ve only ever had two email addresses in the last decade, and the password recovery function said neither were valid. Oh well.

    Gotta redo the avatar, too. 🙁

  6. Dave, the page source contains the image tag and if I click on the image link from there, it renders just fine.

    Here’s the same image with the alt parameter set:


  7. Interesting. Very interesting.

    The image tag is there, but the rendered page displays the alt value rather than the actual image. Dave, do you have an htaccess that blocks images unless the referer(sic) header is from your own site?

    Test: same image on imageshack:


  8. Hmm. Yeah I know about Gravatar, but it’s not working. Also, when I tried to log in (am I doing this right?) the site did not recognize my username.

    So this is a newly-created account, but all the stuff like subscribed posts and my own posts are gone.

    Is thatjust a function of it be ing new software, and therefore system-wide, or is something else up?

    My old photo (False Maria) worked by uploading to SEB.. I never had a gravatar..

    Should I get one for it to work?

  9. I’m suspecting ***Dave must be blocking hotlinks. Your test, Elwed, is still showing for me as is Brooks.

    As an aside, I own that Ale and Whores t-shirt.

    Legacy, your account shows up in the database as “legacyabq”, all lowercase and without quotes (obviously). You can either use the password reset function to change your password or I can set a default password for you and mail it to you. Your choice. And you will need to sign up for a Gravatar if you want to have one show up on your comments.

    All the comments you ever left are still in the database, but you are correct that the subscriptions you had are gone. I’m looking into seeing if there’s a way to have it auto-subscribe you to any posts you have ever commented on.

    One nice feature of the new subscription system is that it has a means of allowing you to subscribe without commenting, but I need to edit the template files directly to implement it.

  10. You won’t see it unless you scroll up, but there’s now a link in the footer for every entry that allows you to subscribe to comments on that entry via RSS if you prefer. For some entries, such as the “A Christian asks…” thread, that might be preferable to email. It also doesn’t require you to leave a comment.

  11. That’s not really missing per se, it’s just a different level of membership. I’ve not decided if I want to see if I can find a way to do it while leaving everyone as “subscriber” or just make the default membership level “contributor” which I believe would work similarly to the way I had things set up under EE.

  12. Hrm. Yeah, you’re right — I’m probably blocking hotlinks. I thought I’d taken that off at one point, but clearly I didn’t (or put it back on). Stupid, stupid rat-creature.

  13. Webs, moved your comment to this thread as it seemed a bit more appropriate.

    ***Dave, yep, updated it yesterday. I’ve been looking into the Thesis theme you’re using. I may end up paying for a developer’s license so I can use it as a foundation for all the blogs I’m running here.

  14. I ended up doing the developer’s license because I wanted to replace the “very pretty but not terribly useful” theme I was using on my writing blog. Thesis is pretty keen, adding a layer of manageability on top of what WP can already do.

    But this theme is pretty nice, at least in terms of how you’ve done it up.

  15. You know Les, I quite like the new look, and I know it’s a work-in-progress, but you’re pretty handy with the software man! Good job!

  16. Hey Les, I tried to contact you by email but stupid me can’t figure it out..

    Could you delete my account?

    Then I’ll sign up again with my other email addy, so I can test my new gravatar account.

    Plus, I’m not using the old email anymore; I shouldn;t have signed up with it.

    Thanks Man!

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