We bought a new(er) car today.

We’ve been a one car family for awhile and the old 2000 Grand Prix is starting to show its age. It still runs pretty well, but there’ve been all manner of minor problems cropping up that convinced us it was time to get something new. I’ve talked before about my desire to get a Honda Civic so this morning we headed off to the local Honda dealer and started looking. At the outset I was quite excited at the thought of getting a new car until we got there and reality set in. We didn’t end up buying a new 2009 Civic EX like I wanted, but rather we ended up buying a 2004 Civic that was certified by Honda.

Now as it turns out that 2004 Civic is probably a very good deal. Despite being five years old it only had 47,000 miles or so on it and it was in great shape. It’s unusual for a car that old to qualify as a Certified Used car so that was a testament to how good of a shape it was in. It has one lengthy scratch on the passenger side doors that prompted them to knock a couple of grand off the asking price so we got it for around $10,000 and, after taxes and license fees, it came out to a little over $11,000 and our $3,000 down payment made our monthly payment on it around $175 which we can easily afford. Still I was nervous about taking on a five year old car when I already have a nine year old car that was slowly falling apart. But more upsetting for me was the fact that, once again, I was settling for something instead of getting what I wanted. The fact that the car is yet another silver/grey paint color didn’t help. All my life I’ve wanted a nice blue car and I have never owned one.

So we have a newer car and we still have the Grand Prix (we originally thought we’d have to trade it in) which we’ll use sparingly and try to get fixed over time. I should be happy, but I’m not because I got what we needed and not what I wanted. It looks like it’ll be an excellent car even if it is already a bit long in the tooth and it’s got a partial warranty on it as well, but I still feel resentful towards the car. So much so that my initial thought was that I’d stick to driving the Grand Prix and leave the newer car for Anne to use and only drive it on longer trips such as up to my parents place or when we drive out to Iowa in May. I realize I’m being selfish and petulant and knowing that doesn’t lessen my bad mood. I’m just so tired of settling for less.

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  1. My Civic is 20 years old this year, for what it’s worth.  Has a tiny bit of rust around the back fenders.  Interior is perfect.

    Got to be careful about buying a Honda: it may be with you for a while.

  2. My ‘04 Honda has 88,000 miles and performs wonderfully! My ‘99 Toyota Tacoma has 285,000 miles and has had the oil changed regularly (Oh, yes, and the tires, battery . . .). The Honda is a honey – it will grow on you.  grin

  3. I’ve got a ‘89 Civic with over 340k on the clock…on the same engine. Runs well and even still gets ~35mpg too.

    A little regular maintainence and your “old” new car could still be running in 2025. Civics seem to be fairly indestructible…

  4. I’m feeling that same way.  I settle a lot of the times for what I need instead of what I want.  Got tax return.  All I really wanted was a brow wax, hair and dinner at Red Lobster.  What I settled for was stocking the house with groceries and pet supplies.  There is still some money left but I’m debating much needed truck repairs or overdue bills.  Wolves are at the door, but the truck is the bed and butter.
    Maybe we will win the lottery.  If I do big brother you’ll have your blue car!

  5. Like I said, for being a 2004 it appears to be in great shape other than the one scratch on the passenger doors. We’re considering getting it repainted if we can find a good deal on that sort of thing.

    It was definitely a base model, though. I’m going from power everything to manual everything. The only extras it has are AC and a CD player in the stereo.

  6. Life calls for us to settle for what we need not what we want most of the time.  But eventually we manage a few of the wants.  Hope the car works out for you.

  7. I am reminded of the stand up comedian once commenting on his friends who gave him a hard time for not buying an American made car. 

    He’d say
    “Yeah, I’ll buy and American car, as soon as they start building Japanese cars!”

    Point is, after all the cars I’ve gone through in life, my longest lasting and most reliable have been of the Japanese variety.  Now there are always the lemon exceptions but chances are you’ve made one of the best purchases in vehicles you could have.

    I’ve always like the Civic.

  8. This particular Civic had some un-Honda like teething issues during the first two years, but they should’ve been ironed out by the time yours came off the line.

  9. Good decision man. That car should last you a long while for sure!! Plus with the interest rates where they are now you should be getting a great deal on the car.

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