No April Fools jokes from me this year.

I’m just too worn out to think of a good one this year. I put some effort into coming up with something both subtle and humorous, but couldn’t think of something I hadn’t done before so I’m sitting it out this year.

Though I may link to a few of the better ones on other sites. In fact feel free to use the comments on this thread to link to or talk about your favorite April Fools jokes for this year.

We had a pretty good one here at work. One of the higher ups sent out an email claiming that the coffee the company buys was recalled due to salmonella contamination “like that peanut situation.” This company practically runs on coffee so this would be a crisis indeed if it were true. Though admittedly half the employees would just go out and get expensive coffee from a shop and expense it to the company. Still, it caused a minor panic.

6 thoughts on “No April Fools jokes from me this year.

  1. This only works if the computer you pull it on has Photoshop or some other way to accomplish the prank…

    When one of your coworkers steps away from their desk for a bit Take a screen shot of their desktop and take into photoshop and flip it upside down.. Then make it the desktop background (wall paper). If you are in Photoshop, go full screen and hide all the palates.

    It’s silly, but makes for great fun on the right person. grin

  2. No April Fools jokes from me this year.

    That’s a great April Fools joke, Les!  I wish I’d thought of it!

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