That Jesus guy is everywhere!

This is a compilation of various news reports on Jesus and/or his mom showing up in random objects:

Couple of things struck me as I watched this. First is the fact that it doesn’t take much for a True Believer™ to declare something as being a miracle. Finding a rock that vaguely resembles Jesus is enough to qualify. Second is how many of these video clips are from news stations in the south. Now that could possibly be due to the person putting it together only having access to clips from the south, but given the higher level of religiosity in the south it’s easy to assume that it’s entirely representative of what they’re focused on down there.

3 thoughts on “That Jesus guy is everywhere!

  1. I think I read something a long time ago that said most of these sightings are where the human mind tends to pick out patterns and familiar things like faces.  The same thing could be said for people that see UFOs and the devil in inanimate objects..just your eyes (and mind) playing tricks on you.

    With that said I think many people need a sign of God existence and it is easier to say that is in a cheeto than to admit they have yet to receive the sign they asked for.

  2. I squashed a bug the other day and in the goo left on the floor was the very obvious image of Cthulhu. I’ve shown it to my neighbors and they’ve all gone instantly insane.

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