God waits for family to go to church then burns their house down.

That God fellow. He’s a right royal bastard:

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL – A Charlotte County house fire leaves a family homeless and sends a firefighter to the hospital.

Vadim Pustovit and his family were in church while the walls and roof of their home were burning.  “When we were in church we got a couple calls, but our phones were off.  We answered them after our service and the Sheriff’s Department said the house was on fire.  By the time we got here it looked like it does now.”

They’ve lost nearly every material possession they had; house, clothes, cars, and belongings. “It’s pretty heartbreaking.  I mean all of our memories and we put in so much effort and time. It’s all gone.”

Quit your bitchin’. All God did was burn your house down and destroy everything you own. It’s not like what he put that poor bastard Job through. Well, now that I think about it, there’s some similarity. Perhaps you should be spending a bit more quality time with your kids just in case God and Satan are placing bets once again and that was only the first phase of the wager.

Usually these sorts of news items have someone trying to claim that it’s somehow a miracle that the family wasn’t at home at the time, but not in this case. Instead they’re pretty much saying they don’t know why the fuck God would let this happen:

Fire officials told Pustovit that if the family was at home it could easily have been much worse.  “The wall from the heat collapsed on my bed.”  As they try to figure out what to do next, they’re keeping their faith.  “God works in mysterious ways.  We don’t know why things happen, but they happen for reason.”

Huh. Sounds more and more like that Job fellow. Now might be a good time to up the insurance policies on your kids and perhaps check to see if your medical insurance covers dreadful boils. Or perhaps God just really hates your taste in interior design and figured the only solution was to burn it all up and have you start from scratch. Whatever the reason I’m sure it’s a really good one. Nothing so petty or simplistic as allowing Himself to be manipulated by Satan just to prove a point.

7 thoughts on “God waits for family to go to church then burns their house down.

  1. If something good happens, the True Believers(TM) say “God was watching over them.”

    When a tragedy occurs, it’s “God works in mysterious ways.”

  2. I’m sure there’s some guy out there going, “Praise the Lord they were in church! Those poor bastards would have burnt down with the house otherwise!”

    I hate fundies.

  3. I think we need to tie public service to superstitious beliefs.  “God” did it? Ok, then our tax dollars will not help save your ass from the fire, take you the hospital, or help rebuild your house.  God can take care of all that.

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