Obama says goodbye to the Bush Administration.

Obama pictures and McCain pictures

Well, we can always dream…

6 thoughts on “Obama says goodbye to the Bush Administration.

  1. I’m telling you this as a safety measure- when you are going somewhere you should let someone know, especially if you cant get a positive risk assessment first.  Please have medics on standby.

    I’m going to have a look at Free Republic. 

    Wish me luck, like Captain Oates, I may be sometime.

  2. I’m back, I’m safe, I feel dirty.

    It’s, well, it’s incoherent at the moment.  Some moaning about how stopping the Gitmo trial proves he can’t be tough on terrorists, and a lot of hot air about not respecting the Oval office because HE WORKED WITH HIS JACKET OFF, and even then they are arguing about it. And snide comments about Michelle’s dress.

  3. Swordsbane: I’m afraid it’s too late for that- America’s silverware is long since in their pockets and those of their friends…

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