Happy New Year 2009!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Hopefully this will be better than last year for many of us.

Sorry the posting has been so light lately, but been busier than I expected considering I’m off work. Will try to get back to posting regularly soon.

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2009!

  1. Let’s see, now, 2008: we nationalized the US banking industry, we nationalized the US auto industry, all under a REPUBLICAN administration, Santa Claus murdered 9 people at a party – 2009 HAS to be a better year!  tongue wink

  2. Felicitations to Les, family and Pat&Rons; of S.E.B. for 2009.

    Concur with Julian, colour scheme is easy on the Eyes !

  3. That’s kind of funny as it’s the standard blue theme I have up 90% of the time. Though after the admittedly garish Krismas colors I’m sure this is quite the relief.

  4. Hey happy new years and stuff to you too!

    Don’t worry about beeing posting light im sure your not the only one enjoying the time we all have to do whatever we want in our time off 😀

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