The trials and tribulations of a Santa for pets.

You’ve got to hand it to Santa. He doesn’t limit himself to just good little girls and boys these days. He’s also fond of dogs and cats and just about anything else people keep as pets. You can even take your pet to see Santa in some places. Santa tells us what it’s like dealing with pets in this news article from the UPI:

‘‘I’ve been peed on by dogs, pooped on by birds,’’ Hutchinson said. “But pets still are way easier than kids.’‘

Hutchinson’s position isn’t made any better by the fact that nearly any animal can attend the annual holiday event and earn a spot on Santa’s lap.

Event photographer told the Herald that during the event’s 10-year history, he has seen a wide variety of animals take part in the holiday tradition.

“We’ve had chickens, frogs, iguanas, chameleons, rats, gerbils, rabbits, sugar gliders, tarantulas and even a skunk,’’ Martinez told the newspaper. “Santa has no fear.’‘

As you can tell this isn’t the real Santa, but one of his helpers lending a hand with a recent fund raiser. The event seems to do well and is held annually. I just loved how he says that pets are way easier than kids.

1 thought on “The trials and tribulations of a Santa for pets.

  1. LOL I know my ILs would take their dogs to a Santa if there was one around here.  They were their first grandkids.

    I always try to make it easy on any Santa we go to and just tell them to snap the picture.  I’m not looking for the perfect picture, just one to commemorate the year.  grin

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