Working afternoon shift on the eve of Thanksgiving.

The afternoon tech decided to take the day off so I’m covering his shift and half the scanners have taken the night off as well so it’s been very, very slow here. Which is kind of nice as it’s given a little time to dig a little harder into Ubuntu’s inner workings and see if I can’t puzzle it out. A little time to spend working on the kiosk project. And a a little time to update the resumes I have online at the various job hunting sites.

I’ve also gone through my RSS feeds to see if there was anything I felt like writing about. The news of the terror attacks in India is disheartening, but beyond that I don’t have enough info to say much about it yet. Nothing else is springing to mind either so consider this another open thread in case I don’t get around to posting anything else tonight. I’ve got the next four days off so I’ll try not to be a total slacker and at least post something here and there. I’m kicking around a review of Wrath of the Lich King now that my main is at level 75. We’ll see.

What are you folks up to tonight?

13 thoughts on “Working afternoon shift on the eve of Thanksgiving.

  1. I can’t wait to read your review of Lich King. And congratz on getting your main to 75. I have not quite made it so far. The day after Lich King released I hit a major case of WoW Burnout. So my main is only lvl 72.

  2. Had family pictures today…it was hell.  Walmart sucks ass.  Paid off in the end since we went to Sears and they offer a photo CD with a copyright release. Nice.

    Wondered why the AP is printing stores about a terrorist attack in NYC when the supposed memo they received was about an unsubstantiated report that someone MAY have said something about it.  Oh look…lets scare everyone this Thanksgiving with something that may or may not be true!  Idiots.

    Got my gnome to 71 on WoW.  Been playing my DK more waiting for DH to catch up with my main so I don’t out level him and not be able to do anything together.  So far I like WoTLK but a little miffed I have to wait until 78 to ride my Griffon.  All that money and I have to wait to ride the damn thing.  Good thing I don’t have my epic flying mount or I would really be pissed…

  3. Have a wonderful break!  tongue laugh

    We’re down to me & the Mrs with one son in town to share the bounty.  Kind of exhausted and going to bed early (yes, we are boring) but tonight I find out the exciting conclusion to H.G. Wells’ Food Of The Gods before drifting off to sleep. 

    Middle son is in Commiefornia with his sig, which means no fabulous homemade bread or garlic potatoes… here. (we can all cook but he is the master)

    Our friends are back from Ethiopia with their new adopted daughter so we’ll probably drop by for a brief ooh and ahh.

  4. I’m digging back into WoW again as I’ve enjoyed the game but when BC came out, I had so much stuff going on that I had to forget about devoting any time to it.  Now it’s time to get my cow up to 80 so I can at least have one toon maxed out.

  5. Still smoking my turkey… will be up all night with it, so if I ruin it or it sucks I will be pretty disheartened tomorrow. Then I will eat till I’m fat and happy and forget all my worries.


  6. Happy turkey day, all. We’re inundated with relatives here, as we’re hosting the festivities this year. I’m waiting for my turn in one of the showers right now, just hangin’ online for a bit.

    Webs: I hope you share your turkey-smoking method with us, if it works out well. What equipment used, etc. I’ve never done that, and would be interested to hear how it goes.

    Did the turkey fryer thing when that was the rage back in the ‘90s. I was smart enough to do it out in the driveway, and not in the garage. When that hot oil overflows onto the burner, it’s quite spectacular. Like a 10 foot tall blowtorch. big surprise

  7. I’ve always wanted to do that Cajun thing, where they stuff a turkey with a duck, and the duck with a chicken, and deep fat fry the sucker.  As it is, we’re not celebrating Thanksgiving this year, except in our hearts.  And we do that every day anyway.

  8. I’ve seen those in stores – called a “turducken.” I wasn’t so sure I wanted to eat something with a name that starts with “turd,” but I’ve heard it’s actually quite good, with the different kinds of meat and all. Some of them have stuffing in the middle too.

  9. Tagged? Oh noes! Does this mean you’ll be tracking my migration patterns and mating habits? Oh dear. My wife won’t be happy about that. wink

    OK, I’ll try to get that meme up a little later today.

  10. What I did to smoke a turkey:

    1) I have Char-broil smoker, something that looks like this. You can make DIY smokers and I have heard people have good results from it, but I got mine to do some competition smoking. Nothing big, I try to do one a year. I picked my smoker up at Home Depot on sale for around $200. The meat from it has been worth every penny.

    2) I use some kind of fruit tree wood every time I smoke, especially for bird or pork. The smokeyness is really sweet and adds to the flavor. What you want to do is use charcoal, natural wood or Kingsford and add on some wood chunks on, about 3-5 every hour. I don’t use chips as they burn too quickly and I try to use wood in moderation. I use one of those chimneys to keep coals going for when the ones in the smokebox go out. The idea is to be ready to use the ones in the chimney to keep up the temperature.

    3) Prepare the meat ahead of time. For birds, you might want to brine. I have found I don’t have to for as long as you don’t over cook the bird or cook it to fast, like I did last night, it comes out incredibly juicy. For ribs, you need to pull of the membrane on the back of the ribs before you rub or cook them. This is so that the rub gets into the meat and so the ribs cook properly and fall of the bone when done. For brisket, you want only about 1/2 to 1 inch of fat on the underside. For pork, all you need to do is rub it beforehand. I usually let the rub sit for about 4 hours before cooking for any type of meat, or over night if I am starting to smoke in the morning. Then let the meat sit out about 30 – 60 mins before cooking depending on size in pounds.

    4) All meat should cook about 1.5 hours per pound of meat at a temperature of 225 in the area of the smoker where the meat sits. Keep in mind this is for my smoker… The temperature should not drop below 200 and should NEVER exceed 250. The closer to 225 the better. Knowing the internal temperature of the smokebox is CRUCIAL.

    For ribs, smoke for 3 hours and then wrap in foil and cook for 5 more hours wrapped in foil in the smoker. Obviously at this point you really don’t need to add more wood. You can do this with any other meat too, but I only do this ribs. Brisket you want to cook to about 180 – 190. Do not over, under, or cook too fast. This will quickly ruin the meat. Everything else is ready to eat at 180, just be careful you keep your thermometers away from the bones.

    Sorry for the brain dump, but for anyone interested, this is the ins and outs of smoking. I learned from a wise old sage that was damn good at smoking… come to think of it he was good at drinking too. tongue wink

    I plan to write a post on my website with some other links. But I would be happy to answer questions. Oh and BTW, even though I over cooked the turkey by cooking it too fast, all the family says it is amazing. Which is the great thing about smoking, you can screw up a little and still have great results.

  11. Still light here.  Turkey is in the old Kamado pot.  It’s sort of a big thick flower pot from Japan.  Charcoal in the bottom and covered.  It’s been in for 2 hours and is 130 degrees.  Maybe an hour more.  It’s a feast day and several neighbors are invited and some of their friends.  One elderly Korean lady that only some of us can understand but she will bring delicacies to share as well the others.  There will be wine and toasts and hopes for the future as we celebrate the future of this great country.

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