I’ll be at Podcamp Michigan this Saturday.

Live in Michigan? Want a chance to meet me as well as learn a lot about podcasting? Then make plans to be at Podcamp Michigan this Saturday.

It’s free and hopefully will give me an idea of how to go about setting up an SEB Podcast. In addition to the amazingly underwhelming experience of meeting yours truly and discovering that I’m nowhere near as scary in person as I appear to be on my blog, you’ll also get the chance to meet another “Les” in the form of Les Zaldor of the Zaldor’s World podcast who knows more about music than I ever will.

That’s an opportunity to meet two Les’s for the price of FREE! Plus, you know, all that podcasting stuff.

7 thoughts on “I’ll be at Podcamp Michigan this Saturday.

  1. It was a pleasure to finally meet you as well, BeB.

    Zilch, Pennsylvania is a drivable distance. Takes quite a few hours, but I’ve done it before. Remind me when the time draws near and we’ll see what might be possible.

  2. Will do, Les.  Actually, I’m considering a stop in Ann Arbor anyway- an old friend of mine moved there from Vienna about four years ago, and I’d like to visit her too.  It would be fun to get together.

  3. If you make it to Ann Arbor then it’s a no-brainer. If worse came to worst I’ve got a futon that’s not too uncomfortable. grin

  4. Thanks for the invite, Les.  I will most definitely let you know my plans.  And a futon sounds fine.

    If you ever make it over this way, we can put you up too.  Might also be a futon or equivalent, depending.  But you would be most welcome.

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