“Wassup” eight years later.

Remember the old Budweiser “Wassup” ads? I wonder whatever happened to those guys:


Found over at Boing Boing.

11 thoughts on ““Wassup” eight years later.

  1. Damn, it was great until it was reveled to be a vote campaign for that monkey running for office.

    I didn’t know you were a campaigning as a write-in, Moloch.

    As a monkey, what is your stance on evolution, by the way?

  2. Moloch, on my list of trolls, your high up there. I love you man, in a totally homosexual, I want to make you creeped out way.

  3. Pretty funny but I may agree with Moloch in that it takes away from its charm as another campaign ad.  A very well thought out and interesting political ad however it loses its ting of a culture in a lost era in that message.

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