“Far Cry 2” to use SecuROM DRM.

Well it looks like I won’t be buying Far Cry 2 either seeing as they’re going to use SecuROM:

Some DRM points that will hopefully answer some of your questions and will clarify some misunderstandings about our DRM and SecuROM:

  • You have 5 activations on 3 separate PCs.
  • Uninstalling the game “refunds” an activation. This process is called “revoke”, so as long as you complete proper uninstall you will be able to install the game an unlimited number of times on 3 systems.
  • You can upgrade your computer as many time as you want (using our revoke system)
  • Ubisoft is committed to the support of our games, and additional activations can be provided.
  • Ubisoft is committed to the long term support of our games: you’ll always be able to play Far Cry 2.

Treating your customers like criminals will do more to kill PC gaming than piracy ever will.

Pity. I really like the first game.

[Update]: I felt the need to register on the UBI.com forums and leave a comment so I thought I’d include it here:

    Congratulations! You’ve just guaranteed that I won’t be buying Far Cry 2. Which is a shame as I really loved the first one.

    Why won’t I be buying the game? Specifically because of the presence of the SecuROM DRM. I could list off all the common reasons such as the known hardware incompatibilities and the fact that it interferes with the operation of some legitimate software tools, but the primary reason is this: I don’t see why I should spend between $50 and $60 to be treated like a criminal when the criminals are enjoying your game with no restrictions whatsoever.

    And the pirates will crack your game just like they cracked Spore and every other SecuROM protected title prior to that. If Far Cry 2 follows the current trend then it’ll be cracked and on the torrent sites at least a week before it’s due to be released making the inclusion of SecuROM for anti-piracy reasons moot.

    But then the reason you guys want to use SecuROM over some of the other equally ineffective copy protection schemes that I don’t have a problem with has nothing to do with defeating piracy and everything to do with preventing folks from using the first sale doctrine.

    I haven’t seen your EULA for FC2 yet, but I’m willing to bet there will be a clause in it that’ll state that the transferal of activations to anyone we happen to sell the game to after we’re done playing is non-existent or very limited. The EULA for Spore had such limitations which proved that SecuROM wasn’t about stopping the pirates and was all about stopping the resale of used games.

    GameStop is making a KILLING on buying old games and selling them for close to new prices and the game publishers and even some designers have made it no secret just how much that pisses them off. This isn’t about piracy at all because you guys fully expect it’ll be cracked regardless of what you use, but piracy sure makes for a convenient excuse to justify using SecuROM which will keep your legitimate customers from selling off the game once they get bored with it or move on to the next big release.

30 thoughts on ““Far Cry 2” to use SecuROM DRM.

  1. Just buy it on ps3. You have to be crazy to miss out on a game like this. I’m definately buying this game on pc. I don’t really care if it has drm or not. Unfortuately being a pc gamer we have to put up with this otherwise we won’t be playing many pc games. I will still support pc games with or without drm because if we don’t they(a lot of companies)will stop making pc games and just do console games(less headaches)

  2. What Xav said.As annoying as this is,I love me some games and one man taking on city hall just doesnt work these days (if ever).Shitty for Pc game developers but i’ll just be buying console games except when its only PC exclusive.

  3. That’s the attitude they’re counting on. That’s why we’ll continue to get screwed over.Maybe it’s my age, but even the most I-must-have-it titles these days aren’t worth compromising my principles on.

    If the game comes out for the PS3 and supports a keyboard and mouse then I might consider picking up a copy for the console, but if it requires me to use the Dual Shock 3 then forget it. I bought Resistance for the PS3 and haven’t gotten past the second level because I find the controls way to fucking maddening and it doesn’t support keyboard and mouse. Bioshock is out for the PS3, but again it’s a FPS and I’m not inclined to picked it up for a console as a result.

  4. Incidentally, not sure if it’s real or not, but Far Cry 2 for the Xbox 360 just showed up on the torrents today.

  5. What Les said. The rabid game publishers count on enablers like Xav.

    I myself find the category of “must-have games” to be an empty set, by the way. I don’t like Blizzard, but I might give D3 a try just to reward the lack of client-side DRM. There’s just one problem—if D3’s gameplay is like D1 and D2, I can’t afford the carpal tunnel and finger joint issues…

  6. Hmm .. so you’d buy a game from publishers you dont like to reward them for lack of DRM … I think ive woken up in bizzaro world.

  7. I also consider myself to be a man with principles but I consider it foolish to take a useless stand against some behemoth company for little benefit – infact there is no benefit.
    These people care about nothing but thier bottom line and the only person missing out is you.

  8. There’s plenty of benefit. For one thing you don’t end up fucking up your PC with software that spies on you and which can interfere with the operation of legitimate software. For another you save your $50 to spend on games from companies that don’t treat you like shit.

    Again the reason that they get away with this shit is because too many people take the attitude that they just have to have that video game and they’re willing to give away their left nut to to get it. What the hell, you’ve still got one testicle left as a spare.

    At least until the next must-have title comes along…

  9. Well I guess I just love games too much for my own good.To not buy a game ive been waiting a year or more for on principle might give you warm feelings inside but the 20 million others who couldnt care less make it a moot point.
    I do infact agree with you – the situation sucks arse.I dont believe our actions or opinions make an ounce of difference however.

  10. Frumpa, I do not like Blizzard, playing D3 would probably be physically painful for me, but I liked the first two games well enough to give it a try anyway if my PC doesn’t get infested with DRM crap. Big fucking deal.

    You on the other hand are a textbook addict and enabler, exactly the kind of rate payer EA and their ilk are betting their company on. Pat yourself on the back, will you…

    And what Les said. You know that your nuts don’t grow back, don’t you?

  11. The point is it does make an ounce of difference. The problem is that an ounce isn’t a lot by itself, but over time it adds up to a lot. Ask anyone with a leaky basement if you don’t believe me.

    Will it get UBI to remove SecuROM from Far Cry 2? Probably not, but will it get them to reconsider it for the next must-have game that comes along? It just might.

    Consider the fact that both Amazon.com and Rhapsody offer DRM free MP3 sales. That came about entirely because enough people let it be known they weren’t happy with DRM on their MP3s. Apple’s iTunes wasn’t suffering from huge sales losses due to its DRM, but there were enough people not buying because of it that it gave the folks at Amazon.com and Rhapsody an incentive to give it a shot.

    The $50 I’m saving by not buying Far Cry 2 will be $50 I can afford to spend on Fallout 3 which will have a minimal protection system consisting of the standard have the disc in the drive to play. I’ve never played the first two games, but I hear they were pretty good. I’m willing to take a chance with the third game because its restrictions are minimal.

    Will I miss out on a few cool games along the way? Probably, but then I’ve missed on cool games in the past (the aforementioned Fall Outs) without any real harm so I’m not too worried about it. I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of stuff I can buy with a clean consious that I won’t be without something to do. Besides, there’s always World of Warcraft.

  12. I am SO looking forward to Fallout 3. The funny thing is that Bethesda has the best protection against reselling: making really good games. I never sell their stuff since I usually want to play it again later.

  13. What Les said.

    By the way, Fallout 1 and 2 are available on Good Old Games for $6 each. They’re a blast to play, particularly if you hunt for the screen size mods that lets them play on modern screen resolutions. Fallout 3 is another game I may just buy.

    By the way 2, I went on a small spending spree on Amazon’s mp3 store yesterday. It looks like they don’t have the most recent stuff as an mp3 download, but most of the tracks I grabbed were from the late 60’s to late 70’s.

  14. Hoho! – well are’nt we testy today! – i’ll keep ya posted on how much i’m enjoying the game.
    You just keep holding your nuts.

  15. Just bought far cry 2, cant start it because I have daemon tools installed. I’m pissed. I want to return this damn thing. So I have to uninstall my software to get past this securom drm crap???? I have to CRACK my legit software just to get around this bs? wow. Wish I read up on this beforehand. Not a fan of ubisoft anymore or any pc gaming company that goes this route.

  16. Hmm,I presume ive just been insulted but as im a PC and console gamer and never really took to learning all the in’s and outs of Pc’s i’m not sure wink
    Anyway,bought FC2 on PS3 as I prefer my shooters on console really – i’ll save the mouse and keyboard for WoW and what i’m really looking forward to – Red Alert3 and Left 4 Dead.

  17. I was just teasing you, Frumpa. Daemon Tools is a utility that allows you to mount ISOs as though they were physical CDs in your drive. I use it for a variety of purposes and SecuROM will not install games as long as Daemon Tools is installed on my PC.

    Hence why I am so vehement about not buying SecuROM “protected” PC games.

  18. After a long wait I’ve just received my copy of Far Cry 2, but guess what it won’t play as I’ve got something called an Emulation tool on my PC.
    Ubisoft makes me sick, I’m a long standing customer of your’s I have a great many Ubisoft titles and never had a problem before, I’ve paid £24.99 (around$35) for a game I can’t play, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT.

  19. Not a god damned thing.

    Well, that’s not true, they’re going to suggest you uninstall whatever “emulation tool” you have installed on your system.

  20. Lol – I know Les,and in an case i’m a total SEB addict (and “enabler” hehe) – you could call me shit-for-brains all day and i’d still be back for more – lame I know.
    To end my part of the conversation,I do know what I do is bad,WORSE – WEAK WILLED and feeble, I just cant help myself.I am a total game nutter.
    I do pride myself on not being a fucking thief like everyones favorite arsehole Moloch though wink

  21. Wow – what I meant to say up there was

    “Lol – I know Les – and INFACT i’m a total SEB addict”

    I realise noone probably cares but that sorta shit really bugs me wink

  22. Frumpa writes…

    I do pride myself on not being a fucking thief like everyones favorite arsehole Moloch though

    And I give you a lot of credit for that.

  23. Hi there,

    I have bought Far Cry2. Excellent game. Just the matter of fact that I have to be connected to the internet each time I start the game, makes me want to puke. In the country I stay, ADSL is still very expensive and in certain locations not available. I am using 3G, which costs a fortune.

    I have to admit, I found a crack on the internet that looks past the DRM Securerom. I don’t think I have betrayed the company when using that crack.


  24. this might be funny.. the only reason i’m interested in playing farcry 2 is that it came with my new video card (msi gtx 260), which makes 2 of my 4 sata controllers unusable, due to its size.  so i have to use a separate ide dvd drive (which fucks up a lot), because i can’t play with a mounted image, despite a legit license/serial.  maybe i’ll get lucky and the drive will work enough to play the damn thing.  it worked last night and i liked the game, just not the archaic practice of needing an actual physical disc.

  25. shit sux, just bought far cry 2 on a whim, easy option is to d/l a cracked exe I guess, but I’ll try the ‘right’ way for now and uninstall DT, as I can’t be arsed going through the find a crack, bloody virus, wrong game version shit atm.

    I’ve got deamon tools on my pc as I and others in my household manage to damage most of my cd’s through handling eventually. I’m looking for ways to bypass securom while I wait for the game to patch, I know exactly which program I need off the first google search. I will have FC2 going with DT installed and running within a day I’m sure. DRM is fail and bad for business, I’ll be checking the next ubisoft game for DRM before I purchase it next time.

    I don’t mind at all paying for a great game, but when it forces me to surf the web looking for potentially dangerous files to run it easily I get the shits and stop buying the companies games.

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