We’re back on Akismet for the time being.

Things are still a bit wonky with Defensio so I gave Justin some data on the comments being falsely marked as spam as well as some spammy ones falsely marked as OK and he’s going to go do that voodoo that he do and hopefully fix it up right. Meanwhile we’re back on Akismet until the next go-round. I appreciate your patience as we help out a module developer.

Ain’t beta testing fun?

5 thoughts on “We’re back on Akismet for the time being.

  1. beta test definition – to trust ones hardware, software and sanity to products designed to destroy all three.

    virgins were often used to beta test volcanos.

  2. Beta testing is awesome, particularly when people understand that they’re beta testing and don’t expect a finished product – as oh so many MMO “beta testers” do.

    The funniest things happen when you release those hordes of people who never understood what “beta” means and happen to browse game forums shortly after. It’s hilarious, in a very worrying way…

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