Teaser trailer for Tron Sequel - “Tr2n” - unveiled at ComicCon.

As hokey as it was I loved the original Tron. I was 14 years old when Tron hit theaters in 1982 and it was a movie aimed squarely at my computer geek button. Rumors of a sequel have been floating around for years and now it appears, some 26 years later, that it’s in production:

Courtesy of the folks at Disney, Comic Con got a surprise look at a scene from the film. The teaser starts off with the camera panning through a strange stylized landscape. At this point, nobody knew what we were watching, so only silence filled the hall. And then, two blue/yellow suit-wearing motorcyclists burst into frame, engaged in a frenzy of a race. Audiences erupted in applause.

The race continues to grow heated between the two players until the yellow guy finds a way to swerve in front of the blue, leaving his yellow race trail behind him. The blue guy smashes into it and causes sort of an electric ripple, launching him over the edge of the track. He grabs on a ledge, just barely holding on.

We then see a bearded Jeff Bridges in his house, sitting calmly with his legs crossed.

Back to the virtual world, we see the yellow guy standing over the blue. His visor lifts up, revealing Bridges underneath. The blue guy shouts, “This is just a game!” Bridges looks down, smiles, and pulls out a glowing yellow circular disc (fans will probably know the name of this thing). Looking at the camera, he swings the disc down violently and the title lights up on screen: Tr2n.

Pardon me for a moment while I have a complete Nerdgasm. **Does the Geek Happy Dance**

From another account of the trailer over at MTV Movies blog it appears Bridges may be playing the villain this time around. Man I hope someone uploads that trailer to the net soon as it appears it’ll be the only footage shown for the next year or so as the film is said to be scheduled for 2010.

2 thoughts on “Teaser trailer for Tron Sequel - “Tr2n” - unveiled at ComicCon.

  1. First saw TRON in the theater in 1982 – the summer before 6th grade.  It completely blew me away with its groundbreaking visuals (for the time) and cool subject matter.  A man digitized and sent into cyberspace before the term “cyberspace” even existed!  TRON remains my absolute favorite film of all time to this day.

    I’m both excited and worried about the sequel.  I’d love a sequel, but it has to be done right.  Jeff Bridges is on board, so that’s a big step in the right direction.  I hate spoilers, but accidentally read bits of some while poking around articles about this news.  So far, what I’ve read seems very interesting.

    I’m getting chills just thinking about how cool this might be… I’m a TRON-nerd and DAMN PROUD of it! grin

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