Yahtzee takes on “Grand Theft Auto IV.”

You just know I had to share this one…

11 thoughts on “Yahtzee takes on “Grand Theft Auto IV.”

  1. Wow, that video was quite hilarious, and actually quite accurate.  I was amazed to check my progress the other night and found myself 12% complete and I’m still “learning” through missions?  What the hell?  Seems like they tried to incorporate too much and in the end made some of the game feel more like a chore/job than just plain fun.  I don’t feel I can screw around unless I want to not save, else I’ll piss off someone and I’ve only got two people I have to keep happy so far.

    Oh and the camera still ticks me off. Though I agree with the points made about driving, I’m getting used to it, but it is a bit too troublesome.

  2. The one thing that gets me is, everyone bitching about the driving… I’ve perfected it, at least I feel extremely comfortable driving in the game. Everything flows and the realism makes it better than any of the predecessors.

  3. I’m pretty much to the point where I’m comfortable with driving but there are still the occasional thing that bugs me, such as having to coming to a near stop just to turn, but that’s a result of this version being based in a tightly packed city versus the more wide open roads of Vice City and San Andreas. 

    The only thing I haven’t gotten the hang of is the emergency brake, it feels like I can’t use it much unless I want to spin out. Anybody have recommendations on using it well?

  4. Anyone got any suggestions on how to beat the first Brucie mission “Easy as can be”,where ya steal a car for him? – its only about the 10th mission and i’m already stuck! wink

  5. Frumpa, not sure what to tell you other than go to the car, steal it, and take it back to Brucie’s warehouse. Oh, and watch out for the dudes who’ll shoot at you once you take the car.

    Once the mission is started anytime you hop in a car you should see a GPS route mapped on the mini-map that’ll lead you right to the car.

  6. Ran into another funky bug today…

    Called Brucie to go on a heli-ride. Pull up to him and the gals (using e-brake and reverse to stop quicker) and hit the horn; thing is I hit the “Y” button by accident and hop out of the car almost immediately after I honked. Brucie and the gals freeze then the muscle head says “Hop in!”. Now I am froze, the world is still moving (People walking, cars driving by etc.) but no button but the start/pause button! Luckly I had just finished a mission and had an automatic save from about 3-4 minutes previous…

    So what I am trying to say is: Don’t hit Y when you pull up to pick someone up!!

  7. Cheers for that Les – As it turns out it was piss easy.I took out the 2 car loads of arseholes and when the 3rd turned up I figured they had respawned giving me bugger-all chance of getting to the lock-up,what with the coppers on my tail as well.
    after a few attempts I realised my mistake and escaped the cops with a truely epic jump I luckily found (still my only one though – you’re right – they’re tough to spot)
    Damn this game is good wink

  8. Once you unlock more of the city the jumps start to show up a little more regularly. There’s quite a few on the island right on the streets including a particularly cool one in what would normally be referred to as Times Square.

    Also there’s a very epic series of jumps on a section of freeway that’s under construction. I’ve yet to complete it successfully.

  9. Sweet – i’m gonna have to shelve WoW,TF2 and COD4 and just concentrate on Niko’s adventures for a while I think – so many distractions though!

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