There’s stupid and then there’s OMGWTF stupid.

Some people are scary stupid. This guy is one of them:

GPS ankle bracelet leads deputies to burglary suspect – Springfield News Sun

SPRINGFIELD — Perhaps James Wombles thought he made a clean getaway when he reportedly committed multiple burglaries in Clark and Miami counties between December and January.

But authorities tracked the Montgomery County man down by following the GPS signals from his electronic monitoring bracelet. He has been in the Miami County Jail since his Jan. 22 arrest on charges of receiving stolen property.

On Tuesday, March 11, Clark County Sheriff’s deputies charged the 37-year-old Wombles with six counts of burglary for break-ins he committed in the area between December 26 and Jan. 16, said sheriff Detective Andy Reynolds.

Officials apprehended Wombles in January after investigators tracked him at the scene of an alleged burglary in Miami County by following the GPS signals from his ankle bracelet, Reynolds said.

The suspect was later arrested during a traffic stop when deputies found several stolen items in his car. He had been wearing the ankle bracelet as a term of his probation for an unrelated crime he committed in Miami County, said Reynolds.

The stupid! IT BURNS!

8 thoughts on “There’s stupid and then there’s OMGWTF stupid.

  1. “The Wombles of Wimbledon common are we” – rock-solid! – this story has made my day.

  2. How did they know to track the tag for those crimes?

    Probably because he went out of the boundaries set in his probation.

  3. Probably because he went out of the boundaries set in his probation.

    I guessed that much.  What I meant was how did they make the connection.  The department that tracks tags is almost certainly seperate to the one dealing with robberies.  The officer sent to get him for breaking the boundaries may have just been told to haul him in. At some point someone would have had to go ‘Hey- look at this co-incidence’

  4. He never had a chance – ‘Wombling’ is a synonym for acts of mind-numbing stupidity around here.

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