Trying out that thingy.

I keep reading about something called that is apparently some sort of social music site so I decided to check it out. If nothing else it seems like an interesting way to learn about music I may not have heard of before, but much like StumbleUpon I’m not sure how much I’ll actually use it.

Still I’ve registered an account and have a profile up and it tracks what I’ve been listening to on my PC lately. So if you’re the morbidly curious sort that wants to see what kind of musical influences I’m under when I’m working on SEB then you can check out my profile here. Feel free to add me as a friend or whatever the hell it is you do on these sites. I’m still figuring it out.

5 thoughts on “Trying out that thingy.

  1. I was one of those “late adopters”, too – I put off trying it and put it off…
    Finally I tried it.
    Although I am signed up for a couple groups (particular music groups, genre etc), I rarely visit them.
    What I did find is that after about a week, week 1/2 of having my iTunes plays/tracks being submitted, finally started making suggestions for new music.
    I haven’t been disappointed yet and the music are bands/artists I NEVER would have heard of otherwise, but really like.

    I do suggest downloading iScrobbler (for the windows user – the project is here, instead of the client

  2. I primarily use Winamp for my MP3 playback in Windows. Never cared much for iTunes. I only have it installed because I’ve not worked out how to get the iPod plugin for Winamp to work right.

  3. I’ve been a member for a a long time (32,595 tracks played as of this writing) That’s actually pretty low compared to some people there. I love it, although I don’t really use the social aspects of the site. I mainly use it to find new music and it’s also an easy link to give people when they ask me about what music I listen to. grin

    I’m playing some Bad Religion in honor of SEB right now. grin

  4. Yeah, lastfm is another of the multitudes of “why am I doing this?” internet time-wasters, but I think it is rather enjoyable and, as you log more and more information, it’s entertaining (and maybe eye-opening) to discover what one has actually been listening to.

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