City of Ann Arbor, MI switches to LED lighting.

I live not far from Ann Arbor, it’s only about a 20 minute drive away, so it’s pretty cool to see them getting some attention for their efforts to switch all public lighting to LED bulbs:

The city strung its holiday cheer with about 114,000 LED lights and plans to convert all of its downtown public lighting starting with more than 1,000 LED streetlights. The effort is aligned with other North American cities like Raleigh, N.C., and Toronto, which have both started similar energy-saving efforts.

When Ann Arbor reaches its ambitious goal, city officials expect to see energy use for public lighting cut in half and a reduction of 2,425 tons CO2 annually. The city also expects a short payback of 3.8 years on its investment, which was funded in part with a $630,000 grant from the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority.

A pilot program on one city block with 25 LED lights helped bring the LED idea from theory to application with three years of research on how the technology saves the city about 50% on energy and maintenance costs. Based on their research, Ann Arbor city officials project an annual savings of over $100,000 on just the first 1,000 retrofits alone. The city plans to complete the conversion to LED over the next two years.

Hopefully more cities will be making the switch soon.

7 thoughts on “City of Ann Arbor, MI switches to LED lighting.

  1. Moloch

    I always thought the biggest scam was selling carbon credits to big business.  In the past year it seems like every other movie coming out has been lauding how they are so ecoconcious with how they bought carbon credits.  Which more often than not appear to be some tree farm somewhere that will plant “X” number of acres of trees for your money.  Sure planting trees is a good idea I guess, but it hardly makes a company eco-friendly. 

    As for LED lighting I’m all for it.  With some of the advancement’s in the past few years with LED lighting it’s only a matter of time before they start showing up in more and more things.  I’m really curious as to how the light compares to the streetlights.  Now maybe I misread the article and when they were referring to stoplights, but if they are actually replacing overhead street light poles with LED lighting how does the LED lighting stand up to Metal Halide or Mercury lights which tend to be the two most common street light bulbs.

  2. That’s an amazing bit of comment spam, isn’t it? Four links plus the one in the username. Too bad I’ve gone through and deleted them all, but left the comment stand.

  3. If A2 is really serious about LED lighting, they need to get in touch with me, ASAP.  We are currently the sole distributor in all of the USA east of the Mississippi River to offer a total lighting system.  Our system blends 2 cutting edge technologies, both already tested, proven and approved by UL.  Utilizing a patented sun tracking GPS guided system, daylight is used to totally light otherwise florescent lit offices, schools, factories, hospitals, retail stores, etc…  By incorporating a photometer the system blends LED replacements for T8 florescent tubes with the daylighting system.  Results?  ALL electric lighting is eliminated for an annualized 9+ hours per day.(This also eliminates the health and environmental hazads of florescent lighting systems, no ballast, no lead, no mecury.) As the sun sets, or is blocked on cloudy days, the dimming capable LEDs are powered up to maintain the desired foot-candles of light for each application. There is only one company in the world licensed to deliver this technology to all of America.  e-mail me, you will learn and save millions of dollars, by doing what is the most logical, using less energy. Do more with less.

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