“Spore” should hit shelves sometime in April of 2008.

It seems Will Wright popped out of his hole in the ground, saw his shadow, and proclaimed that there’d be another 6 months to go before Spore is released:

We’re still not getting our hopes up too high, but we thought that you should know that Will Wright told the BBC’s Radio 5 Live that Spore was fully playable, in final testing and was “roughly” six months away from release. Considering that we already knew the game wasn’t due until at least April of 2008, this news doesn’t come as a huge surprise, signs have been pointing to Spring of 2008 for quite some time.

OK, I can do 6 months. Though it would’ve been really nice to get it as a Christmas present. Still, better it’s done right than by a particular date.

3 thoughts on ““Spore” should hit shelves sometime in April of 2008.

  1. What does it matter what sort of DRM exist on the disk, when anyone with half a mind to find an alternative can usually find the hacked version readily available within a week of the release and any patches?

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