The GTA IV no info infomercial.

So I’m sitting here flipping through the channels and as is customary for this time of night a good portion of them consist of nothing but infomercials. As I’m flipping along I come across the following screen:

It’s a count down clock for the release of the trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV and the seconds are slowly ticking off. Now I’m a big GTA fan having played GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas so this naturally catches my attention, but it takes me a moment to realize that the count down clock is currently showing that the trailer won’t be released for another 7+ days.

Then it hits me: If it’s 7 days away then what the hell are they going to show during this half-hour infomercial? It’s not just going to be this stupid clock the entire time is it? Well, as it turns out, the answer is yes.

Now I’m not such a GTA fanboy that I sat there for the entire half-hour just to see if it did anything different, but I did pop back to the channel (it was the FX channel as I recall) during commercial breaks elsewhere just to see if it was still showing the count down clock and it was every time I switched to that channel. At the half-hour mark it switched to a different infomercial for some craptastic pretend exercise machine that would supposedly make you look like Christie Brinkley.

So the folks at Rockstar Games paid good advertising money to show a half-hour’s worth of a count down clock promoting a trailer that’s not due to be released for another 7 days. Considering how popular the last three installments were you’d think there wouldn’t be a lot of need for them to hype the next iteration all that much, but I guess if you’ve got it then flaunt it. As it was it still made for a much more entertaining infomercial than any of the others I’ve ever bothered to watch for any amount of time.


8 thoughts on “The GTA IV no info infomercial.

  1. Well it worked. The blogosphere is abuzz with people like you posting about a countdown splash screen. And with people like me who go “Oh, great, finally SOME info will come along!”

    What’s the city gonna be? I’d love Tokyo or Moscow, but I fear they will play it safe and use London as the background. Named something else likely, though.

  2. It worked, didn’t it? They were going after the channel-surfers, and they caught you, Les wink

    I think it’s brilliant marketing, myself.

  3. Brilliant marketing indeed…

    After seeing San Andreas, I would expect this next version to be pretty sick!

  4. Ingolfson, I can only speculate, but the truth is I don’t really care where they set it so long as it continues to provide the same excellent storyline and game play. With San Andreas they’ve already done what amounts to a small state so it’s hard to imagine how they could top that.

    My wish list though? I’d love to see one that spread out to major cities in several states with one of them being Detroit. Perhaps a Detroit/Chicago/Ontario setup could be pulled off. I’m probably the only person in the world who’d think that’d be cool though.

    GM, yeah it worked. I had to keep checking back just in case they might show something other than that stupid clock.

  5. I think that combo would be awesome.  Or they could do a New York area one which would be pretty cool.  Maybe a New York/Boston…

  6. Saturday morning at 2:21 AM, flipping through the channels, there it is again at 05:15:41:26 in the countdown. The only sound a rhythmic banging as the seconds tick off.

    Sad part is, it’s really the only interesting thing to watch at this time of night. Everything else on is even less entertaining.

  7. I just think your combo of cities doesnt have any internationally recognisable land-marks .. In S.A the cities were recognisable as LA,Los vegas and Generic Hick-Town – No offence but noone outside the US knows squat about Detroit/Chicago or Cleveland…(except for the Blues Brothers in Chicago…oh and The Drew Cary Show in Cleaveland)  wink

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