Chuck Missler disproves Evolution with a jar of peanut butter.

Hadn’t heard of Chuck Missler until I came across this video, but apparently he’s a businessman turned preacher who started the Koinonia House ministry in 1973. In the following video clip he argues that if Evolution were true then he should, on occasion, open up a jar of peanut butter and discover new life. Yes, he’s seriously making that argument.

It’s pretty funny until you realize that a lot of nutcases out there are watching this video and nodding in agreement.

623 thoughts on “Chuck Missler disproves Evolution with a jar of peanut butter.

  1. I can easily explain why they could not find any new life in the peanut butter.

    It’s because it’s invisible, like their God is. It flies out SO fast it can’t be detected, and after it’s maturation state, it becomes visible, but by then, it’s already out of the peanut butter jar and so no one would know.

    This isn’t proof of anything.

  2. eg the position of the prostrate

    Really Last_Hussar? Where the hell is someone’s “prostrate”????

    far too intelligent to be defending the concept of evolution, surely!…, you plank!

  3. @ apathetic agnostic

    “Oh, and their smug conceitedness is quite annoying, like they think they are soooooo right.”

    Could be applied to both sides of the arguers here…..not sure which section you mean!!??

  4. Well, evolution must be the only be-all and end-all because you say so…..after all, scientists say the sun revolves around the Earth, and the world is flat!!!….Oh, no….wait….that’s incorrect…..when did that happen!!?

  5. Wow, Mark, you sure are amazing. Three comments, none of which refute Evolution in any way, but boy are they sick burns!

    You’re so right that anyone who misspells Prostate by one letter is a total idiot whose entire argument is worthy of ignoring on that basis alone because we all know that only stupid people make spelling mistakes or don’t start their sentences with proper capitals, right?

    All those scientists who said the Earth was flat and the Sun (proper noun!) revolves around the Earth proves that you just can’t take the word of scientist because the Church had to set them straight by telling them that the Earth wasn’t flat nor was it the center of the Universe. Cause it was the Church that totally did that, right? It’s right fucking there in Genesis, right? It wasn’t other scientists using the scientific method that figured this out, no, it came down from on high carried on the wings of angels. Science isn’t capable of self-correction because there’s all that orthodoxy that you can’t question because it’s set on stone tablets and shit. Not to mention you run the risk of being tossed in jail by the head scientists for daring to challenge their dogma!

    You’re so clever for pointing all of that out, Mark! You must be really good with the ladies and have a fancy car and an enormous penis!

  6. Oh dear, Les. Must’ve touched a nerve there, eh? What with the swearing and the penis involvement!!!?? I have no desire to refute Evolution, because neither you nor I can prove or disprove it. If you bother to try and think a little bit bigger, my point was not to debunk science, but to point out that all the angry rantings on here from the scientists, who seem to be getting a bit hot under the collar and crying into their petri dishes may, like those who once thought the Earth was flat etc., find Evolution disproved some time down the line.

    I am a Christian, but I am a Christian who is, actually, fascinated by science. I love it. I love cosmology, astronomy, physics etc (I’m by no means an expert in any of these (got an ‘E’ in my A-level Physics….ouch!!) but I am enthralled by it and love to read whenever I can). I am a Christian (probably one of not very many on here) who believes that The Christian Faith and science are not mutually exclusive… fact I think we can compliment on another. My point, though, is NOT that the church set all those guys right in the past….I never mentioned that – you did! My point is, specifically targeted at all those on here who think that their small minds can and already have comprehended everything, will probably be proved wrong in the future…..just like the guys who said the Sun revolved around the Earth and the world is flat!

    Just for the record…..I have quite a small chab, and a modest saloon car! 🙂

  7. No nerves touched, Mark. Other than perhaps my funny bone. You come to a site called Stupid Evil Bastard and are shocked when I swear? Oh noes! I use naughty language!

    Evolution is unlikely to be disproven anytime soon. As theories go it has a damned impressive body of evidence backing it up. It’s very clear that you’re not an expert in the sciences.

    My point is, specifically targeted at all those on here who think that their small minds can and already have comprehended everything, will probably be proved wrong in the future

    Please show me anyone who has claimed that we have already comprehended everything. If that were true there’d be no need to continue doing science. The theory of evolution has and will continue to undergo revisions as aspects of it are found not to hold up to scrutiny, but the likelihood of it being discarded entirely is remote at best. Incidentally, the guys who insisted the sun revolves around the Earth and the world is flat were largely the religious institutions.

  8. No….not in the slightest bit shocked. Naughty words don’t offend or shock me in any way. And I don’t think I made any mention of a time scale… whether it’s “any time soon” or not is of no consequence whatsoever.

    I claim to be an expert in nothing except maybe closest in my own profession (and even then, I’m constantly learning new things)….I wouldn’t even claim to be an expert in my Faith – I could live to 500years old and still not unravel it and have answers to everything. The same way science will never have the correct answers to everything. By the way some ‘talk’ on here, you would think they just do know everything…..of course, the trouble with that the fact is nobody knows all.

    As a matter of opinion, I do believe that evolution probably has some role to play, but also believe that it does not necessarily mean that there no room for God in there too!

    Incidentally, religious organisations maybe…..but not back up with the Bible, but with supposed ‘scientific facts’!

  9. There are two things that tell me all I need to know about this question:

    1 – Creationists try to pass their beliefs off as science.

    2 – No scientist ever tries to pass science off as religion.

    That tells you right there what relative values even religionists place on the two ways of thought.

  10. No wonder you’re confused. You seem to think science is the same as religous fiction. Only a very sick mind could confuse religious beliefs with science….. or a very desperate one.

  11. I didn’t misspell prostate, I mistyped it, and didn’t notice. Typing isn’t as natural to me as writing, when I pick up grammatical errors without thinking- it ‘feels’ wrong as I write.

    But then I’m not the one who thinks creationism is science.

    Please outline the experiment to prove creationism.

  12. “Please outline the experiment to prove creationism.”

    Simple. You take a dog and see if it gives birth to a cat. If it doesn’t, that proves creationism.

    Experiment 2: Look around and check if monkeys still exist. If they do, that proves creationism.

  13. Trying to remember if Julian is a regular taking the piss, or a simpleton.

  14. You’re just being glib Hussar. You don’t know the science of creationism – I do.

  15. I saw these things without knowing anything and was shocked what evolution is totally false, being in a vunerable position going through many hardships I was suseptible to it. And then looked like a total fool when I told people about this. Then I looked deeply into it which I should have done at first and realised how deceptive this stuff really was, and I have read the bible and wanted to be a christian but this deceptive behaviour goes totally against everything in the bible I don’t know if these people are dillusional nut jobs or con artists. Its all very troubling.

  16. Stefano, I wouldn’t call Missler’s video deceptive as that would imply he understands that evolution is a reality and he has some reason for trying to convince people otherwise. What it is is a perfect example of arrogant ignorance. He honestly doesn’t understand the theory and hasn’t taken any time to educate himself because he feels it threatens his belief system. This is why his argument is so, literally, stupid. He can’t begin to formulate a serious argument because he doesn’t understand the theory enough to identify its weaknesses. If he had even the most basic understanding he never would’ve made this video because he’d already know why it’s not a valid argument.

  17. Science is a process that utilizes a method to discover working models of consistency and predictability within reality. These discoveries are provisional in their truth claims in that it is earned and able to be revised or even rejected upon a better model from more precise or new evidence applied to that model. As a result of this process we have established applied technology in which society can progress in its understand of the world around it us.

    Christian fundamentalism on the other hand is a faith based world view based on absolute truth claims that cannot be revised nor ever rejected from ancient prescientific manuscripts of nomadic herders………..which has contributed what to society?………………..nothing……..

    If an absolute truth claim is greater than a provisional one………….why is there a constant need to reaffirm and strengthen faith and not the same for my belief in gravity?………….Seems to me nobody worries about gravity not working……..

  18. It’s pretty funny until you realize that a lot of nutcases out there are watching this video and nodding in agreement.

    Has anybody ever thought – Chucky could be – right now – sitting in his office – rolling on the floor laughing – on how he got all the atheists going?

  19. What’s funny is people believe that one species can magically transform into another species and gazillions of years and light years later monkeys became man aka human. Wheres all the monkey men? There should be gazillions of skeletons all over the world but there is not a single one. Theres been fraudulent claims over the years but eventually discovered as fakes. People are people. Dogs are dogs. It’s pretty simple when you use common sense.

  20. What’s funny is Dirty Harry demonstrating his ignorance of what the Theory of Evolution actually is thus proving the point of the original post. There’s nothing magical about evolution. If you had even a basic understanding of the theory you’d already know that. Go off and study up on it and then try again. Right now it’s clear from your comment that you’re not worth engaging beyond this short reply.

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