Bill Gates is still a little buggy.

Apparently Bill Gates was on The Daily Show the other night to promote the release of Windows Vista. The interview went pretty well, but then at the end he suddenly stood up and walked off stage before Jon could finish hyping Vista. The next evening Jon had the following explanation…

Microsoft responded today that they plan to fix that bug with an upcoming patch.

3 thoughts on “Bill Gates is still a little buggy.

  1. I have my doubts on gates, partly because of his history of conduct with competition, but I just feel generally that to succeed in business you’ve got to have questionable business ethics in order to be able to the things that make you sucessful. Same goes to some extent with getting into many other influential positions, first one coming to mind would be politics – you wouldn’t get to be a candidate for priminister if you were honest, your competition could lie how they wanted without you having a way to fight back
    I know gates does donate money, but he still has more than he could ever spend, and I don’t.

    Also this wikipedia quote shows at least to some degree that from a fairly young age he wasn’t in full respect of the law:

    Bill Gates was arrested at least twice in New Mexico: once in 1975 for speeding and driving without a license, and in 1977 when this photograph was taken.

  2. I watched that Daily Show ep.  It struck me as he simply wasn’t familiar with the routine (after JS gives his sum-up and “we’ll be right back,” the guest and JS laugh and schmooze on camera), but instead left after the handshake and thank-you.  A minor social gaffe, at most.

    I did like the next-day follow-up, though.

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