Laura Mallory uses school shootings to push Harry Potter ban, Bibles in school.

The image to the right is a picture of a true asshat by the name of Laura Mallory. She’s attempting for the second time to get the Georgia Board of Education to ban Harry Potter books because she feels they are evil and indoctrinate children into Wicca. She’s trying to use the recent school shootings as justification for the ban:

Laura Mallory, a mother of four from the Atlanta suburb of Loganville, told a Georgia Board of Education officer that the books by British author J.K. Rowling, sought to indoctrinate children as Wiccans, or practitioners of religious witchcraft.

Referring to the recent rash of deadly assaults at schools, Mallory said books that promote evil – as she claims the Potter ones do – help foster the kind of culture where school shootings happen.

That would not happen if students instead read the Bible, Mallory said.

She added that the books were harmful to children who are unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

I don’t know which Bible she’s been reading, but the ones I’ve read are way worse on the sex and violence than any of the Potter books so far. Of course she stupidly reveals her true goals by claiming kids are “unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy” hence she wants to get her preferred fantasy in front of them if at all possible.

The children, she said, try to imitate Harry Potter and cast spells on classmates.

“They’re not educationally suitable and have been shown to be harmful to some kids,” Mallory said.

She argued that teachers do not assign other religious books like the Bible as student reading.

It would be amusing listening to idiots like Mallory blow hot air if it weren’t for the fact that so many other idiots take them seriously. She wouldn’t know a Wiccan religious book if it bit her on the ass.

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  1. Everytime some nutbar in my town suggests banning a book from the library, I go in and suggest to end their subscription to the anti-abortion magazine they get. I think we should be scaring them with the implications of censorship.

  2. Feel free and write her everything what´s wrong with her…she has myspace now ^^

  3. Laura hasn’t even READ the books, apparently she’s just skimmed through them. I mean, come on… This is what I call judging a book by its cover. Doesn’t she know that Harry Potter is NOT a book where there’s a bunch of kids sitting in a classroom waving wands? There’s so much more to these books than everyone else thinks. It’s a tale of Good vs Evil, and Harry is GOOD. Laura has no right to stop other people reading Harry Potter just because SHE personally doesn’t think they should. She has the right to complain, but she can’t stop people from doing what they want to do. Let her do that to her children only if it’s so important for her. She can tell them not to read the books and that’s that. But everyone else has the right to read Harry Potter and a woman like Laura Mallory should and will not stop them. Those books are amazing. And I would not be surprised if one day her children pick up a Harry Potter book and read it and love it. This is of course when they come of age and start deciding things for themselves, and she will have no right to stop even them either.
    Harry Potter has encouraged more than 3 million kids worldwide to read books and find a new world within them. Harry Potter is a wonderful series dealing with courage, bravery, friendship, love, trust, and how to deal with death. There is certainatly no relation to the Wicca culture in these books. (Mallory said the books were encouraging Wicca culture.) I am going to the party tonight for the 7th Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows (like the title, Mallory?) and I am going to have fun… I feel sorry for the kids in Georgia, not being able to read Harry Potter during school hours. Children do not just pick up a bible and read, nowadays… It would be a bit awkward and maybe even stereotypical to walk down the corridors with the Bible in your hands, and people making faces. I say, there needs to be a bit of magic in the world, fiction or real.

  4. Wow, the stupidity of people is beyond description. Somebody please tell Laura Mallory that Harry Potter is a work of Fiction. Meaning it’s not real. I think most children can tell the different, why can’t she. It doesn’t teach anyone witchcraft, I never once saw J.K show us how to actually do a magical spell. So to Laura, and anyone who believes what she is doing is just, maybe it’s time you open you eyes to the fact a work of fiction won’t destroy the world.

  5. Dennis: it’s time you open you eyes to the fact a work of fiction won’t destroy the world.

    Yeah, the closest any fictional book has come to ending the world would have to be the bible…

  6. *hem hem* has anyone read Inherit the Wind? It’s a book/play written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. It talks about banning the study of “evil-ution” from schools. Yet the prosecution has not even read Charles Darwin. But they say that evolution is bad. this bs is still going on today but we’re actually aware of it now. this applies now to Harry Potter books. you don’t know if something is bad or not unless you’ve read it. and if you assume something without reading it you shouldn’t go around preaching it. Point made? I think so.

  7. You’ve got a good thought, Diana, but it isn’t absolutely necessary to have read a book to conclude that it is BS.  For instance I feel pretty secure saying that the Koran is dangerous nonsense even though i have not read it.  Sometimes a summary really is enough.  But I am not calling for censorship of the Koran.

    Harry Potter and Origin Of Species are in somewhat different categories.  But even if evolutionary theory has terrible consequences, it is still correct.  The essence of censorship is to say that a thing should never be read if it offends, and that really is dangerous nonsense.

  8. The most ironic detail about Laura Mallory’s idiocy, is that she doesn’t want children to study the religious ideas of Wickans, but would rather them study The Bible.
    I think it is humorous when somebody trys to put down ones religion, by saying that there religion is correct.
    I pity the ignorant.

  9. The world doesnt revolve around you. No one cares what you want. You dont like the book, tough shit dont read it. Its as simple as that. The bible and the school should be seperated. Not everyone has the same religion. You want you kid to learn the bible at school then send them to christian school. There problem solved. Get over it.

  10. What i’m saying is that you can think and say what you will but if you haven’t learned yourself in an area that you are fighting against no one is going to listen to you. all we are going to say is that you are a fool.

  11. Er… perhaps if people want to ban the Harry Potter books they should look at all of the other books fitting their ‘criteria’. Let’s see… Lord of the Rings, Hamlet, Macbeth, bunch of other classics, etc. etc. Hm… but didn’t the bible have a bunch of people die in it?

  12. Laura Mallory is the evil one- not Harry. She is evil for trying to rob children of their love of reading mere fanatsy! For anyone that does not understand, it is FANTASY!!! FICTION!! Laura, You are ridiculous!!!!! I suppose so, since this is what she does wiht her time …

  13. This woman needs a really hard slap and to take a long hard look at herself.  To be able to make the best decision in any field you have to have as much information as possible.  Trying to ban Harry Potter is like telling people not to chew their food in case they use their chewing skills to bite someone’s head off. 

    This woman should be in a looney bin.  I am an atheist but here’s my philosophy:  If you believe in god then thats fine.  However, religion is a form of control that has this woman totally blinded.

  14. Reminds me of Indiana Jones’ dad (played by Sean Connery sp?) “Perhaps idiots like you should think of reading books instead of burning them.”

  15. It reminds me of the “D&D is Satanic” crowd in the ‘80s and pretty much getting the same result.  I haven’t heard anything else about this dumb b*tch since then.  Has anyone?

    I think it’s fascinating that someone can make a connection between shooting your classmates and Harry Potter.  When pressed, people like that usually end up with “So you see not believing in God makes you either evil, or the unwitting slave of Satan.”  I can’t quite make that particular leap, even trying to see things from their perspective.

    Want to learn something funny?  Look up the etymology of the word “Heretic”.

  16. Um..there is no similarity between Harry Potter magic and religious witchcraft (or wicca, or any kind of paganism). Did she do ANY research? And the only children I know of who can’t tell fantasy from reality are about 3. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but even the first book is too old for them. And they’d probably lose interest halfway through the first chapter, being, you know, toddlers.

  17. Hi. I would just like to say that i have been reading Harry Potter ever since I was 7 and i LOVE them. If this woman had ever read the books she would realise that there is absolutely nothing in them that promotes evil. The whole message of the book is that good concurs evil (oh and that love is a really good thing!). Personally me and my brothers are always playing “Harry Potter” where we just grab a couple of rulers and pretend to shoot spells at each other. The key words here are “playing” and “pretend”. We all know that it isn’t real. Even J.K. Rowling says that she doesn’t believe in magic (and she wrote the books!)

    Basically Harry Potter is just a series of (fantastic) books that are there purely for enjoyment.

  18. so, this is an uninformed, bossy, high minded, holier-than-thou, who is creating fuss for potentially millions of people over a book she hasn’t read, because it encourages witchcraft as well as one of the most peaceful ways of life ever, and is sinful. if trying to live in peace with some good books and films than i’m the devil.

  19. After the horror of the witch hunt centuries ago which sprang because of fear and greed you might think we have become better than our predecessors. The very reason why the United States of America was founded is to be the nation to show good example of tolerance in religion and beliefs, separation of church and state, liberty, freedom, democracy. Why are there people in the U. S. A. who still think like 17th century crazies??? I hope a real witch bewitch Laura Mallory to teach her a lesson and so she would stop her madness.

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