EMSL strikes again: Create your own robotic Dalek pumpkin.

Those wacky guys over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have done it again. Now they provide instructions on how to build your very own Robotic Dalek Pumpkin:

We Evil Mad Scientists like Halloween. A lot.

You might have already seen our old-school Cylon Jack-o-lantern. Here is another halloween electronics project, hopefully in time for you to make your own: It’s a radio-controlled robotic Dalek that can move around and turn its head. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a pumpkin?

Now that’s scary!

4 thoughts on “EMSL strikes again: Create your own robotic Dalek pumpkin.

  1. So, did you download the complete instructions yet?  I am assuming you will be making one of these this weekend; when we create our jack-o-laterns.

  2. No, I wish I were talented enough to pull off something like this, but I’ll probably stick with plain old fashioned jack-o-lanterns.

  3. I dunno, “exterminate or treat” just doesn’t have the right ring to it…

    Very clever, though.

  4. That’s cool, but don’t they make mini-plungers that would have been the just about the right size to use in place of the meat thermometer?

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