If you must be a Christian then at least be an Episcopalian.

Given all the headlines the Evangelical Christians manage to capture with their idiocy it sometimes helps to remember that not all Christian sects are full of theocratic nutcases intent on staying as ignorant about science as they possibly can in order to protect their fragile worldview. For a good example take the Episcopalians: Not only do they have a gay bishop and a newly elected woman as presiding bishop of the Church, but they also accept and promote the Theory of Evolution:


The theory of evolution is broadly accepted by the overwhelming majority in the scientific community as the most adequate explanation for the emergence of life on earth, and the ongoing adaptation of life to changes in environments. For example, knowledge of how evolution functions is essential in understanding the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, the resistance of insects to insecticides, and the appearance of viruses such as HIV and influenza.

The teaching of evolution is a crucial contribution to the development of scientific literacy among the nation’s youth, yet state legislators and state and local school boards continue to challenge, limit, or seek to supplant the teaching of evolution. Limiting the teaching of evolution in our schools has the potential to compromise students’ ability to understand constantly changing living systems, and may undermine, for instance, the understanding and treatment of diseases of the future.

***Dave will probably be amused to hear me say this, but we could use a few more good Episcopalian’s out there even if they do have some weird billboards. Their slogan should be: We may be delusional, but at least we’re not bigoted idiots like the Evangelists!

So if you’re going to insist on believing in the whole Christ mythos do yourself, and the rest of us, a favor and become an Episcopalian.

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  1. 2. It is interesting to watch atheists put so much stake in the non-falsifiable pseudo-science of memetics.

    Classic strawman arguement- misinterpret, then say it doesnt work.  Why not just say

    The New York Yankies have never won the Ashes. Ergo the NYY are a rubbish bat and ball team

    A meme as such is not a hypothesis, or theory.  You can not pin one down.  Dawkins used it as a philosophical idea, short hand for a ‘thought’ or ‘idea’.  They do not have to be falsifiable or non falsifiable. 

    Classic hereditary theory says if both parents are blood type AA OO or AO then no child could have B blood type.  If it is then 1)there is a divorce in the offing, 2) you screwed up at least 1 test or 3) You are about to be a world famous biologist.

    ‘All men are born equal’, and ‘Race A is superior to race B’ are both valid memes, despite the fact that they are mutually exclusive.

    What upsets the religeous about Memes is Dawkins use to describe religeon as a virolent meme- ‘a bad idea’; people become ‘infected’. We know bad ideas are ‘infectious’- you may not catch ‘White Supremacy from sitting next to a slack jawed yokel, but you can if your cultural influences have always tended to be racist.

    non-falsifiable pseudo-science of memetics.

    is very falsifiable: ‘I believe that ideas can be passed on by xxx’ is testable. If you can prove memes don’t work you can destroy every advertising agency in the world, and destroy laws and customs everywhere. If ideas can not be passed on, then every thing is just random- or is the Bearded One in the sky transferring beaming thoughts direct into our brains.

    A.  Holy War – convert or kill all non-believers
    B.  Intimidation – threaten and discriminate against unbelievers!

    Exactly how do athiests do this? Do you mean denying positions in biology depatments to those who think ID is science?  Show us how it is science. Test it, scientifically.  Perhaps you mean snake oil salesmen being denied approval to call their scam a wonder drug.

    A good rule of thumb: books that say “Exposing the greatest cover-up in history

  2. Justin: A good rule of thumb: books that say “Exposing the greatest cover-up in history

  3. Read Holy Blood, Holy Grail but not DaVince Code. Interesting piece of fiction but why read basically the same book twice. Movie was damned good though! My God here we have sunk to movie reviews. Next thing will be recipes. Les watch out! If we get to the point of how to make a pound cake I’m quitting. tongue wink

  4. Moses: Read Holy Blood, Holy Grail but not DaVince Code.

    I read HBHG in the early 80s.
    When I read the DVCode I immediately thought of HBHG. It wasn’t till near the end that HBHG got a mention in passing.

    Movie was damned good though!

    Haven’t seen it yet.
    Dad didn’t like it; reckoned it was too loud with music, car chases and bullets.
    My little Jewish god-mother enjoyed it.
    I’ll see it one day. smile
    Recipes? It’s winter. I make a mean Pea and Ham soup. Made some yesterday – just put it into freezer containers. I heated up the bit left over, added a dash of milk and had it with toast and butter for breakfast. Oh, I make my own bread too. Now I’m hungry again. LOL

  5. I am sitting here wondering what he’s talking about “it’s winter” not realizing that Luckyjohn is in Autralia. Still hard to get my head around the fact that this is world-wide and not just what I’m used to. (North America and Europe)

  6. Ulfrekr- have you read Collapse, by Jared Diamond?  He has a chapter on how Iceland was rendered treeless.  Highly recommended.

  7. Didn’t Daniel Dennett warn you about not granting intentionality to artifacts?

    Yes, Justin, but there needn’t be intentionality to act upon what Dennett calls “free-floating rationales”.  Amoebas have no more intentionality than memes, but they nevertheless act upon rationales, for instance: “Eat. Flee danger. Reproduce”.

    These rationales needn’t be thought, intended, or conceived in any rational way- they merely need to be built into the structure of the pattern, be it biological (amoeba, human) or not (meme), and those patterns that successfully reproduce themselves will be perpetuated in their medium (biosphere or ideosphere).

  8. I know present the Official Recipe for SEB’s Devilish Pound Cake:

    1 Cup of …

    …just kidding.

  9. Ulfrekr: I´m in Iceland right now, and I bet our summer out-winters Australia.

    No bet.
    I don’t do cold stuff especially if it’s wet and or white and or windy.
    Just the word Iceland makes me feel cold. LOL

  10. 1 Cup of just kidding?  Doesn’t sound very filling, Les.

    I don’t know, he may be onto something.  It’s the main ingredient in lots of stuff I bake.

  11. The conservative Episcopalians are squealing like old sows to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

    There are conservative Episcopalians who still believe that there shouldn’t be women priests—and a woman presiding bishop is just more than they can bear.

    It appears that the New Jersey Episcopalians didn’t listen to the suggestion to “exercise restraint

  12. Zilch-
    I actually picked up Collapse right before I left the states, but then I accidentally left it at home.  I’m definitely gonna read it whenever I get back though, Guns, Germs, and Steel was a great read. I know a bit about the deforestation of Iceland already, and it is a fascinating topic.

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