Right Wing idiot’s solution to illegal immigration? Kill ’em.

I don’t pretend to have a solution to the problem of illegal immigrants and I admit I’m torn on the issue myself, but I’m sure I could come up with something better than what Right Wing radio talk show host Brian James of KFYI in Arizona came up with:

What we’ll do is randomly pick one night – every week – where we will kill whoever crosses the border. Step over there and you die. You get to decide whether it’s your lucky night or not. I think that would be more fun…[I’d be] happy to sit there with my high-powered rifle and my night scope.

According to Brian James he was engaging in “satire” which just demonstrates what an idiot he is as he obviously doesn’t have a clue what satire consists of. I suppose we should be modifying the plaque at the foot of the Statue of Liberty so that it reads:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:

P.S. Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

Link via Crooks and Liars.

80 thoughts on “Right Wing idiot’s solution to illegal immigration? Kill ’em.

  1. Jack

    Wow, the paranoia is strong in you. Geez, time after time it has been shown that immigrants are a net boon to the economy, yet you are worried about them stealing jobs. You fancy yourself as a fruit picker or a slaughterhouse worker, do you? Immigrants tend to take the jobs that Americans don’t want.
    For the rest of your paranoid BS, where is your evidence? The UKs hospitals are open to anyone – anyone at all. Yet we haven’t seen these influxes you talk about. US medicine isn’t all that much better than UK medicine (in fact, in terms of life expectancy and childhood mortality, the UK does better).

  2. Geez, time after time it has been shown that immigrants are a net boon to the economy

    LEGAL immigrants are a net boon to the economy.

    Yet we haven’t seen these influxes you talk about.

    Do you have a common border with a Third-World country that stretches 3,000 miles? The channel is a little more difficult to cross than the Rio Grande.

    Try this: in place of undocumented immigrant, use the phrase, “undocumented Democrat.” Does some of the rhetoric make more sense, now? Of course, the Republicans are no better because they are exploiting the illegals for cheap labor. Both sides exploiting and using the poor people caught in the middle. Welcome to the real world!


  3. Legaru,

    We don’t have a 3000 mile border, for sure, but any European can go anywhere within Europe. That would include Eastern Europeans being able to travel to GB for medical care.

    I am sure there are many illegal immigrants doing the nasty smelly jobs that society requires. You say only legal immigrants are a benefit, but factcheck.org does not agree.

  4. Thanks for the link YMO. Even if illegal immigration were a major problem, and it does not appear to be, it still would not be in the top one hundred of the worst problems facing this country. Then again some would say that gay marriage is what is destroying America; even though it is legal in a whopping five states.

    It is always good for demagogues to have a group that is a little different from the mainstream to use as a scapegoat to distract from the real problems confronting society. In the 19th century it was the dreaded Irish who were a threat to American life and culture. Now we have Pat Buchanan and Bill O’Reilly blaming America’s problems on Mexicans and gays. The U.S. overcame its paranoia about the Irish, hopefully at some point it will lose its paranoia about these other groups. Of course, by then our country will have to find a new group of people to loathe. I nominate Liechtensteiners… their name is too long.

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  6. Just thought I’d point out that the recent comments here prompted me to write an entry about what it takes to immigrate legally to the U.S. that some of you might find enlightening.

  7. Shoot them, scare them, destroy their hopes of coming to our country to rape our women, steal our jobs, and worsen our economic recession. The illegal immigrants in this country disgust me and furthermore insult the hard working people who came to this country and lawfully became US citizens. The illegal immigrants in this country should be deported. Suspected illegals should be detained without any humanitarian aid, exported to Mexico. Those who violate our laws and continue to come to our country should be shot on sight.

  8. Kansas Conservative: Been watching FOX lately?

    Not all illegal immigrants are rapists and thieves, not all are from Mexico, and it is nonsense to suggest that all of the serious problems facing this society stem from their presence.

    We see how this deranged thinking comes from the style of propaganda that comes from FOX and people like Limbaugh, Breitbart, the politicians and the corporations who use it to manipulate ordinary Americans. Ordinary people are fooled into hating their fellow workers, the poor, the sick; they are distracted from the real problems facing this nation. They are told to worry about illegal aliens and to view them with suspicion and hostility.

    They are told these things by people who do not want ordinary Americans to focus their attention to the real issues; whether it be the white collar crime, the deregulation of the economy which consistently causes these economic crises, the billions and trillions of dollars wasted in wars of choice that this country engages in which puts billions into the pockets of war profiteers, or even the vicious healthcare system that they are told to cling to, which by itself is bankrupting this nation. They are told to ignore all of these monster drains on our society and on working people… “just get rid of those dirty brown people and your jobs will come back immediately.” Right.

    Easy, fake answers may make conservatives feel better. Picking on the powerless may seem easier than confronting real injustices perpetrated on you and your family by moneyed interests. But then in your post you go a step further and start inciting violence, which I find utterly contemptible. Far-right Conservatives stoke fear and paranoia about terrorism and yet we constantly hear them advocating the use of terrorism in the name of America’s interests. Just recently we had Limbaugh saying that the deaths of Afghan civilians is perfectly fine and normal. I fear I am seeing a pattern here.

    It saddens me to see what extreme conservative “ideology” is doing to the minds of people in this country, taking decent ordinary people and filling their minds with anger and bitterness. You see it more and more every day.

  9. I thought I could never kill an animal, not even an insect, and I taught that to my kids. When a spider crawled up the wall, the kids saw Daddy gently pick it up with a piece of Kleenex, and take it outside to go “back to his happy family, and be the daddy hye was mant to be.”

    Then, when my sons were ages 3 and 6, our home had a major rat infestation that seemed to happen overnight, Roof rats…common to Malibu, even in luxury homes…were everywhere: in the oven, the walls, the refrigerator insulation, even inside some of thr wiring The news at the time was filled with stories about the Hanta virus, which posed life risk to children. I can’t believe how I changed with those reports. I walked thru the house with glue traps and a hammer, probably looking somewhat like Jack Nicholson in the Shining. It’s amazing what you become when your children are under siege.

    Is it a stretch to see our county as under siege by a semingly sub-human race, which abandons, abuses, and sells their children into slavery. Yes, it is happening, with greater and greater frequency. I of course do not support the Arizona radio station’s position. But I do understand it.

  10. Well, do you have a better solution? Sorry, but I can’t remember at which point I just stopped giving a f*** about people who don’t give a f*** about me. My mother raised us by herself, just above the poverty line, without any gov. assistance, and yet these people get aid? My husband waited 10 years for a greencard so he could come here, and now people like him are supposed to cheer on “amnesty” for people who snuck in? We’re supposed to feel bad for these people, standing down on the streets of Arizona, threatening “gringos” with their shovels as weapons? Don’t they already rape enough little girls, rob the elderly and steal from us legally through the taxes we pay, and now they want more? Give me a break.

    You know, maybe amnesty would help. Then they’ll be legal and have pay taxes like everyone else. They won’t be able to go to the hospital and leave their bills behind for people like my mother to pay. What a concept.

    Sorry to say, I really don’t give a s*** what happens to these people. And that’s coming from a woman who used to teach ESL to the children of illegals. Guess I had a change of heart.

  11. Illegals take all american’s jobs. Only 1% of illegals have jobs on farms…

    Most take service jobs away from citizens. They get paid under the table so they don’t have to pay taxes. OR they steal someone’s social security number to fraudulently get a job. We need to get rid of these criminals soon.

  12. Wow, there are a bunch of angry, angry people here.

    I have stated it before, I’ll do it again – Immigrants, whether legal or illegal (it makes no difference), are a significant positive influence on the economy – almost every major study shows this.

    You people who use the “job stealing” argument are either naive to the facts, and your opinions should be discounted as such, or are lying, and again, your opinions should be discounted.

  13. There you go, Mighty, trying to confuse us with facts. Can’t you tell when our mind is made up? Facts, facts, facts. What a bunch of B.S. You want to spoil a perfectly good rant with facts? Have you no compassion for ranters?



  14. You’re right Legaru, I was getting chastised on facebook just the other day for letting facts get in the way of ideology. What was I thinking!

  15. Your an idiot yea come over here to have their fucking babies become citizens! They are CRIMINALS they deserve to be in prison it would be easier to kill em all for breaking a international law. We have shoot on sight military bases why not shoot on sight borders?!? Makes sense killing mexicans instead of curious Americans

  16. I’m outraged by this. I’m outraged by: 1. He was joking and 2. He only wanted it done 1 day per week. We should have a 7 day per week shoot on sight policy on the border. Sneaking into the country illegally is a crime. The people who do that are invaders. I’m sick and tired of people sopping over with compassion for criminals. We don’t show the same compassion to burglars or bank robbers. The amount of compassion illegal invaders deserve from us is ZERO! They show no respect for the laws or sovereignty of the United States. Shoot the bastards the instant they step over the border.

    And for those already here, track them down, arrest them, and force them to work in labor camps for a year, then deport them with a warning that if they attempt to return, they’ll be shot. Oh, but that breaks up families. Boo hoo! So does sending someone to prison for armed robbery. These are criminals we’re talking about. We need to fight them with the most ruthless force that we can muster. Make them ineligible for drivers licenses, school, health care, and any kind of welfare. The only slack I would cut them would be to give them a 90-day amnesty in which they won’t be prosecuted if they get the fuck out.

    Yeah, I’m outraged by this guy’s comments. I’m outraged that every American doesn’t support a shoot on sight border policy.

  17. Tommorow is Columbus Day. Let,s just keep in mind that it was not Clumbus who discovered America, it was Mexico!

  18. And Conservatives wonder why we favor gun control. Because guns are the idiot’s solution to every problem.

  19. I think some of you people might not like me, but I have to say what I think is right because I was raised right to be truthful. I want all those people who invaded my country to be sent back to their homes where they came from. Before we put them on boats and planes and buses and cars to be sent back where they came from I want them to go to jail for a long, long time, maybe even forever and then go home feeling bad for what they did to my country. I am a fair and good man and would like to have some of those kind of people from all those countries to come here to live if they do it legal and the right way like my kind of people did. I believe in growing this country with different kinds of those people, like those tired, and poor, and huddled masses people the Satue of Liberty talks about, but you got to be nice and legal like my kind of family. I am an exsoldier from the Vietnam War and I had my right hand leg and my right hand arm cut off from me for those people who were mean to me and my friends when we were trying to make them free like us. They didn’t want the commies coming in to their country just like us now so we tried to help those kind of people, even though they were different from all us, out. I will do the same again for us now in order to get these commies out of our country now if I have to. Go home where you came from. We beat you in Vietnam once and we can do it again if you don’t go home. So that’s how I feel about those kind of people in my country now and they are against the law. Thank you, Woody

  20. Gregory Woodsmith wrote:

    I think some of you people might not like me, but I have to say what I think is right because I was raised right to be truthful. I want all those people who invaded my country to be sent back to their homes where they came from.

    Wonder how many of the 2.5 million native American/Alaska people (2000 census) think the same way as you do about the other 297.5 million inhabitants.

  21. We beat you in Vietnam once and we can do it again if you don’t go home.

    Er, Gregory, were you fighting on the side of the Vietcong in Vietnam? Otherwise, that’s not true. Despite Rambo, the US did not win the Vietnam War. If you don’t remember it, you can google it. I remember it.

  22. INVASION USA. Illegal aliens murder 12+ Americans daily. Death toll in 2006 far overshadows total U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, Afghanistan. Why not at least try to prevent this invasion and kill them before they kill us?

  23. Ed, you got any facts to back those assertions up with or shall we just assume they’re bullshit? I’m certainly not going to just take your word for it.

  24. They only way to remove temptaion for the illegal douche bags seeking to steal our jobs and money or American Dream as you call it is to impose harsh judgments/penalties….Firing squad, kill all the bastards and they won’t bother trying to steal a piece of our pie anymore, and to anyone who argues against it in anyway, I’ll make you pull the trigger, then I’ll kill you too for beimg a sympathizer. After all the illegals are dead establish a DMZ on our entire southern border, and pass mandatory laws that should any American citizen see an illegal who managed to slip past, to kill on sight or risk arrest and having your citizenship revoked regardless of origin of birth, followed by subsequent execution yourself. The law should have no exceptions, oh, your brother’s here illegally you have to kill him or suffer the consequences, maybe you should have made him go through the proper LEGAL steps. End of story kiss my ass.

  25. I suspect the above is a troll, but there are some folks I know who would agree with the above so I let it through anyway.

  26. Actually I didn’t mean to come off as a Troll, I am just strongly opinionated and I kinda got myself fired up, this is a hotbutton issue after all, and there are a lot of pansies out there who like to dance around and do nothing while the cross our borders illegaly.

  27. tell this left wing asshole, brainless, communist, racist, piece of shit to kiss my white independent ass!

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