CNN’s Nancy Grace is a putz.

How the hell does Nancy Grace keep her job as host of her own program on CNN’s Headline News channel? I’ve not watched CNN in awhile so I was very surprised when I encountered her for the first time the other day and for a couple of moments I thought I had mistakenly turned to FOX News. She manages to avoid the screaming of Bill “Douchebag” O’Reilly and I’ve yet to hear her tell someone to shut up, but that hasn’t stopped her from being just as obnoxious in her own way.

As I type this she’s beating the Terri Schiavo issue into the ground with interviews of people on both sides of the issue and it’s clear that her bias is that Terri was effectively murdered. When she’s not getting the responses she wants she interrupts with loaded questions instead of letting the people finish what they were saying. She’s been letting one of the doctors who examined Terri really have it over the fact that Terri died of dehydration. To his credit the doctor seems to be keeping his sense of humor about it. When a presbyterian minister launched into him and repeatedly demanded that he explain what it’s like to die of dehydration the doctor said, “Well, if you’d let me I’d be happy to explain to you what it’s like.” Nancy’s trying to compare Terri’s situation to the fact that the Pope is currently on a feeding tube and she keeps rehashing the fact that the Schindler siblings were barred from being in the room when Terri died.

Now she’s complaining about how it became a circus at the end. The irony, of course, is she doesn’t seem to realize she’s one of the acts participating in it. Man, I have to turn this off before I end up throwing a brick through the screen. Wow, she’s a major putz. Unbelievable.

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  1. Well, North Star, when you say “Miss Grace is on
    television because she is doing what is expected of her”. Does that role include Nancy’s documented misconduct of helping to end the life of mothers of missing children and other victims of crimes as she has done on multiple occassions already?

  2. Finally, I have found a group of like-minded individuals who see Nancy Grace for what she truly is—a blabbering, illogical witch that spews venom each time she opens her mouth.
    I find it very difficult to believe that someone who is a “former prosecutor” could be so inept in their debate skills and argumentative skills as she is. If person X has been accused of crime Y, then, according to Grace’s logic, X committed Y. Being accused is a sufficient condition for committing why. No if, ands or buts about it.
    Seriously, she seems no different that any of the others who get on national t.v. and spew their opinions to audience that doesn’t give a rat’s ass what they are. Please Nany, just shut the hell up! CNN, put some quality programming on in her place! Please!

  3. She seems no different that any of the others who get on national t.v.?  Really? She’s helped to end the lives of real victims of crimes, unlike the other mediaheads on tv, that’s a difference, isn’t it?

  4. I detest her show, I’ve watched it a few times with my girlfriend’s mother and I am amazed that people can find any substance in her show. Just like the author of this post when I first saw her show with the loud testimonies and the pointless scrolling bar on the bottom I thought I was watching Fox News.

    Though it’s not the most annoying thing, I laugh every time she says “tot mom” while covering this casey anthony case. What a tool.

  5. I admire Nancy Grace,she gives victims a voice,and she isnt afraid to speak her mind.Everyone on here who is b ashing her needs to do half of what she does to help others,instead of bashing her.

  6. Everyone on here who is b ashing her needs to do half of what she does to help others,instead of bashing her.

    So are you saying I need to drive half a person to a full suicide, or a full person to half a suicide before I can criticize her?

  7. Great answer Julian, and so accurate. Just how many more victims will Nancy Grace victimize before real justice is dealt to her for her criminal actions? And, Anita Mummert appears to be the exact reason why Nancy needs to be stopped because Nancy also victimizes the uninformed like Anita.

  8. We need new laws to stop people like Nancy Grace from cashing in on lies and their former status as prosecutors. She is a disgrace to the legal profession and a menace. People like her belong in jail, not on the air.

  9. Just look ay how the State of Georgia treats people who assist in “mercy suicides” for those who are suffering from terminal illness:

    ===========start snip
    Attorneys for Dr. Lawrence D. Egbert, 81, and Nicholas Alec Sheridan, 60, who were arrested Wednesday in an eight-state probe of the Marietta, Ga.-based Final Exit Network, asked that the men be allowed to transport themselves to Georgia, where authorities say they plan to allow the men to be released on $60,000 bond.
    ===========stop snip

    It seems that the State of Georgia will prosecute anyone who attempts to perform an act of mercy, but their beloved imbecile debutante Nancy Grace can go on TV and CAUSE people to commit suicide as people sit at home with the kids and eat popcorn and applaud.

    That woman is a VILE LITTLE CRIMINAL and so is BETHANY MARSHALL.

    Whatever cause Nancy supports, whatever beliefs she holds – I shall believe the EXACT OPPOSITE. I hope that all her precious babies ROT. And when I see an Amber Alert I CHANGE THE CHANNEL BECAUSE IT IS SPAM.

  10. No need to worry dmonica09, you are not alone, there are many people out there that still do not know the real damage Nancy Grace has caused to real victims of crimes. Since Nancy was never a victim of a crime herself, she remains clue-less to the damage she does to real victims of crimes. Perhaps after you learn the truth about Nancy, you will likely change your current state of denial. smile

  11. dmonica09 isn’t a fan or non-fan, but rather just another comment spammer. I’ve deleted the comment.

  12. the world would be so much better off without you nancy grace.  not long ago that dumb bitch nancy was complainin about the anthony case and a possible book deal.  nancy was irate at the thought of someone making a buck off the little girl who had lost her life, while at the same time she had been cashing in on it with her tv show for months.  cnn needs to purge that turd from its system.

  13. i understand your article is very old. But I recently tuned into Nancy Grace and discovered what a humoungous bitch she is. Extremely arrogant and constantly interrupts people whenever they disagree with her. She’s rude.

    No one could have summed her up better than you.

  14. You summed up Nancy Grace by your comment, cid, she is extremely arrogant and constantly interrupts people whenever they disagree with her. And, she’s rude. But, many predators of victims are like her. At least no victim has died tonight as a direct result of her unprofessionalism again tonight, but most suicide victims fail to call in before they do the act. I expect the actual numbers are in the thousands by now, after she helped to end the life of a person Nancy telephoned a few years ago.

  15. Nancy Grace needs to get off her ‘better-than-thou” high horse in her comments about the person responsible for leaving the newborn in the shoebox.  While this person’s actions were far from wise, at least we aren’t hearing of another baby or child killed and left in a dumpster or elsewhere.

  16. I totally agree with you TeaRowz. Since things are slow right now, maybe Nancy can spend more time explaining why she threw her tot-son off the bed and onto his head that required hospital-intervention. Did the reports come back and signify a brain-injury from the abuse she gave to her tot-son?

  17. Yes, I’d like to see someone with Nancy’s mindset and lack of good judgement attack her having injured her son in the same way she attacks others.

  18. Nancy Grace crawled out of Dante’s Inferno…I know a heretic when I see one.

  19. Nancy Grace Is a dick sucker and alway have been.I never seen such an wide mouth whore. wondering how many dick her mouth holds??

  20. Loretta, that kind of comment is as ignorant as Nancy Grace, herself, is

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  22. It appears you’ve posted this comment about Michael Jackson in the wrong place, angelbay…

  23. Nancy Grace is the biggest piece of shit that I ever seen. She is always running that dick sucker. Why don’t CNN fire her ass? That thought that people or American’s for that matter,even watch her ridiculous show!

  24. Will this be the next case to put Nancy back into her in-patient-therapy once again at The Promises where Nancy has said before she wants to go? The Promises does appear to have nice accommodations, and they may allow Nancy to visit with those two “twin-kids” she has from two different fathers. Do both fathers visit the tots? How does that make them twins anyways? Those kids are already showing the signs from fetal-alcohol-syndrome, hope they get into therapy themselves super-soon before they try to run away as predicted.

  25. MichellefromMadison consistantly talks crap bout Nancy Grace but never has any substantiation. Instead she says that we should do our own research. I believe that if you are going to make accusations about anyone, including Nancy Grace, you should at least present some facts to back it up or even a quote from an article but for the love of God, if you can’t even tell us where you get your ignorant and incorrect information, just SHUT UP. That’s right James at The Blog of Nancy Grace says, “Michellefrommadison is an idiot.

  26. Thanks for proving my point about uninformed people, there James. And, you are welcome. Facts about Predator Grace do still scare some people, especially the not too well educated. Still though, try instead to help the victims that Nancy seems to be a part of the death wish by Nancy. Victims of crimes are something Nancy is royally jealous of, since she was never a victim of any crime herself. Her jealousy of victims is psychotic. But, most drunks and drug users like Nancy have flaws like that.

  27. people like you alll talken bad about nancy grace are all wrong….with all the murders and killings and children porn and lots more that comes to her desk of many people give all those killers way to much credit. .you all just oyt of touch on what really goes on around the world.i dont see you all defending those people thar beeen hurt…. so that leaves nancy grace to do so. bill a.

  28. I enjoyed watching Nancy at one time. I think the show has gone to her head. She berates everyone, the attorneys’, doctors, reporters, and even her own staff.
    I think she is narcissistic. She believes she is always right, and if someone disagrees with her she cuts them off, or ridicules them.
    I especially found it offensive when the psychologist said a word and she insulted her and said it probably wasn’t a word and asked her staff member to look it up in the dictionary. Tell her to lighten up, she’s looking like a real AH.

  29. Nancy Grace should have been fired for her comments about alleged rape at Duke. She has no respect for the legal system or herself.

  30. Dude. you said that shit sooo well. so eloquent.
    i keep say’n i”m NOT from this planet. after hearing her on a youtube vid, i googled: I’m sorry but nancy grace sucks. your site came up first. you win. tu

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