CNN’s Nancy Grace is a putz.

How the hell does Nancy Grace keep her job as host of her own program on CNN’s Headline News channel? I’ve not watched CNN in awhile so I was very surprised when I encountered her for the first time the other day and for a couple of moments I thought I had mistakenly turned to FOX News. She manages to avoid the screaming of Bill “Douchebag” O’Reilly and I’ve yet to hear her tell someone to shut up, but that hasn’t stopped her from being just as obnoxious in her own way.

As I type this she’s beating the Terri Schiavo issue into the ground with interviews of people on both sides of the issue and it’s clear that her bias is that Terri was effectively murdered. When she’s not getting the responses she wants she interrupts with loaded questions instead of letting the people finish what they were saying. She’s been letting one of the doctors who examined Terri really have it over the fact that Terri died of dehydration. To his credit the doctor seems to be keeping his sense of humor about it. When a presbyterian minister launched into him and repeatedly demanded that he explain what it’s like to die of dehydration the doctor said, “Well, if you’d let me I’d be happy to explain to you what it’s like.” Nancy’s trying to compare Terri’s situation to the fact that the Pope is currently on a feeding tube and she keeps rehashing the fact that the Schindler siblings were barred from being in the room when Terri died.

Now she’s complaining about how it became a circus at the end. The irony, of course, is she doesn’t seem to realize she’s one of the acts participating in it. Man, I have to turn this off before I end up throwing a brick through the screen. Wow, she’s a major putz. Unbelievable.

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  1. OK OK – I’m no lawyer. Maybe it’s a precedent, maybe not. Whatever.

    But I still say that the accusation, in and of itself, regardless of guilt or innocence, IS a darn good reason to shoot onesself.

    Here’s what I know tonight. If you are accused of victimizing a kid there is a heightened probability that people in general will seek revenge against you. You do not need to be guilty. If you are accused you will find yourself being treated (by some) as if you were really guilty. It can affect employment opportunities, and some people may even try to kill you.

    Here’s what I dont know. I dont know why we have a prison system and justice dept which seeks to promote suicide among inmates by literally driving them insane. And I dont know what it was that caused the former prosecutor to slip up and try that stuff on a civillian (Melinda).

    But I do know that this really is a sort of “backdoor” to the death penalty in our society. These methods can be used in cases where the courts have failed to do their job. If they can drive you to kill yourself, then there is no-oen to blame but you. It’s like getting away with murder. Happens every day.

  2. Here’s how I got there.
    They dont care about Melinda Duckett, and they dont care about Bill Conradt either. They are quite pleased by these suicides. Now, if a former State Prosecutor can get away with that stuff on national TV, just imagine what they are doing to convicts !!

    Here’s what I know tonight.
    I’ve seen many people in prison driven to suicide, then they are punished for attempting it, then the cycle repeats. Then, after you get out of prison, society will continue to make a protracted attempt on your life by permanently denying employment. The people who are perpetuating this process of manufacturing madness are responsible for creating monsters like the guy who murdered Polly Klaas. That’s the truth.  I’m sick of Nancy’s bogus solutions to crime when it is quite clear to me that it is people like her who are manufacturing the madmen in our prison system who will ultimately be released upon us by our wonderful government. We have 2.5 million people in prison who are getting the same treatment that Melinda recieved each and every day. Then we turn them loose and deprive them of employment, housing, or any assistance whatsoever. This is why I say that people like Nancy Grace are creating crime, and they dont care one little bit because just like the case of Melinda Duckett, you just cant quite pin it on em’.

    Here’s what I dont know.
    With all the websites, UseNet Newsgroups and cults out there actually promoting suicide, do we really need a government that seems so enthusiastic about doing the same thing ? I dont know how many people have been driven to suicide, and I dont know how many such people have gone on to lash out at humanity, I dont know how far someone will go who has been driven mad this way, and I dont know what the total cost is to society. I dont know why people are so eager to support Nancy Grace, and why people dont care about the death of Melinda Duckett. And I have no idea why the Nancy Grace fan club takes such exquisite pleasure in contributing to the demise of millions by with their nonchalant cruelty, flexing their muscles as they slowly strangle the freedoms out of us all, denying employment to millions of felons permanently with the sole purpose of watching them rapidly wither away or maybe freeze to death in the gutter. I dont know how such people can wrap themselves in the flag, or even call themselves Americans. I dont know that is still possible to distinguish between prosecutor and criminal.

    But I do know one thing for sure
    “We shall fight her on the beaches, we shall fight her on the landing grounds, we shall fight her in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight her in the hills. We shall never surrender to Nancy Grace.”

  3. Ghost: I don’t know how many people have been driven to suicide, and I don’t know how many such people have gone on to lash out at humanity

    I think you got that arse about face …  wink  cheap shot.
    I know where you’re coming from but you’re not getting much response here, are you?
    Doesn’t matter. It’s good to vent … and that’s at the crux of suicides – they don’t vent.
    They bottle it up till they asp lode.

    I went to a mate’s wife’s 40th birthday party last night – a rare thing; I don’t do crowds but I actually enjoyed myself – music & dancing, beautiful weather, plenty of beer and food.
    At one stage I was talking to a young (late 30s) farmer about weather, sheep, the gamble which is farming, stress and suicide.
    He told me that, in Oz, a farmer kills himself every four days … obviously, not the same farmer.  wink
    He gave me a for instance of how ‘easy’ it is: we’re in a drought that’s been happening for a few years. The farmer can’t afford to buy anymore feed for his sheep and takes them to the saleyards … can’t even give ‘em away. He has to take them back home where he commences to shoot each one and when he’s finished he shoots himself.

    I was gonna leave it there for affect but I like raving too.
    He explained that a farmer forms an attachment to his stock. He hurried to say it was not like they were pets but time and effort has been spent in looking after them and … well, I understood what he meant.
    About 20 years ago I saw a young farmer shooting his sheep (not himself) – I left after 5 minutes – I found it too heart-rending.

    So what’s all that got to do with Nancy Grace?
    Fuck all.

  4. He explained that a farmer forms an attachment to his stock…well, I understood what he meant.


  5. Hmmmm…….

    Is that just a contemplative observation or an observation to which you want elaboration?
    Yes, I noticed there’s no question mark.

    To elaborate in any case, as he was telling that farmers help and hold some of the lambs they bring into the world and thereby form ‘an attachment’ on some level, in my head (I didn’t mention my analogy to him) I whizzed to the Nazis killing Jews one by one with a bullet.
    It may be an urban myth but I read somewhere that some of these executioners became rather disturbed by the repetitiveness of up close and personal execution and went troppo and to avoid this ‘they’ came up with the mass, impersonal, gas chamber style of execution and used other Jews to ‘clear the debris’ to distance themselves even further.
    Nevertheless, I understood what he was talking about on a psychological level which I can’t seem to explain any better than I have – nor was he able to explain it any better.

    It was interesting that he tried to explain the level of stress that farmers go through during the ‘hard times’ of a drought by comparing it to my Vietnam experience.
    Of course I didn’t mention that farming is a choice … he needed to talk; I was willing to listen.  smile

  6. Nancy Grace reminds me of a quote from Dorothy Parker:
    She looks like something that would eat its young.
    Meow.  LOL

  7. Sorry to kill the nice thread you had going here, I’m really just trying to put togther a sermon which is so convincing that it will swing half of Texas to vote for Hillary in 08’ .

    What you need are some Gyro stands. They would’nt have any problem selling sheep if you had some Greeks in the area.

    Hell, you could probably even sell the sheep in Houston, but for an entirely different purpose.  : )

  8. You’re preachin’ to the choir sister –

    I am the ghost of a dead convict, wrongly convicted and murdered in prison, my spirit now inhabits cyberspace as I seek to avenge the injustices which were inflicted upon me in life.

    I remember the day that they came looking for me. people had been spreading rumors for a few days and I noticed a strange look on people’s faces which had not been there before.

    Then, I recieved word from a friend that an angry mob was assembled and was going to hunt me down and kill me.

    I ran for my life, but all I could think about was the false accusations being made against me by a bunch of gossipy old southern hags, their angry faces swirled in my mind as I tried to escape their hate filled spew. My nightmare faded into reality as I found myself on the ground being kicked violently by a group of angry men, women and children.

    I lifted my face, battered and bloodied to the sight of a cop approaching the scene. “At last” I thought, the cop will save my ass from this crowd. I looked at him and saw the US flag sewn to his shirt sleeve, and I felt confident that I’d have my day in court.

    But my confidence dwindled fast as I noticed the angry look on his face. “Is this the guy ?” he shouted, “YES, IT’S HIM” they screamed. And at that moment I felt his fist smash my face. I was knoced out cold. The crowd began tearing at my trousers and within 2 minutes I was being raped by a cop in front of a cheering crowd for a crime I had not committed.

    This is how my story begins. It begins with a bunch of old hags “bearing false witness” against me on TV for a terrible crime which I had not committed. Later, after having many abuses and injustices heaped upon me by corrupt cops and an out-of-control prison system, I was murdered for sport by a system which was forcing me to die a slow miserable death as people looked on and laughed, videotaping the killing for their bookies who were taking bets on my life 2,000 miles away in Las Vegas. Yes, yes – “I Love My Country” I exclaimed as they prodded, after each TV telecast of those horrible vicious lies, the TV set in my face I am strapped into a chair and forced to watch those horrible lies……

    …the Taser BURNED my flesh as the sick stench of burning flesh started to rise as they prodded me to recite the my forced confession, over and over and over…..

    BZZZZZZT – and I screamed and screamed until I was exhausted and my screams of terrror were drowned out by the sounds of their laughter and uncontrolled giggling….BZZZZZZZT they shocked me – over and over until my flesh ignited ……..

    This could’nt be happening to me, not in America, we have laws against cruel and unusual tortures I kept telling myself and then BZZZZZZZZZZZT…

  9. By Don do you mean Max ?

    My existence as a cyber-spirit was brought forth in a very horrible way.

    My interrogators, having deprived me of sleep and food for several days, brought me to an isolated room in the basement of a hospital which was fully equipped trauma center.

    They strapped me to a board which pivots in the middle and began dunking me underwater. They kept me underwater so long that I did actually die, several times. But they had doctors on hand who were monitoring my heart and brain activity, and each time I died they would bring me back and start the process all over again.

    I do not know how many time they killed me. I cannot count the number of times I was murdered on that waterboard, but one very odd thing – there was a terminal in that room with a highspeed connection to the internet, and each time I lapsed into death I felt myself being drawn further and further into a strange quantum world of electrical signals and information.

    The faces of the old southern hags who were spinning in my mind, with the false accusations and wicked hateful inuendos, all of this vanished in an explosion of white light and electical brissance which is now my very being.

    I am trapped now – in the internet – a being without a body – an electronic spirit – and I can only be freed by the truth – I must expose the truth about the hateful ultraconservatives or I will remain trapped on this network FOREVER !

  10. I am dead. As I said before, I was brutally murdered over and over, revived several times, but now I cannot be brought back.

    I have spoken to the spirit of Melinda Duckett, and she has told he of the horrors that she experienced when she was accused on TV, and how horrible she felt. How the Constitution and the Law were twisted into a weapon against her, and thrust through her heart like a red hot harpoon.

    She stated how ironic it is that one can go to jail in the US for making inappropriate comments in an airport which result in no tangible damages, but we allow people in the mass media such a wide degree of latitude that they can inflict any terror upon their victim and there are no consequences whatsoever.

    She cried as she told me her story about those hateful and wicked ultraconservatives, and all I could do was to console her that she will reside in peace, in heaven, that she can finally be free from the lies which tormented her forever.

    All fades to white, bristling blue electrical sparks and arcs of the electrical world of the quantum prison which holds me – I’m fading now – I will try to find you again……….


  11. Some You-Tube clips of Nancy dis-Grace.

    You-Tube Video: SNL Nancy Grace – Duke Lacrosse
    Holiday Message from Nancy Grace.

    You-Tube Video: Saturday Night Live: Nancy Grace
    Wearing upper and lower lashes.

    You-Tube Video: Duke Lacrosse – LAST STAND
    Willie Nelson song

    You-Tube Video: Nancy Grace is the Devil
    Swear-words included.

    You-Tube Video: Nancy Grace is Shy
    Nancy is frightened and shy.

    You-Tube Video: Nancy Grace ticks me off
    A viewer says Nancy is a freekin-moran.

    You-Tube Video: H A T E Video
    Nancy Grace’s HATE towards the Duke Lacrosse players.

  12. All you liberal, soft on crime democrats are jealous of nancy!!!!

    go nancy! She represents us conservative, southern, women well!!!!!!!!! smile

  13. Sorry Conservative, but you are incorrect in your last assertions about Nancy Grace.  She is not a democrat as you claim.  And, no one that truly understands just how criminal Nancy Grace is gives a rat’s butt about ever being jealous of Nancy’s continued criminal and libelous actions.  Nancy only represents dishonesty, inappropriate misrepresentations, and continued illegal actions towards victims out there.  Since Nancy was never a victim of a crime, she has no clue at all.  It is obvious why the city of Atlanta finally threw Nancy out on her butt and why they eliminated her ability to ever practice Law anymore anywhere within the United States. Try a new informed approach there C, try to deal only with facts, and not your uninformed emotional misinformed attitude.  Good luck.

  14. Another lie from Nancy Grace.
    Nancy Grace claims to be the father of Anna Nichol’s baby.
    Nancy Grace is now claiming to be the father of Anna Nicole’s baby.  When will Nancy Grace stop lying?  It is highly suspected that Nancy is simply just stating yet another lie, and her recent claim is probably not even close to being true, as much of what she states already proves incorrect.  Perhaps, it may be time again for another “stay” in her Psych Ward.  One of sound-mind might conclude that Nancy might be busy enough trying to generate up some type of a defense to some of her current lawsuits against Nancy to keep her busy enough to help eliminate Nancy from making such a fool of herself again.  But, it does not appear Nancy is capable from not acting like a fool.

  15. Well, I’m not sure that big TV network execs want “uber-conservatives” as one of you said; they just want extremists in general, liberal or conservative or whatever. But think about it logically: If all the talk-show hosts and ‘interviewees’ were level-headed, reasonable, understanding people, then which one of you confrontational types would want to watch the show? I didn’t know who Nancy Grace was until I saw a funny video of Jon Stewart tearing her apart about some false rape case, which reminded me why I don’t watch that kind of TV (Nancy Grace and others, basically all the big news networks).

    Your best bet of all time—in addition to turning off the nuts on the news—is to forget all the labels on political stance in the first place and take each issue for what it is. Many conservatives consider CNN a super-liberal network, whereas many liberals (as you can see in some of these comments) consider it extremely conservative. The fact that these two parties argue so vehemently over the stance of a TV station strikes me as a little crazy. Who cares? Just stop watching.

    By the way, I stumbled upon this thread (or whatever this is) after looking for more flaming of Nancy Grace.

  16. But think about it logically: If all the
    talk-show hosts and ‘interviewees’ were level-headed, reasonable, understanding people, then which one of you confrontational types would want to watch the show?

    I don’t know if I qualify as a “confrontational type” but my tv news program of choice (when I watch TV news) is The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.  That’s about as reasonable and level-headed as it gets.

  17. Well, Nasty is expecting twins, and even got married… the guy probably could not impregnate her so she is probably carrying twins do to having some help in the reproductive area.

    Can you imagine being this bitch’s kid?????

    At two weeks old she will be interrogating them… what is wrong with you little bastards, I got my law degree at age 3, hell, I was quoting the law by 5 weeks old…. and you can’t even talk yet? And what is this diaper crap…. where is my producer? Hey, get over here and change these stupid kids diapers, I knew I should not have married that idiot… look what he did to my gene pool…

    And now, for your viewing pleasure, meet miss Susan Moss. I swear I didn’t think anyone could make Nasty look tame as a teddy bear, but along comes Ms. Moss with her dollar glasses and the mouth of the criminally insane….

    CNN, you suck for putting this crazy, mean, and most of all stupid woman on tv.

  18. or should I say. One for stealing a cookie, and the other for conspiracy to steal a cookie.

  19. In reguards to the latest charges leveled against O.J. Simpson, one caller to Nancy Grace’s show last night asked about a possible “psych” evaluation for O.J.  N.G. jumped all over her asking, “Why would you want to know more about his brain”, or something like that…..well, I’ll tell you why…..Some states have what is known as indeterminent sentencing laws, and if he can be deemed “insane” they might be able to hold onto him forever……in other words he could be held in a state run mental hospital for even longer than his felony incaration calls for imprisonment, as long as he is still considered to be insane, or a danger to himself or others.  Nancy would be a better interviwer if she would ask more questions of her callers, and not jump down their throats when they make comments……just clarify please……it’s frustrating to those of us watching that have an idea where the caller may be headed, and she doesn’t!

  20. Although it appears that Ms. Grace is “a complicated little woman” the true fact of the matter is that she sells popcorn (refer to CNN ratings increase quoted above).  Just the simple fact that we are discussing her after typing in Nancy Grace Sucks on our search engines in proof enough to me that she has done her job.
    Congratulations Nancy, I’m sorry,

  21. God what a bitch.  It’s not even a broadcast. She has all of these experts that come on her show for certain topics and then she just belittles them like they dont know what they are talking about. Like I said.. what a bitch

  22. hey cartec2 get your fat head out of your ass retard. Nancy DisGrace is nothing but a controlling bitch with a mouth that needs a good proverbial slap. End of story.

  23. She really is a vile insipid wretch.

    She has taken great strides in destroying the fundamental precepts upon which our law is based. She turns the law into pure carnival.

    [1] People in this country (USA) cannot possibly be considered innocent until proven guilty when they are being used as fodder for such hate based entertainment.

    [2] Due process is undermined by the fact that the entire process of criminal prosecution is being turned into a TV show. Due process in this country (USA) is a L-I-E.

    [3] The very idea that a jury of clear minded people could decide your guilt is ridiculous. Her accusations and hysteria are being broadcast over TV, radio, internet, IPOD’s, and every other form of instantaneous media. It is impossible to get a fair trial by an untainted jury in the USA when people like her are fabricating evidence and presenting it to the world electronically.

    I refuse to render any assistance to her, her causes, her issues, her laundry list of woes. She is an enemy of justice, and a very poorly behaved citizen who seems to have learned only one thing from law school – how to destroy the law without ever breaking it.

  24. Cognitively, a runt.

    She has been babbling about cases in progress….again.

    The most laughable thing about this hysterical woman is that she has been given an incredible opportunity to make some real changes. She has been given quite a bit of bandwidth. And every second of it has been wasted on whining, hateful rants, pointless exclamations and absurdities, faux pas, suicides, false accusations and ridiculous speculations.

    She could have made some real strides toward reducing crime, but she has not. Instead, (in my opinion), her actions constitute a taunt. A provocation. And anyone who is “on the edge” who sees her show might be pushed in the wrong direction….to commit yet more crimes.

    The world is a more dangerous place – in my opinion – thanks to Nancy.

    People are now screaming about the suicide of Megan Meier. People are demanding that the people who contributed to her suicide should be indicted.

    What about Melinda Ducket ? What about Richard Ricci ? What about Asst DA Louis “Bill” Conradt Jr ? LAST TIME I CHECKED THEY WERE STILL DEAD TOO.

  25. Nancy Grace is a twat. There are several of her excerpts on YouTube that prove it. She tried to coddle Elizabeth Smart (Like an abused puppy) and got justly owned by her in return, she was called a “bitch” by a caller to her show (GOOD ONE!) and on one occasion the producers of her show introduced video clips of various animals having sex as she talked…She apparently disgusts them as well. She’s an uber-right-wing charismatic Christian foursquare Talibanesque zealot and I wish God would ‘call her home’, wherever that may be. Her kind need anonymity and psychiatric help, and badly. Don Henley is right to dedicate “Dirty Laundry” to her whenever he performs it on stage.

    In her memory I carry a bumper sticker that says “JESUS SAVES” in large print, followed by “me from his ‘children’” in smaller print below.

  26. Nancy Grace is a disgusting, hideous looking stereotypical southern pig. I pity her family for having to deal with such a miserable inferior complex on a regular basis. Textbook psychology indicates that her recently born children are going to grow up to be excessively rebellious and spiteful towards their mother. Her children will get involved with drugs and alcohol at an early age (following in their mother’s footsteps) and will intentionally disregard her petty “motherly” advice. I guarantee this. I would run away from home if that repulsive southern pig was my mother. The fact that she even has an ego baffles me beyond all comprehension. Strong evidence points to Nancy Grace’s influence on multiple suicides and a variety of other crimes and as a result, Nancy Grace deserves to spend the rest of her natural life in a state prison. Repugnant sows like Nancy Grace do not deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us. The world will be a happier, more peaceful place when she is gone.

  27. Nancy Grace needs to e taught a lesson. A gang rape sounds good to me. And then rip out her vocal cords so we never have to listen to that annoying snatch face again.

  28. As much as I dislike Nancy Grace, I wouldn’t wish the last commenter’s suggestion on anyone let alone her. She’s despicable, but not deserving of the violence suggested for her. I’d be happy if her popularity declined and her show got canceled, but wishing physical harm upon her is a bit much.

  29. The Evil Bastard is right.

    No matter how vile, disgusting and peurile this woman is, people should not advocate acts of violence against her.

    We have courts of law. Even Hitler would have gotten his day in court – and so should Nancy.

    In fact, Nancy is serving a very important purpose. As the victims of her false accusations commit suicide, we all bear witness to just how wicked and hateful she really is.

    We all bear witness to how easy it is for someone in the “moral majority” to flaunt her hate. That she used to be a prosecutor, a professional, an administrator of the law. And we can see what an incompetent bumbling idiot she is, and that she has absolutely no regard for the damage caused by her actions.

    She stands as a statement about broken government. She is the proof that government cannot function properly, that it is inherently flawed because people like her can rise to positions of great power.

    The only reason these crimes occur in the first place is because the US has been running a prison system for over a century which is little more than a rape factory, torture chamber, concentration camp, lobotomy farm. We spend billions of dollars “making war” on our own people, and sometimes we turn them into true monsters. Nancy knows – but does not care.

    We see her own victims (Melinda Ducket) committing suicide on TV and she does not care one bit. It really makes you wonder what other skeletons might be rattling in her closet. What kinds of things happened while she was prosecutor that were simply forgotten ? Are there more corpses ? Innocent people in prison perhaps ? REALLY MAKES YOU WONDER.


    I will never lift a finger for any of her so-called “causes”. I wont help her, and I wont help anyone who goes to her for her help. I refuse to take part in her “posse”. I will not contribute to her “lynch mob”. Never.

  30. I would say what do you expect from a blonde…

    except for two things…

    #1.  Not sure she’s a true blonde.

    #2.  Blondes are smarter than Nancy Grace.

  31. Nancy Grace despite her name has none. She continually exhibits symptoms of a serious personality disorder.

    Her screaming and yelling at her own invited guests is a testament to her lack of professionalism.

    What makes me just as ill is the fact that this hag had the nerve to bring her own grandchildren into the world!

    CNN Headline news needs to dump this stupid hack.

  32. She screams and rants about everything EXCEPT her own misconduct which is substantial in both it’s scope and it’s severity.

    I am so profoundly disgusted by her that whenever I hear her whining and complaining I just ignore what she is saying and I do my little “happy dance” ….. happy that she is losing her mind again.

    Her pains and angst are like music to my ears. I just love it when she hates.

    Her latest stunt was when she got herself all in a frenzy over Siraj Unir Davenport was NEVER EVEN MISSING.

    The show is fiction. Her show is just porno for people who are hooked on hatred.

  33. raspberry I literally make comment as to how much I hate that woman every time I see her or her name. As a member of the legal field I have most certainly dealt with my fair share of pretentious twits but this woman takes the cake. Nancy Grace is a complete joke and she creates a mockery of CNN and its affiliates. In all honesty I think that a lot of the reason Scott Peterson was convicted was due to her hateful and angry little bitter diatribes and constant ranting tirades. I have to change the channel when I see her show, she and the majority of the people she talks to on her show remind me of flashy National Enquirer reporters. She’s a tool.

  34. Finally someone who shares my views on the disgraceful huge cow….i wouldnt mind her show (or at least the idea of it) staying on the air….but get that freakin piece of shit off the air…it changes my completely happy mood when i flip through channels and see her god forsaken face for that split second

  35. Nancy Grace is wonderful and you seem to be threatened by the thought of an intelligent, independent, opinionated woman.. if you do not like Nancy Grace it is really quite fucking simple DON,T WATCH HER SHOW!!! btw…. she is still on the air “putzzzzzzzzzzzz” haha!

  36. hey “smidgetplnk” in all honesty alot of the reason scott peterson got convicted was because he fuckin murdered his wife and unborn child!

  37. Boy, there nonya efen baldness’s, Nancy Grace sure has you brainwashed. Do not fear, it is not your fault. There are many uninformed and uneducated people that believe what they see on television is true and they tend to have views on issues directed related to that and they unwittingly conjure up beliefs that are all to often found our to be erroneous, false and lacking in the facts of the cases they attempt to follow. Quite beating yourself up over the failures of Nancy Grace. Do some research. I will guarantee you that if you do a search on any search engine you choose, you will find not a single search page that does not agree with your stupid unrehearsed opinion that Nancy Grace is accurate. Give it a try. After you do, don’t be ashamed to return here to post your comments after you become educated. It is not entirely your fault. It is in-part Nancy’s fault for preying upon uneducated people like you nonya efen baldness’s. best of luck to you in your search to finally find out what so many have known for a long time. No need to be embarrassed, as long as you at least attempt to educate yourself.

  38. Prosecutorial misconduct

    The Supreme Court of Georgia has twice commented on Grace’s conduct as a prosecutor. First, in a 1994 heroin trafficking case, Bell v. State, the Court declared a mistrial, saying that Grace had “exceeded the wide latitude of closing argument” by drawing comparisons to unrelated murder and rape cases.[6]

    In 1997, the court was more severe. Although its unanimous decision overturning the murder-arson conviction of businessman W. W. Carr in the death of his wife was caused primarily by other issues, the court made note of Grace’s court actions, citing “inappropriate and illegal conduct in the course of the trial.”

      * Her opening statement in the case promised the jury evidence of physical abuse that she had to know would never be admissible because that entire aspect of the case had already been excluded by the judge.
      * Subpoenas that contained hearing dates Grace knew to be false.
      * Failure to disclose a full witness list to the defense in a timely fashion.
      * Showing a chart during closing arguments that falsely stated a defense expert had not contradicted the state’s case on a key issue.
      * Also, during closing argument, “vouching” for the case by telling the jury she herself believed Carr to be guilty.
      * And finally, performing two illegal searches of Carr’s house, including one during which she was accompanied by a CNN camera crew.

    While the court said its reversal was not due to these transgressions, since the case had turned primarily on circumstantial evidence, it nevertheless concluded “the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable.”[7] Carr was freed in 2004 when The Georgia Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Fulton County had waited too long to retry him.

    Other courts have criticized Grace’s conduct even while upholding convictions in her cases. In a 2005 opinion, a panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals said Grace “played fast and loose” with her ethical duties and failed to “fulfill her responsibilities” as a prosecutor in the 1990 triple murder trial of Herbert Connell Stephens. She failed to turn evidence over to his defense team that pointed to other suspects. The court noted that it was “difficult to conclude that Grace did not knowingly” elicit false testimony from a police investigator that there were no other suspects despite strong evidence to the contrary.[8]

    Quoted from Wikipedia

    Tells you the kind of person she is.

  39. It is unfortunate that the discussion about Nancy Grace on this blog is so sticky with the Left v.s. Right comments. The woman has no loyalty to any “side” and the owner of Faux news is just taking orders. Miss Grace is on television because she is doing what is expected of her, her job is to numb the public, to talk about death and dying until we stop complaining and begin to think its normal. She serves a pourpose so we will never be rid of her until you all wake up.
    Grace is part of the Learned Helplessness training being conducted on the American People, close your mouth, open your eyes and see, she is a low level minion and so is Mr.Loofah. Dont believe me if you learn to “cut through the matrix” what she is doing will be very clear, unfortunately so will everything else, I give you fair warning though, knowledge is addictive and once you wake up you cant go back to sleep, you will miss the religious wako’s

    Example: In a typical study matched pairs of dogs were divided into two groups, one where the dog could control what happened and one where it could do nothing. In the first situation, a naive dog was place in a room with an electric grid floor. This first situation was called “controllable” because the room also contained a puzzle. If the dog “solved” the puzzle, the shock stopped. In this example the puzzle was a lever, which when pushed, turned off the shock.

    Since the dog had never been in the room before and it had no knowledge of the shock it was about to receive, the dog was relaxed and friendly as it wagged its tail and wiggled its nose. However, when the electric floor was activated, the dog’s demeanor changed dramatically. It jumped and yelped as it frantically searched for a way out. In the process the dog accidentally pushed the lever, causing the shock to stop –  a powerful negative win. Over the next couple of trials when the dog was put back in the room and the shock turned on, the dog learned very quickly to run to the lever and push it. The dog was highly motivated – albeit avoidance motivation – because the dog learned that it could do something to control its world.

    The dog in the “uncontrollable” group was placed in the same room with the electric floor, only this time there was no puzzle and there was nothing that the dog could do to turn off the shock. Just like the first dog, it ran around trying to find a way out. When the dog eventually learned that there was nothing that it could do it gave up, and laying down on the floor, it took the shock. The dog was not motivated because it learned that it was helpless.

    Later the second dog that had learned that it was helpless was put into the room with the puzzle but it made no effort to find a way out. Instead the dog just lay on the floor and took the shock. Even when the door was left wide open, the dog did not attempt to escape the shock. The dog could not seem to learn that the conditions had changed and that it was no longer helpless.

    To summarize, the second dog “learned” that it was helpless and stopped trying to get away. Its motivation to escape was extinguished or eliminated. In the process, dog exhibited a lot of negative emotions: first yelping and growling, later whimpering, and eventually just remaining motionless. Something happened that interfered with the dog’s ability to learn when things changed and when it could do something. In effect, the dog burned out.

    No matter what the public says she stays on tv, her ratings can go through the roof or floor, she will stay on tv and in a generation she will be the norm, then we will be given a new normal, horrible, controversial then slowly the complaints will slow and that will become the new normal until gradually live murder on tv will be accepted as commonplace and the religious groups wont complain havent you noticed, they dont get their way, just like the groups you belong to dont really progress, you know why? Plato’s cave has air conditioning.

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