Ending the Myth of Horus

[Editor’s Note: It was my intent to have a reply ready before posting this, but I’ve found myself putting it off due to a busy weekend so I’m going to go ahead and post it as is. I’ll address it properly in the comments as soon as I have the opportunity though I’m sure there are several regulars who will probably be more than capable of addressing it first.]

I’ve heard repeated here several times that Horus, an Egyptian god, is carbon copy of Jesus.  The obvious implication by those that have made this statement is that Jesus is a copycat version of an earlier Egyptian deity.  The purpose of this entry is to disembowel that proposition once and for all.

When I first heard that Horus was the inspiration for Jesus several years ago, I didn’t give it much credence because I couldn’t establish any source material for the claims.  I still can’t, but the internet is as adept at allowing anybody and everybody to pass on misinformation.

Upon further research, I’ve concluded that this theory originated with Gerald Massey, an English poet, born 1828, died 1927.  He published primarily poems, but had an interest in Egypt.  He parlayed that interest in Egypt into several books and lectures in which he set forth the proposition that Horus was in essence the first Jesus, and Jesus was a cheap imitation.  The primary basis for his writing is the Egyptian Book of the Dead.  This is available on-line and you can easily look it up to read it yourself.  Be forewarned that forced reading of this would be an extremely efficient form of torture.

It should be noted that Massey’s actual proposition was that Jesus was a copycat from more than just Horus.  According to Massey, Jesus was a compilation of an innumerable number of Egyptian deities.  There were over 2,000 deities who had every human and godlike characteristic one can think of, excepting Superman’s power to stop a speeding bullet.

Since Massey, there is a dearth of anybody with any credentials that has adopted a straight Horus=Jesus theory.  There is a one individual that has adopted some of Massey’s thoughts and incorporated them into a book-The Christ Conspiracy.  This appears to be the basis for the claims that I see.  The author is Acharya S.  Her website is http://www.truthbeknown.com I note that Richard Price, a noted Christ Myther, and one that I take much more seriously then Acharya, said the following:

“Those of use who uphold any version of the controversial Christ Myth theory find ourselves immediately the object not just of criticism, but even of ridicule. And it causes us chagrin to be lumped together with certain writers with whom we share the Christ Myth butt little else…..

His other criticism, like mine, is that she uses very dated sources (19th Century) who were in Price’s words “eccentrics, freethinkers, and theosophists.”

Les, I am using your post from 1/3/05 as an example of the claims because you carry more credibility than most. That said here are the claims and what I have found:

Claim #1-Horus and Jesus are born from a virgin.

Horus’s mother is Isis.  Isis was married to Osiris.  We do not know for what length of time, but presumably the marriage was consummated.  Whether it was or wasn’t doesn’t matter though.  After Osiris is killed, Isis puts him back together again (he was hacked into 14 pieces) except for his penis which was tossed in a river or a lake.  Iris fashions a substitute penis for him, humps him and here comes Horus.  There is nothing virginal about that.

Claim #2-Both Horus and Jesus were born to a Mary and Joseph. (Seb)

As noted Isis is Horus’s mother’s name not Mary.  In addition, Seb is not Horus’s father, Osiris is.  Seb is Osiris’s father.  Further, Seb is a distinct name from Joseph.  Putting them side by side does not make them synonyms, and that appears to be what was done here.

Claim #3-Both were born of royal descent.

This is accurate.

Claim #4-Both births were announced by angels and witnessed by shepherds.

I can find nothing that mentions that the birth of Horus was announced by an angel or witnessed by shepherds.  I have found that Horus was born in a swamp, which is a pretty unlikely place for shepherds.  In addition Acharya mentions that Horus was born in a cave.  Massey makes no mention of this, although he does represent that Mithra was born in a cave.

Claim #5-Both were heralded by stars and angels.

There is no star that heralded Horus’s birth nor is there any angel announcing it.  Archarya in a footnote in The Origins of Christianity indicates that that there are three stars named the three kings in Orion and then relates this to the birth of Jesus.  When we look to the stories regarding Horus, we find no star or angel announcing his birth.  To the extent that Acharya S relies upon Massey and Massey relies upon what is depicted in the panels at Luxor see (from an atheist) further regarding virgin birth and pronouncement by angels http://www.frontline-apologetics.com/carrier_luxor_inscription.htm

Claim #6-Both had later visitors (Horus-3 deities and Jesus-3 wisemen.)

There is no indication that there ever were 3 wisemen.  The bible never mentions the number of wisemen, nor is there any document that reflects 3 deities at the birth of Horus.  See the website referenced in Claim #5.

Claim #7-Both had murder plots against them.

There is mention that Seth did want to kill Horus, and Herod wanted to kill Jesus.  so this is accurate.

Claim#8-Both came of age at 12, were baptized and their baptizers were executed.

There is no indication that Horus was preaching in a temple when he was 12.  In fact, Massey indicates that Hours the child was depicted as a “weakling.”  That doesn’t jive with story of Jesus preaching in the temple.  Again this appears to have been a confabulation from Acharya and repeated by others.

Horus was never baptized in any of the Horus stories.  In addition, Acharya mentions that John the Baptist is actually Anup the Baptizer.  This individual is never mentioned anywhere in any Horus account.  There is not even a footnote in Archaya’s on-line work The Origins of Christianity to support this.  There is nothing.

Claim #9-Both had 12 disciples.

According to the Horus accounts, Horus had four semi-gods that were followers.  There is some indication of 16 human followers and an unknown number of blacksmiths that went into battle with him.  Horus did not have 12 disciples. Jesus reportedly did.  Acharya failed to give a footnote to support this.

Massey points to a mural in the Book of Hades in which there are twelve reapers.  Horus is not present in this scene.  For Massey to make this connection he goes to a different scene within the same mural.  In this scene there is a picture of a god whose name is the Master of Joy.  Horus is never depicted although in other murals the artists do depict Horus.  Had the artists ascribed 12 reapers in any relation to Horus all they had to do was put Horus at the scene.  They did not.

Claim #10-Both walked on water.

Horus didn’t, or at least there is no record that I can find that he did.  Massey does not maintain that Hours did.  Massey uses wild conjecture to connect the story of fish man, Oannes, not Horus, to Jesus.  Oannes came out of the sea during the day, and went back into the sea at night.  Massey makes the two analogous because by his calculations, Jesus walked on water during the day.

As to Acharya, she as usual provides nothing to substantiate this.

Claim #11-Both performed miracles.

This is true although the miracles were different in scope and nature.

Claim #12 Both exorcised demons and raised Lazarus.

The actual claim is that Horus raised Osiris from the dead and that the name Osiris morphed to Lazarus.  It doesn’t matter because Horus did not bring Osiris back to life.  There is no mention of this in any document regarding the story.  Horus did avenge Osiris’s death, but that did not raise Osiris from the dead.

Claim #13-Both held a Sermon on the Mount; both were transfigured on a mountain, died by crucifixion along with two thieves and were buried in tombs where they paid a quick visit to Hell and then rose from the dead after 3 days time, both resurrections were witness by women, and both will supposedly reign for 1,000 years in the Millennium.

These are the most damning claims if they were proven true in my opinion.  Yet, I can locate none of this.  No sermon, no transfiguration, certainly no crucifixion w/ two thieves, no trip to hell and no resurrection.  There was an incident in which Horus was torn to pieces and Iris requested the crocodile god to fish him out of the water he was tossed into, which was done, but that’s it.  I am at a loss to refute this because I can not find anything to support it.

Massey does compares a story about the Autumn Equinox related to Osiris, not Horus, as the symbolic crucifixion.  There is no indication that Horus is involved in any way.  There is no mention by Massey of any Sermon on the Mount.  No mention or any actual crucifixion, no two thieves, no burial in a tomb.  Massey does not maintain that anything of the sort occurred with Horus.

In short, of the claims outlined in this entry, I find the comparison between Horus and Jesus to consist of the following: they were of royal descent, they allegedly worked miracles and there were murder plots against them.

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  1. Oh, another funny thing. When scientists asked a Christian about the Dino’s, he said that god put fossils there to test our faith. Lol roflmao roflcopter. Yeah.

  2. Probably my last post for today. Keep goin nunya, don’t let these asshole Christians get to you, you are completely right.

  3. Ok people – here’s a theory-
    Every explanation you need is in the bible. Does anyone read anymore?
    And for that matter critically think?
    No I guess not.

    It goes back to the days before the great flood.
    It was known then about the coming of the messiah.
    Ok you with me?
    Enoch knew it. That means his line surely knew it.

    This coming of the messiah was known.. And since he did not come yet.. What better way to control people by staging a false story of their version of the messiah. A false messiah . Lots of cultures did this trying to be the one -of the true messiah.

    Noah’s great grandson was nimrod..
    Someone who turned away from God.
    You do know who nimrod is right?

    So here you have a little example of someone in Enoch’s direct line that surely knew of the coming of the messiah.
    That’s just an example.

    So it’s not hard to see that all these different false gods out there had knowledge of the coming of Christ.

    And even children of the nephilim would’ve known this.
    It’s not really hard when you just open a bible!
    And think for more than a minute.

    I hope for your sake you don’t fall for the delusions put in place long ago.. It had an effect then and now it seems it has the same effect on people.
    Job well done satan
    You have confused these poor souls into thinking aliens created us or that our ancestors had quite the imagination..

    Think about it for a second– if the coming of Christ is not true
    Then why would all these cultures try to stage it for their own benefit?

    Use your brains.

    Lucifer has time and smarter than all of us combined.. Don’t think for a second that all of this wasn’t planned from the get go- and still will be used against you all in the coming great deception.

    Open your hearts to your truth.
    The real messiah came.

    don’t forget
    Gods allowing this for reasons of His own. it may not have been part of His plan.. But God corrects all things in the end.

  4. Oh and guess what
    Dinosaurs did not exist millions of years ago.
    So laughable – sorry but it is.

    Shift the paradigms of your thinking and scratch everything you’ve been told and then turn off your tv.
    Seek The Lord and he will help you find the truth. It’s that simple.

    Back to the point
    It’s quite clear the dinosaurs were a creation of the Nephilim.
    Goodness people.
    The bible talks about this too.

    Quit embarrassing yourselves
    no one is offering anything valuable to help .

    I didn’t read them all because the majority clearly don’t know what your talking about -to say the least.

    If you do
    Why don’t you tell me why we are here and who created us.
    Go on

    I’ll pray for you all..
    We are all family in the scheme of things.
    We are all children of God whether you like it or not.
    And God wants you to seek him freely.
    God understands the power of Free Will..

    To make someone love you isn’t really love is it?

    But if you on your own can love Him
    Seek him..
    And accept Him and what He and His son has created you for to participate in.
    You will have new eyes and filled with His spirit like I am now.

    I have to admit- I was confused in the past like yourselves.
    But Jesus called and I answered.

    There is good in all of you..
    All of us.
    It’s up to you now to do your part..
    To understand what your a part of and your destiny.
    A promise
    Of eternal life in all of Gods glory.

    It’s quite easy to see truth with the help of our TRUE Creator!

    The truth is out there! Go get it! You all have an opportunity to change and know who you really are.

    Open your hearts and please open your minds!

    Break the paradigms put in place and think with the help of the Holy Spirit.

    Everything you’ve been taught about your history in school is in question.

    If you ask why, you have a long journey to go!

  5. I have studied Egyptology my entire life & as a young adult was considered a savant on all things Egyptian. I have also been college educated on Egyptology and I have a firm and wide berth of knowledge of this Horus/Jesus subject. I will say that never have I seen anything that remotely could link Jesus & Horus. This proposition that Horus is Jesus is nothing more than a lie put forth by those with an obvious agenda to discredit Christianity. There is NO CONNECTION between Jesus & Horus period. Their life stories do not match in any way. I would also like to add that there was a common belief that Isis & Osiris actually had a 3-way with his sister Nepthys before his death. How could Isis be a virgin after a 3 way? The author of these ideas would have to be an outright liar to connect Jesus with Horus.

  6. Wretched is Jesus a myth episode 1332 oh and here is the difference the bible is still coming true any prophecies that come true are amazing in itself and there is historical evidence of Jesus outside the bible and king David and Paul who was the bridged gap after Jesus death who wrote about him but never met him oh what people will believe so they can continue in sin

  7. Shiska.
    Sadly you are a delusional psychotic then.
    There is a massive connection, not just with Horus but to ALL Sun Gods, they are ALL virtually the same because they are all talking about the very same entity the SUN.

    Horus was the SUN
    Jesus was the SUN
    Sol Invictus
    and about 15+ others

    ALL the same, basically all the exact same story with merely a few changes that fit that societies norms.

    To say there is no connection at all, shows merely that you have no clue what you are talking about.

  8. Surrender

    There is ZERO evidence of any jesus outside the bible.
    Absolutely positively ZERO.


    This thread will be saying the same bullshit 1000 years from now unfortunately.
    Cognitive Dissonance and Delusional Psychosis are alive and well.

  9. I read through this and 12 pages of comments, at which point it seemed to get entirely off-topic, so I skipped the rest. I just wanted to say good job to Consigliere and props to Les for letting him post this on his site. It was a pretty cool read.

  10. I was just looking into this b.s. When I found your research. Thanks for doing a great job discrediting these jerks.

    I was debating an agnostic friend of mine and the next day he had zeitgeist queued up for me and it spouted all of this nonsense.

    Thanks again

  11. IF Jesus was allegedly a real person and not an allegory for the SUN which ALL the evidence suggest then please give just ONE shred of contemporary, empirical evidence for any jesus of Nazareth.
    Just ONE.
    I have looked HARD for more than 38 years and have found absolutely ZERO.

    I will immediately Paypal anyone $1000 that is able to list just one tiny shred of contemporary empirical evidence that shows that jesus was anything more than an allegorical character in an astrological drama about the SUN.

    and until you can, ALL the actual evidence points to the very clear fact that he was nothing more than Mithras, Horus, Dionysus, and so on.

  12. I cannot believe how f-ing stupid the people supporting this comparison are. Seriously, it’s mind numbing. So much name calling and no actual thinking going on in those heads of theirs.

    You can’t just quote some idiotic claim that some guy pulled out of a*s a few years ago and pretend that anyone who challenges it is just refusing to believe the truth.


  13. Nunya – Are you educated? I mean have you ever had any formal education? It sounds like you lack the ability to think clearly and logically.

  14. Graduated high school at 16, SAT 1468
    Graduated Stanford magna cum laude with Masters of Science in environmental science.
    Retired Marine Biologist, Scripps Inst

    More educated than most, less than some.

  15. The only fact that either side fails to acknowledge…..and this is FACT …….neither side can provide 100% proof that these people / gods existed or didn’t exist…hence why it is called a belief!

  16. NUNYA: (nunyabiz) this is what you are writing:
    BTW on that same note I can say right here that Jesus was NOT born of a Virgin, there is just as much evidence that says Mary was a WHORE BTW, and getting boinked by the so called “Holy Spirit” is still planting the Ol seed, it also makes Jesus a Bastard.

    Holy Mary was a virgin and pregnant of the Holy Spirit, not boinked or not made by a dildo like isis !!! isis was not a virgin after putting a dildo inside her vagina !!!
    Holy Mary did not use a DILDO !!!
    You are calling Holy Mary a whore, you should be very ashamed of yourself and may God forgive you and your ignorance.
    You are talking about The Holy Bible like it is a fairy tale, but you invent a dead man and a woman isis made a DILDO and put it in her. I think your story is more likely a fairy tale and it seems that you hate Christians. Well Christians talk about love, we love to love and satan loves to hate, so are you loving satan?!
    All the BS you write is stupid and full of hate towards Christians.
    Jesus Christ is not a sun God. Read the Bible before you talk about it !!!

    Ignorance is NOT a blessing !!!

  17. NUNYA:

    in this link you can see a photo of isis & a giant penis put in isis haaaaaaa !
    that’s NOT a virgin !!! even if it’s a dildo, she’s still NO VIRGIN !


    Holy Mary was a virgin !

    isis had sex with her own brother
    you called Holy Mary a whore
    what do you call a woman having sex with her own dead brother then 🙂

    all your egyptian gods were brothers and sisters having sex !!!
    incest, violence, war between your gods…

    i rest my case…

    i don’t believe in your egyptian incest sun gods

    and i certainly don’t see any comparisons between horus & Jesus Christ

    horus had one eye out, just like the devil
    isis could turn herself into a dragon, also known as satan
    if you believe in this BS of your sun gods, you’re a satanist b*tch !!!
    that’s why you hate Christians so much !!!
    satan is also full of lies and hate, go to your satan, stupid ho
    calling Holy Mary made God very angry, you will be judged…

    Jesus Christ had 2 eyes, stupid ignorant Christian hater !!!

    Jesus Christ is the only Son of God,
    put on earth by the Holy Spirit & the Virgin Holy Mary
    In the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost

  18. NUNYA:






  19. Holy shit, Kim. Are you incapable of forming a coherent argument and limiting it to one or two comments? If you’re just going to rant endlessly without a clear point to make then I will revoke your commenting privileges. There are plenty of other websites you can go to and be as incomprehensible as you like without clutting up mine.

  20. Ummm, did not even bother reading, but about 1/2 of just one of this Kim loons post. Completely delusional and not worthy of a response. I have long since given up on the fruitless travail of even pretending to have anything that even resembles rational discourse with whom are clearly delusional psychotics. It serves absolutely no purpose, this lunatic would be incapable of comprehending any information, facts to such a Bedlamite are utterly meaningless and when facts mean nothing then rational discussion of any kind is impossible.

    I instead choose to simply ignore pure nonsense.

    Anyone sane that believes Horus, Dionysus, Jesus, Mithras and so on are anything other than Sun Gods feel free to disprove it.
    Same with Isis, Mary, Anahita, and all the many other versions of “Virgo” as the virgin mother.
    They are all virtually identical with just a few changes in the narrative to fit that particular society’s norms.

    Still waiting to write that $1000 check also, been waiting for about 20 years with no takers.

  21. Kim apparently did not take my warning to heart and decided to spam this thread with another 12 comments that didn’t really say anything constructive so her commenting permissions have been revoked. This thread is long enough without some nutcase spamming the shit out of it.

  22. The story of joseph (old testament) is the real proof that the jesus story was a copy.

    Comparison List of Joseph and Jesus
    Joseph Jesus
    Joseph was Loved by His Father – Genesis 37:3 God said about Jesus “this is my beloved son” – Matthew 3:17
    Joseph’s brothers did not believe him and hated him – Genesis 37:4-5 The Jews Did Not Believe in Christ – John 7:5 and they hated him – John 15:24
    Joseph’s brothers rejected his right to rule – Genesis 37:8 The Jewish leaders said “we will not have this man to rule over us” Luke 19:14
    Joseph’s brothers conspired against him – Genesis 37:23 They took counsel against Jesus Matthew 27:1
    They stripped Joseph of his garments – Genesis 37:23 They stripped Jesus – Matthew 27:28
    Joseph was sold for silver – Genesis 37:28 Jesus was sold for silver – Matthew 26:15
    Everything Joseph put his hand to prospered – Genesis 39:3 “… And the pleasure of the Lord prospered in his hand” – Isaiah 53:10
    All things were laid into Joseph’s trust – Genesis 39:4-8 God hath given all things into his hand – John 3:35
    Joseph’s own brothers did not recognize him. The Jews did not recognize their Messiah
    Joseph was tempted and did not sin – Genesis 39:9 Jesus was tempted in all things yet was without sin – Hebrews 4:15
    Joseph was bound – Genesis 39:30 Jesus was bound – Matthew 27:2
    Joseph was condemned with two criminals – Genesis 40:2, 3 Jesus was crucified with two criminals – Luke 23:32
    One criminal was given life and the other was condemned – Genesis 40:21-22) Jesus told one of the criminals “Today you shall be with me in paradise” – Luke 23:43
    Joseph was trustworthy and wise – Genesis 41:39 God said about Jesus “this is my beloved son in whom I well pleased” – Mark 1:11
    Joseph’s brothers bowed their knee to him – Genesis 41:43 “At the name of Jesus every knee will bow” – Philippians 2:10
    Joseph was 30 years old – Genesis 41:46 Jesus was “about 30 years old” – Luke 3:25
    God planned the suffering of Joseph in advance to save many – Genesis 50:21 Jesus said “God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall be saved” – John 3:16
    Joseph was made ruler over all of Egypt – Genesis 41:42-44 Jesus said “all power has been given unto me” – 8:18
    Joseph married a foreign bride who shared his glory – Genesis 41:45 Believers in Christ are “joint heirs” with him in his glory – Romans 8:17
    Joseph was cast into a pit and then later delivered out of it – Genesis 37:24, 28 When Jesus died he descended into the lower parts of the earth, and later ascended into heaven – Ephesians 4:9
    Joseph was imprisoned based on false charges – Genesis 39:19, 20 During the trial of Jesus false witnesses were brought in testifying against him – Mark 14:56
    Joseph’s brothers later repented for what they did to him – Genesis 42:7 “and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn” – Zechariah 12:10

  23. lax_addict said: “”Can we please pick this thread back up?
    Nunya, I would particularly like to hear your rebut to Consig’s last comment. While your questions about whether or not Jesus=Jesus are good questions, they are not the point of this thread. The validity of both the Bible or the Book of the Dead are not being debated here (that’s on like 90% of every other thread on the web). The contention is:

    Do the texts about Horus life+death equate to the Bible in reference to Jesus life+death (whether or not they are complete fable or not)?””

    I have to believe that you have not read but the very first page out of about 20 on this thread, I think it is safe to say that just about everything has been answered over the past 10 years.
    However just for shitz n gigglez maybe lets try a slightly different angle, can’t remember if I have made it or not over the last decade in this thread and certainly not reading it all over again.

    I think, I hope that all whom have read this thread can at least agree that in fact Horus did not exist in anyway other than MYTH, Horus was in a fact a totally made up SUN GOD which only existed in the fertile minds of the Egyptians of that era.
    If not then screw you, those that do not believe this can stop reading at this point and go away.

    So in reality the only bone of contention that is meaningful at all is whether or not this jesus of Nazareth ever existed, and if not, existed as what in mythical form.
    Now unlike probably 90% of every Christian I have actually read the bible.

    The Old Testament (Torah) was literally a stark raving insane diatribe of pure nonsense which largely comes FROM Egyptian, Babylonian, Sumerian mythology
    It speaks clearly of not just A god but MANY gods, I mean that is the entire reason for the OT is to make you fear for your life/afterlife and to quite literally force you to believe in only Yahweh the “Warrior God” and to denounce all the other gods.

    Now the Sumero-Babylonians themselves said that the gods were the PLANETS, not people, and that their stories were myths representing “personifications of these bodies”.
    As did the Greeks, Celtic, Germanic myths of Zeus, Apollo, Odin, Thor and on & on by the hundreds of various gods that ALL now regarded was exactly what they were MYTH’S.

    Sadly it is ONLY the god of the OT, Yahweh which somehow begats jesus his son? which is really He that is HIM the “Tri-une god”? LOL
    I mean really, this must have taken a large gathering of totally crazy ass people and a big pile of Mushrooms to come up with such utter nonsense in total desperation to try and calm down this complete lunatic Warrior God that magically murdered every living thing on Earth except for 8 Hebrews on a giant Ark hand crafted by a 900 year old man that magically traveled the entire planet to gather 2-7 of every animal.
    They all sat around consuming massive amounts of psychedelics until they figured out some machination to turn this evil, jealous, lunatic, vile piece of shit Yahweh into jesus the all loving, forgiving, healing, godman, which was of course like all SUN GODS, “born of a Virgin”.
    So they invent the Triune god, the “Father (Abba)/Son(jesus)/Holy Ghost (Paraclete)” nonsense.

    So we now have jesus “born of a virgin” like all the other 20 or so Sun Gods.
    Now so far those of us that are sane KNOW that we are dealing with “several gods” from the OT, these gods were described as Warrior Gods, Storm Gods, Sea Gods, God of Death/Drought, Sun Gods and Goddess.
    All these gods and goddesses were magically forgotten in the NT in favor of just one Godman who was the magical offspring of Yahweh/Abba the “Lord God”.

    With me so far? I mean you can read this pure nonsense for yourselves it is written plain as day in the OT/NT, this is what these religious lunatics actually must believe, seriously.

    Now, we are left with good Ol jesus “The Christ” AKA “the anointed one of God.”

    So at this point who here actually believes ANY of this crapola is REAL in anyway whatsoever, that this utter bullshit represents factual reality in anyway?
    Those of you that do, you are clearly crazy you need psychiatric care, Begone I have no time for your insanity and all the evidence in the world will of course make no difference to you at all, you are a delusional psychotic.

    Now those of you that are not insane, lets see if the jesus character can make ANY sense at all in any other form other than a SUN GOD shall we?

    If one bothers to read the NT and if you are sane and you actually comprehend what you are reading then you will soon find out that the NT makes absolutely no sense whatsoever until you place an “Astrological Template” over the story.

    Mary as the “virgin” and virgin birth. Mary is without question Virgo.

    The calendar originally began in the constellation of Virgo, and the Sun would therefore be “born of a Virgin.”
    The star of which the so called “3 Wisemen” followed was “Sirius” this was also the star which Egyptians thought to be very prominent as because of Precession of the Equinoxes, Sirius first appeared in the night sky around 10,000BCE about the same time as their myths started, Virgo and Sirius at that time were rising in the east together. In Egyptian lore it was from the ‘womb’ of Isis-Sirius that was born the divine child, Horus. Imagine that, both jesus and Horus connected to Sirius and Virgo.

    jesus The Sun at 12:00 noon is in the house or temple of the “Most High”; thus, “he” begins “his Father’s work” at “age” 12. This is the meaning of the jesus at age 12 in the Temple story.

    The SUN’s so called ministry begins at age 30, why?
    The Sun enters into each sign of the zodiac at 30°; hence, the “Sun of God” begins his ministry at “age” 30.

    The Sun is the “Light of the World.”
    The Sun “cometh on clouds, and every eye shall see him.”
    The Sun rising in the morning is the “Savior of mankind.”
    The Sun wears a corona, “crown of thorns” or halo.
    The Sun “walks on water.”
    The Sun’s “followers,” “helpers” or “disciples” are the 12 months and the 12 signs of the zodiac or constellations, through which the Sun must pass.

    How did the mythical jesus ride BOTH and ass & a foal/colt into Jerusalem in the summer?
    Easy, in that month the SUN crosses the sky over the constellation of Cancer. In the ancient Chaldean star charts written long before the NT the two stars on the crabs pincers were called the “Ass & the Foal”

    The fable of jesus making the blind see, is nothing but the SUN brings LIGHT thus the SUN-GOD causes the blind to see.

    Because the SUN restores winters dead to life, then the SUN-GOD raises the dead.

    Because the SUN cures the sickly and diseased vegetation, the SUN-GOD heals the sick.

    Because the SUN turns the waters (rain) which fall onto the Earth into the rich juice of the vine, then the SUN-GOD turns water into wine.

    Because the SUN causes the seeds which fall on the Earth to bear fruit, 30,60 even 100 fold then the SUN-GOD feeds the world richly out of little. (The loaves and fishes)

    Because the SUN kills feeble vegetation (The Fig Tree) the SUN-GOD blast the barren tree.

    Because the SUN rises above the sea/lake horizon the SUN-GOD walks upon water.

    Because the SUN reappears after the darkness of the storm, thus the SUN-GOD stills the Tempest.

    Every festival of the Christian church is regulated by the SUN and the MOON, even the fucking day of worship is called SUN-day LOL.

    jesus’s so called Ministry in the NT is you guessed it “one year”.
    In the NT jesus meets who first? John the Baptist which is an allegory for Aquarius the Water Bearer.
    Second he meets whom?
    The Two Fishermen of course which is? Pisces!
    Then onto March the Lamb of god
    and on around the entire Zodiac riding on both an ass & a foal, withering fig trees (winter) being stabbed in the side (Scorpio the Scorpion) and onto the Crucifixion which is of course the “Sun hanging (stopped for 3 days) on the Southern Cross”

    I mean I can go and on and on, but how much more blatant can it be?

    Seriously people, think here.

  24. We should not forget the Roman influence in Egypt and Israel at the time. The Romans where very good in finding similarities in believes as a form of control. “No you do not have to stop worshiping Odin. Odin is just another name for Jupiter so we are worshiping the same god all along.”.
    We should consider that the bible is heavily influenced with already existing miths, stories and believes.

  25. I see this is an old thread. I just ran across it. Thought I would leave my opinion. I skimmed through all the post on here and read about half. This question “does Horus=Jesus” is like arguing if Spiderman=Batman. It’s silly. There is no evidence to support that either is more than a myth. I have read quite a bit about the history and archaeology surrounding the bible and some on other religions/myths. I have heard that Horus=Jesus over and over on the internet from Non-religious people citing all the comparative attributes of both. I’m still glad I ran across this. I THINK THIS THREAD HAS SHOWN THAT THE JESUS STORY DOES NOT MIMIC THE STORY OF HORUS. We all need to keep our facts straight and dispel false information.

    Having said that I have found that the (Jesus story and the New and Old Testament stories) are full of forged, rewritten documents and forged artefacts throughout recorded/written history. Forged and faked by Christians it seems. I see no good evidence that Jesus Christ was a real historical person. I understand it is the opinion of some biblical scholars that the Jesus story in very loosely based on an actual person. My opinion is that the historical record is so cobbled up that it will never make much sense. Religion thrives in the fog and misinformation. My common sense and some reading and research for the past 10 years tells me that all religious stories I have found are at least 99.9% myths whether they were loosely based on some real person or real event or not.


    LOL other than the fact they were both Myths, both were clearly allegorical characters depicting the SUN and like ALL the many other sun god myths (about 20) all have pretty much the same attributes, the usual born of a virgin, raising the dead, blah blah etc etc.

    Is it the EXACT same story? of course not, but the basic structure IS.
    Both Jesus and Horus did not exist and were both just allegorical characters for the SUN.

    There is no mistaking the fact that the NT is just an astrological drama about the cycle of the sun.
    There is no mistaking the fact that Horus is a Sun God.

    So considering that the word “Mimic” means: “to take on the appearance of; resemble closely”

    Then yes the jesus story is clearly resembling closely the Horus story in several key points, most obviously they are both mythical sun gods.

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  28. U are in denial of da truth! How can anyone be a copy of one in which it is 3000yrs older than! There is&never have been no jesus!!! But he is white because a white man invented him thru direct replication of Heru/Horus whom mother was da virgin Auset who conceived him immaculately! Da story of Auset&Ausar probably is Egyptian mythology more than likely but this where king Constantine drew his idea 2create a white version of Auset&Ausar&Heru&Set&so on. There is no proof of Jesus either nor anyone else in your Christian non holy book. No history books or any physical findings have not da slightest of trace of supposedly da greatest person 2grace da earth! Why is dat?!!

  29. It’s amazing. 10 years later and people still think that Horus-Jesus connection is real. Peter Joseph who did the Zeitgeist movie has still not apologized for the Jesus myth mistake he did in the movie, and still insists that everything he said in the Religion part was correct. How many millions of Christians have lost their faith because of this garbage without even looking at the facts?

  30. Mike asks:

    How many millions of Christians have lost their faith because of this garbage without even looking at the facts?

    I’d be surprised if the number of Christians who lost their faith over the comparison of Jesus to Horus reaches into the double digits. Anyone who was convinced primarily by this argument was already on their way out to begin with.

    Most folks I know who went from being believers to atheists did so because of a number of cumulative reasons. There’s never any one single thing they can point to and say “and that’s what made me an atheist.” It’s almost always a long process that begins with one thing and adds up over time. I know that’s certainly true for me.

  31. “”It’s amazing. 10 years later and people still think that Horus-Jesus connection is real. Peter Joseph who did the Zeitgeist movie has still not apologized for the Jesus myth mistake “”

    No such mistake was made.

    So to you jesus was a real, living breathing person (Godman) then correct?

    Then I will make the same offer I have to everyone for more than 20 years.

    Give me just ONE tiny shred of contemporary empirical evidence of this existence and I will immediately go get a money order for $1000 and put your name on it and send it to you.
    Please do not embarrass yourself with the usual nonsense of Josephus (blatant forgery in the 4th century) or Tacitus (mentions nothing of any jesus) suetonius (same thing) and I can go on and on with the usual suspects.

    There were a flat minimum of 126 well know writers, historians, etc alive during that timeframe and not one mentions any jesus.

    The connection between jesus and Horus is obvious and absolutely provable, and that is that both did NOT EXIST, both were just allegorical characters for the SUN.
    The overall story of each is virtually the same as all the other 18 or so sun gods.
    All born of a virgin, most all died and rose again in 3 days, all had 12 disciples or followers , and on and on.
    The SUN GOD MYTH is what Horus is and clearly what jesus is.

    Well to anyone sane.

    What is really amazing is after 2000+ years in this day and age with the knowledge we possess right at our fingertips that almost 2 Billion people are brainwashed to believe such utter nonsense.

  32. Uh, Isis fashioned a golden phallus… basically, a symbol of a penis, not an actual working one. Ergo, she’s a virgin… just sayin

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  34. Les or Consigliere,
    I started looking into the validity of the claims you make in your article. Although I found that there are substantial and well recognized sources for your assertions you should reference them in your paper. You make the claim that the authors of the disinformation about Jesus (my Lord and savior) use unrecognized and bogus references to make their assertions. I mean if you look back in history you can find someone to support about any position regardless of how silly. You (we) should do BETTER… It really wouldn’t be hard to do — Conception and birth of Horus – University of North Carolina, (http://www.unc.edu/courses/2005fall/art/080a/001/EGYPT%20INTRO%20&%20MISC/osiris%20myth%202004.htm)
    You could even put a little blob in there about the Fact that UNC is one of the foremost Universities on Egyptian Archaeology and research in the area.

    P.S. The fact that the architect of these articles is the enemy and his attacks are deceptive and designed not to present truth but pull people from Christ will become evident – grumbling about the way in which the information is presented only moves the debate to a lower level ( which is exactly what is desired)

  35. Give ya $1000 for each and every tiny shred of contemporary evidence for the existence of any jesus of Nazareth.
    You got nothing but delusion.

  36. Is it not clear to people that a virgin birth is sickening incest between a mother and her baby’s head? It’s called the Forbidden Sex of Perdition and the result is a Son of Perdtition. It is two part, the conception, where a man ejaculates into the menstrual opening in a virgins hymen u til she becomes pregnant, without tearing her hymen, keeping it fully intact. The birth is the sickenening incest called the Incest of the Infidels, when the baby’s head, pops its own mothers cherry when it is born, and if you don’t think this is sickening incest, then imagine yourself born this way. Would you go around bragging and be proud that you popped your own mother’s cherry with your head, the instant you was born! I damn sure hope you wouldn’t, or you’re one sicko!!! There was an old saying that virgin girls would tell guys that wanted to have Perdition. They would say, “I want to lose my virginity by the head of your little dick, not by the head of your little dickhead.”

  37. Hours is not a copy of Jesus. Hours is the true anti Christ. In the bible Hours is Apollyon translated through Babylonian Scripture. He is a fallen angle! verses “911” the coming of apollyon the destroyer. arch angle Michael is his nemesis.In some story’s Isis was impregnated by the spirit of Ra wich could be Satan in the bible. thats were the vergin birth comes from.He was a falcon god. Falcons are the last species of raptor so I guess he could be considered a lizard god. Not sure I’m right about all of the above but I have done lots of research. I have a Devine inner guidance the has led me to my beliefs. Who knows maybe I’m crazy. lol hope this info helps!

  38. Well then Charlotte, you must support virgin incest between a mother and her baby’s head, popping her cherry. And no, he’s NOT Gods son, he is the son of the Hallowed Father who’s birthday is Halloween, you know, “hallowed be thy name.” The devil of course. The word “Hallowed” is used in Satanism, as an equilevant to “holy” meaning pure, clean and unscathed. So there! LOL

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