Badger, badger, badger…

My wife probably relates to today’s User Friendly in a big way.

Update: For those who have no idea what they’re talking about here’s a link to it.

FAIR WARNING: SEB will not be held responsible if you view this animation and end up with the song stuck in your head (as you MOST CERTAINLY WILL) and you end up trying to dig it out with a spoon. You have been warned!**

**Which just means most of you won’t be able to resist looking at it now.

61 thoughts on “Badger, badger, badger…

  1. Sorry link is dead
    This file has expired due to inactivity.
    Please email to me if you dont wish to upload again


  2. you guys really need to get out and live life, lol watchin animations?!?!? lol im 17 and i dnt even do that lol get out more dude, serious!!

    In a bizzle

  3. Over 100 people have asked and recieved the Badger song so far :S mabey i should just make a site XD

  4. Ok, go to search these words

    Badger Mushroom.mp3

    And i found at least 20 versions of it, the oringal is a kohil mp3 site i think, the others are mixes.



  5. Thanks for the DL, now I can drive my sister crazy but her baby loves the song  

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