Pope calls gay marriages “evil” and “dangerous to society.”

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Pope calls for halt to ‘evil’ gay marriages

The Vatican yesterday urged Catholic politicians to actively campaign against legalising gay marriages which it said were evil, deviant and posed a grave threat to society.

Gay marriages are evil? Did the Pope really say they were evil?! What a fucking bigot. Where the fuck was the Pope when his little priests and bishops were busily molesting children and covering it up? I don’t recall him condemning his clergy as being “evil” for the crimes they committed. Gay marriage a threat to society? How much of a fucking threat to society are priests and bishops and cardinals that abuse the public’s trust in their supposed moral authority allowing for hundreds if not thousands of kids to be sexually abused for decades?! How can any Catholic of good conscious listen to this idiot and not see the hypocrisy running rampant through their church?

It’s probably a good thing I have a snowball’s chance of ever meeting the Pope. I’d end up bitch slapping him something fierce.

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  1. ha! the pope is “evil”, and “dangerous to society”, isn’t he the same moron that says woman should not use birth control? not just the pill either, i mean no condoms. what an idiot.

  2. Yeah Jory; he is an evil bastard.
    He’d never admit that he, as CEO of the world’s oldest corporation (is my assupmtion correct?), contributes to thousands of premeditated murders every day, would he?

  3. I don’t know for how long we are going to hear this crap! Ignore this man like I do I live my life with my partner for 7 years now, if for him this is evil for me its love. SO BUD OUT!!

  4. I came on here hoping to give Gay people abuse because I am homophobic but I agree the pope is a cunt and allowed poeople to molest kids yep, fuck the pope

  5. I am very proud of the POPE! He did not say that Gays were evil! Just that they are endangering the institution of marriage and the family. They have the right to their beliefs and I have my rights! The problem with the Gays is that they don’t want anyone else to have rights, if you say something about them they cry like big babies! Grow Up! I think that it is funny that people can slander God and use his name is vain and it is no big deal! It doesn’t take a smart person to know that a man is not suppose to be with a man! God loves the Gay’s but hates the sin of homosexuality. We all sin and will be held accountable someday if we don’t change our ways including the minorities(Gays) It says in I cor 6:9-10 that it is wrong! The bible only talks of man and wife not wife and wife! Wake up people! How did you get here? Don’t use other peoples sin as a scapegoat to the truth!

  6. Linda- ever considered that the Bible might be wrong, with all that ‘kill all the midonite children’ stuff as being hardly the ideal way to live your life.  If you take this God out of the equation what are you basing your bigotry on? Could we have some evidence of this God please- I will say in advance that ‘the Bible’ needs some backing up as their other holy books that say that the bible is wrong.

  7. Linda:

    First off, how can your marriage, much less anyone else’s be threatened by what two consenting adults do behind closed bedroom doors? 

    Please explain to me also how gay marriage can be a threat to the institution that allows Britney Spears to get married as a joke, divorced, pop off two kids faster than a Pez dispenser, then divorce that guy? 

    And as long as you’re at it, please enlighten all of us regarding how the Bible supports marriage as one man and one woman where you can’t swing a dead goat without smacking a polygamist, incest is blessed, and rape is a great way to score a wife?

    No, you pretentious, sanctimonious twit, the bible talks about man and woman and woman and woman (repeat as needed) as “wives” plus concubines taken from the conquered.  Not to mention the occassional temple prostitute.  Sheesh:  Could one homophobe masquerading as a Christian please just know what the @#$%^& they’re talking about for once???

    Chickie, would you pretty-please-with-chocolate-sauce-on-top actually *read* your bible before you flap your ignorant yap about what it “really” says?  Maybe if you read the book itself instead of the “Cliff Notes” your pastor/priest pre-digest for you, you’d have a leg to stand on.  In the meantime, wake yourself up and stop preaching to people who probably know more about what’s actually in that perverted “holy book” of yours.  And just might not be Christians anymore because of that.

  8. She may just be worried that her husband will get bored with her and try a guy for satisfaction.

  9. I’ve often wondered what makes fundies so freedom-hating, especially re abortion and gay rights. In the end, I’m pretty sure it’s envy. Not at the choices that gays make but about the fact that they actually get to make a choice.

    A fundie lives s/h/it’s life according to a strict “moral code”, which has been brainwashed into s/h/it by s/h/it’s parents and pastors. So obviously s/h/it has a very limited pool of options to choose from. Now when s/h/it sees other people living rich full lives unrestricted by superstitious codes, daring to make choices that s/h/it would never consider, the fundie obviously wants to see negative consequences for said choices. So when no thunderbolt strikes the fornicating woman next door, when the earth does not open up and swallow the sodomizing homo across the street, when said gays and fornicators are not visited by frogs, plagues and boils, the fundie is reduced to trying to use society to visit the negative consequences on the evil sinners.

    Because if there weren’t any consequences, it would mean that the fundie has been taken in, and has squandered a lot of s/h/it’s free-will, choices and freedom wouldn’t it?

    So in the end, it isn’t about protecting the poor, defenseless, innocent, unborn babies, it isn’t about protecting the most sacred and holy tradition of marriage, it’s about the validation of s/h/it’s own life choices. It’s about society enforcing the sting of negative consequences on those who dare to live outside of the fundie’s superstitious code of conduct. Because god sure isn’t enforcing those negative consequences is he?

    And that’s why fundies hate freedom.

  10. Does Linda know that “fick” is German for “fuck”?

    While I don’t read Pharyngula anymore, somebody pointed out this article to me:

    Virgin male in dress chastises gay people for their confused sexuality

    Assuming Ratzinger is a virgin. And not gay himself; frequently the most vocal homophobes are closet gays themselves… Must be all this self-loathing.

    And Linda, you are wrong on so many counts that I’m not sure it’s worth the time of listing them. For example, a person’s sexual orientation is not a belief (or a choice), but an unchangeable part of what a person is. Can you tell me exactly how you formed the belief that you’re heterosexual? I certainly can’t.

    Another old saw is that “gays don’t want others to have rights”. Bullshit. Gays want the same rights that everybody else has; it’s not rocket science to get this.

  11. …it’s not rocket science to get this.

    Yeah, but we all know how fundies get about science.  Anything that challenges their delusions of being the center and non plus ultra of the Universe is hand-waved away (with the most puerile and uninformed arguments imaginable) and those with hard evidence to the contrary is labeled “dogmatic,” “militant,” what-have-you. 

    Feh, I’ve basically come to the conclusion that the obsession with gays (and sex) in general from the Religious Wrong is nothing less than voyeurism by proxy—let’s call a spade a spade.  If they’d all just divert a little collection-plate dosh into a vibrator, lube and maybe even a little soft porn, it’d be a much happier country for all.  But in the meantime, they’re perverts and I will call them such to their faces.

  12. Not that I want to pass along gossip, but according to a friend of mine who is in a position to know such things, Papa Ratzi does indeed have a girlfriend, and has installed her in or near the Vatican.  I make no claims for truth content: but the juiciness factor is high enough to obviate the need for veracity, or?

    As long as we’re on the current Pope, here’s another story, which I will vouch for as being true.  My colleague in my workshop, Lena, went to Catholic school in a cloister in Lower Bavaria.  On one occasion, about twelve years ago now, they were visited by the then- Cardinal Ratzinger, and Lena was allowed to serve him. After the meal he said to her: “Du bist ein braves Mädel.  Geh, kauf’ dir ein Eis”. (“You’re a good girl.  Buy yourself an ice cream”) and pressed a coin in her hand: ten cents.  Now, even back then, an ice cream cost more like a Mark than ten Pfennige: ten times as much as he gave her.  Lena’s judgement about Ratzinger: “Nett, aber a bisserl weltfremd.”  (“Nice, but not very worldly”)

  13. Zilch, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that more than one Pope kept a booty call close at hand. When you have that much power you often think the rules don’t apply to you.

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