Another kid fries himself imitating “Jackass” stunt.

You’d think after the first few idiots burn themselves the rest of the idiots would smarten up a bit, but as this article proves it is unwise to over-estimate the ability of idiots to learn from other’s mistakes.

Fifteen-year-old Kelvin Wu initially told police he was set on fire Friday night while walking from the Issaquah-Skyline football game. Police were told that two men walking past the Issaquah teen flicked cigarette ashes onto his shirt and it caught fire, and that Wu’s friends tried to smother the flames but had to tear off the boy’s shirt.

Police Cmdr. Stan Conrad said officers later determined that along with four friends, Wu soaked his T-shirt in alcohol and lit it as his friends videotaped the stunt. But Wu suffered severe burns to his torso, arms, face, head and ears, police said.

The words “dumb ass” just don’t begin to describe. Unlike the hordes of parents and knee-jerk activists groups that are already penning angry letters to their editors about how horrible the Jackass movie and show are and how the creators of said product should be strung up by their testicles for putting out such crap, I firmly plant the blame for this on the now well-singed idiot kids who continue to set themselves on fire. As someone else said, this is just natural selection in action.

111 thoughts on “Another kid fries himself imitating “Jackass” stunt.

  1. yeah fuck it if he wants to set himself on fire let him fucking do it . i for one do that kind of shit because i would rather die having fun then die of old age and not actually had fun in life . i say keep tryng other stunts

  2. Yes, dieing from third degree burns is easily one of the more fun ways to go. Just ask anyone who’s survived how much fun it is.

    Meanwhile, I’ll be over here marveling at your idiocy. But hey, at least you’re doing your part to clean out the gene pool.

  3. yo i understand your opinion , obviously setting yourself on fire without a protective suit on and no safety or medical tips at all is absolute stupidity , but to me , watching and copying jackass really makes me laugh so you can grow old watching the shit while im actually having some fun .

  4. You are under the mistaken assumption that simply because I don’t do pointless and risky stunts that I am somehow not having any fun.

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  6. Les, I agree with everything you have said in this blog.

    Anyways, my opinion is that you guys should leave it to the professionals. The professionals make money from doing these stunts. They also perform these stunts under professional supervision in case if anything goes wrong.

    While idiots just puts themselves in danger. To be honest though, teens and young adults are attempting these stunts just for the Internet (Especially for YouTube and Break!) It isn’t funny at all. It even seems to me that these people are just doing this for attention and “Internet and YouTube fame”

    We do have the freedom of doing whatever we want. But please, use your head before imitating what you see on TV, because the ones who gets blamed for it are Jackass, Nitro Circus, Movies and even Video Games. I think its the kids and the parents to be blamed. Kids for doing it on their own free will and parents for not teaching them better.

    Sigh, what I find really disappointing is that, people outside of the USA, thinks of us as stupid and lazy people who has a lot of free time who posts up videos on the Internet doing stupid and insane shit. It’s sadly the truth. My cousins in Japan were discussing it with me. I never had a clue that people thought of us that way.

    There are a lot of successful people in this country, but there are much more idiots and lazy people. Hey, whatever makes you happy is fine. Just don’t cry about it in the end if nothing is working out for you.

    This is my opinion though and I could care less if people don’t agree with me because everyone has their own opinion and we are all sharing and discussing.

    Thanks for reading! I’ll still be around. And I notice that the first post is very old, but I had to post! This is an interesting topic and I wanted to share my opinion!

    By the way, I’m only 17 years old who works very hard.

  7. Personally, I find Jackass very funny. Some web videos could be funny too, but people takes it way too far, gets hurt and in the end, has to go to hospital. All because they didn’t give much thought into what they are about to do.

    You guys can certainly do whatever you like to do. But remember, everything has consequences. If you manage to not get hurt, you’ll laugh. But when you do get seriously injured, that you can not even go to school, thats when you regret it!

  8. I dunno about it being all that funny when you consider the idiots that are severely injuring themselves trying to copy it while the Jack Ass crew and the morons at MTV are making millions

  9. Jackass…inspiring morons to take themselves out of the gene pool for the good of the human race since 2000

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