Another kid fries himself imitating “Jackass” stunt.

You’d think after the first few idiots burn themselves the rest of the idiots would smarten up a bit, but as this article proves it is unwise to over-estimate the ability of idiots to learn from other’s mistakes.

Fifteen-year-old Kelvin Wu initially told police he was set on fire Friday night while walking from the Issaquah-Skyline football game. Police were told that two men walking past the Issaquah teen flicked cigarette ashes onto his shirt and it caught fire, and that Wu’s friends tried to smother the flames but had to tear off the boy’s shirt.

Police Cmdr. Stan Conrad said officers later determined that along with four friends, Wu soaked his T-shirt in alcohol and lit it as his friends videotaped the stunt. But Wu suffered severe burns to his torso, arms, face, head and ears, police said.

The words “dumb ass” just don’t begin to describe. Unlike the hordes of parents and knee-jerk activists groups that are already penning angry letters to their editors about how horrible the Jackass movie and show are and how the creators of said product should be strung up by their testicles for putting out such crap, I firmly plant the blame for this on the now well-singed idiot kids who continue to set themselves on fire. As someone else said, this is just natural selection in action.

111 thoughts on “Another kid fries himself imitating “Jackass” stunt.

  1. “Its my life not theres, im living it not them and i intend on living it to its fullest.”  Quoted from my good friend Steve (16) who insisted on walking around wal-mart with a bat man mask on, after i told him people were giving us funny looks. And me and my buddy andy also made a movie of us riding bikes, skateboards, and just jumping into my pool from my roof, caking ourselves in mud, letting it dry and trying to ride a bike. pointblank paintball gun shots to the chest, (Yes we have a few permanent scars) BUT IT WAS FUN, ISNT THAT THE ENTIRE POINT?

  2. Stupidity can be fun. Until someone dies from it. Then, not so much.

    Good luck, but know that if you kill yourself or your friend in some idiotic way I’ll be waiting to make fun of you here on my blog.

  3. When I was a lad in Washington State, my friends and I often climbed basalt cliffs along the Yakima highway and Columbia river.  It was a high-stakes thinking game: there was tremendous challenge in figuring out which move to make next, and overcoming fear to make it with the necessary precision.  Certainly that was a dangerous activity and some would say, stupid. Yet today I look back on it as one of the best times of my life.

    If the young man’s stunt had ‘worked’, that is if he had not been injured, I wonder if he would have looked back on it the same way in later years.  Hmmm…

  4. Usually the human body contains an amount of adrenalin, hope I spelled it right, that causes a dasire for the body to go through a rush sometimes. Some more than others. Thats probably why certain people do ceartin things.

    This excludes the kid who doused himself in alcohol and lit himself on fire, and the group of people who laid in the highway. They were just being foolish.

  5. Hiya, goofball here, Les and B.A.S.E you guys rock! Me and Assasin 1 here were just wasting time here and wanted to write something…. hi assasin 1 here i agree with B.A.S.E and think if kids want to be stupid then let them there are 2 many people anyway so let them do idiotic stuff it’s funny!!!!!….. Goofball here again, me and assasin 1 are 13 but still think stunts like that are stupid, but entertaining. i assasin 1 think if they’re stupid enough to get themselves hurt other then entertainment what do we need them for anyway.

  6. Yeah, right. It amazes me the amount of people here saying things like “if you hurt yourself it’s because you are idiot, and you deserve it”.

    To me, setting fire to oneself is less stupid than using drugs or abusing alcohol… but look at the amount of “retards” that get hooked to either or both. Any brilliant mind here thinks that a TV series or movie making an apologia of drug consumption is “cool”? Apologia of terrorism is an offense where I live. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to critizise, say, a muslim fanatic for heating the heads of the youngsters in his mosque, while supporting a show like “Jackass”? Both are apologia of stupid things, and hence both should be accepted, and blame put into “imitators”, not performers, right?

    Anyway, I claim my right to my share of stupid acts, and hopefully not die in the process. There is something called “education”, or, in other words “no one is born knowing everything”. What is “stupid” for someone writing here, might not be so for some other person, due to his/her lack of knowledge or maturity. Besides, not only the “retarded” imitator or his/her parents should be blamed for his/her stupidity. The comunity as a whole is to blame, partly. I usually cross roads (on foot), regardless of if the lights are red or green. However, if there are kids looking I try to abide to the lights, just to offer a good example (an example is worth a million lessons). The kids who grow up seeing that crossing the road when the lights are green is “good” will be able to judge by themselves when they are adult.

    It’s so easy to blame accidents on victims (of whom I don’t take responsibility away), but not fair. This would allow, for example, for elimination of any kind of public help to the poor, the alcoholic or drug addicts. After all, they “got what they deserved”, and they are “Darwinian evolution at work”, right?

  7. It’s so easy to blame accidents on victims (of whom I don’t take responsibility away), but not fair.

    The comunity as a whole is to blame, partly.

    Les, shame on you for making fun of these idiots.  It was you who were at fault for their stupidity, partly. 

    The writer’s premise is that it takes a village to raise a child.  When the child is a dumbass who lights themselves on fire, under said premise, the village is at fault.  Yeah for liberalism.  No more personal responsibility.

  8. Wrong verb tense above in the second sentence.  Of course it is the community here that is responsible for that.  So, suck it.

  9. That was almost, but not quite, one of the most incoherent response I’ve seen on SEB in quite some time. Made me laugh, though.

  10. Personally, I think is fucking hilarious! yeah yeah yeah, i wouldn’t like a set of 3rd degree burns, but at least if i ever do i won’t get them from being a complete and utter tosser and thinking I was hard.

    This incident, like Les is saying, has got FUCK ALL to do with Jackass. It’s just a downright idiot of a child trying to show off to his friends.

    Well ok then, if some little twirp wishes to inflict serious self-harm upon himself….then why stop the little shit? It will hopefully teach him a lesson in life (mainly that combustion + skin isnt very nice, at all) and hopefully he’ll be a showcase to other cerebral-lacking individuals that imitation leads you to NOTHING!

    It also provides fantastic comical entertainment for anyone else that couldnt give two fucks about these copy-cat emo kids, with nothing to prove other than the fact that they may have just have hit puberty and gained 3 pubes more than thier friends. Of those pubes I pray all 3 were burnt too. That should cut down the the little shits ego.

  11. that is bull shit jackass is the greatest movie ever. i am in a jackass movie and i say that the kids that imitate it like me, know the risks and know the consequences.  so if they want to do it let them.

  12. I have to confess, I didn’t know what Jackass *was* until about a month ago.  My kid wanted to see Jackass2, and he showed me 2 or 3 video clips on YouTube that were funny . . . so me and the missus took him to see it.

    Well.  There went 95 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.  What a sorry piece of “entertainment” THAT “movie” was . . . I could have driven the 15 minutes and camped out on some yayhoos front lawn in West Virginia, and seen the exact same show – diarrhea, vomiting and all!

    (deep breath)

    The mouthbreathers tripping all over themselves here telling me how GREAT Jackass was will absolutely wet their pants when they get to see this latest offering of puerile horseshit, replete with farts, beer enemas, fake diarrhea, fake snake bites, stupid pranks that certainly had *me* fooled (nyuck! nyuck!), fake “brandings”, and an all-star cast consisting of every 89-IQ stupid fuck you never wanted living next door to you braying like the cocaine addicts from all 25 years of Saturday Night Live laughing at their own high “humor”, while all I wanted to do was finish my popcorn in the car with my missus and go home when the hilarity was over.



  13. I can’t stand Jackass the show, but I thought both of the movies were pretty hilarious. A lot of the stunts were inspired, and I still can’t get over the involvement of Spike Jonze (freakishly talented director of ‘Being John Malkovich” and ‘Adaptation’).

    But most of all I applaud the subversive subtext (such as it is) of both movies. Never have I seen a work of popular entertainment implicitly mock the provincialism of its own fanbase in the flagrant yet largely unrecognized manner that Jackass has.

    Hey, hormonally overdriven teenagers who keep calling the Jackass ‘h8-ors’ gay: How do you feel about all the full frontal male nudity in the movies? How about the semen drinking? Did you like the musical number at the end of the second movie? You know, the one from “La Cage Aux Folles”? What about the cameos of/ tributes to John Waters and Rip Taylor? Would you say that all of the homoerotic content was a) consciously included to mock you, or b) consciously included to excite you? Discuss.

    Fuck Bareback Mountain: Jackass Number Two is the breakout gay movie of the decade, and it was carried to success largely on the backs of homophobic idiots too stupid to know better. Bravo, say I.

  14. I agree with you, Ulfrekr. “Dickhouse Productions” – with a name that prominently features “number two” in the title, what else could the fans think is the “message” behind (beg pardon) a cock and balls being branded on a guy’s ass, pubic hair being glued to a guy’s face, a dildo being launced up a guy’s ass, balls everywhere, shitting in front of 10 of your idiot friends, talking about french-kissing each other, and all the other anal insertions/excretions that make up perhaps 1/3 or MORE of the “movie”?

    Viewed in that light, you’re right – it IS funny to think of all the fanboys lovin’ their Jackass, and not knowing their secret reasons WHY!  grin

  15. Wow, somehow I’d even forgotten about a lot of that other stuff you just mentioned, Beau. By now it should be totally clear that the movie’s basically gay porn for straight teens.

    O/T I have no clue how the winky face ended up in my post.

  16. Ulfrekr, you just reminded me of an empirical study that showed that homophobic men were more strongly aroused by homosexual videotapes than were non-homophobic men. (They used penile plethysmography to measure men’s arousal to various erotic films—both groups of men were aroused by heterosexual material, homophobes were also aroused by homosexual material.

  17. Shelley: Ulfrekr, you just reminded me of an empirical study that showed that homophobic men were more strongly aroused by homosexual videotapes than were non-homophobic men.

    I remember reading that study in college. I confess that it put a smile on my face.

  18. Ulfrekr: … carried to success largely on the backs of homophobic idiots too stupid to know better.


  19. just think about it for one second. you people did every thing right in your lifes. you made it through high school and probly college, and you are making like 9 to 15 dollars an hour. now half the guys on jackass are highschool dropouts and did the total opposite of what the right thing to do and they are making millions of dollars. if i end up in the hospital i won’t give a shit. cause when i get out i will go right back and make more movies. so get off of us kids backs and let us have fun. and if i die i will know i died doin something i love. i don’t want to grow up sitting at a desk all day. i want to make people laugh by hurting myself. it is fun

  20. You’re making me laugh alright, but not for the reasons you think you are. Go ahead and get yourself killed. It just helps to clean up the gene pool a bit more.

  21. Trev: just think about it for one second.

    I only had to think about it for a nano-second.
    You’re a wanker and you make me feel really intelligent.
    I had a prick relation (son of an in-law of an in-law) once who was an abseiling window cleaner on those 200 hundred plus floor buildings making about $50 and hour after tax.
    Too young, too much money, and too much adrenalin – he stuck it all up his arm and ODd.

  22. I liked the first Jackass movie and the previews of the second Jackass look good.  I’m waiting for the DVD of the second Jackass to come out.  Was it in the second Jackass movie where the redhead guy with a beard shoved a toy car up his ass and went to a Mexican doctor to get an x-ray of it?

  23. I wonder who pays trevor’s hospital bills, and whether they “give a shit” if he ends up there.

  24. fuck you niggers i have never been in the hospital for making movies. and my friend justin thinks you are butt raping niggers and should get off your asses and quit complaining about jackasses! ps lea highland for life niggazzz!!!

  25. Opening the floor to suggestions as to exactly what is wrong with these two.

    You mean other than the obvious fact that the best part of them ran down their mother’s leg?

  26. Well, it starts with a flaw in simple logic. Money does not equal success. Case in point, the “Jackass” stunt where two members of their group decide to tie bottle rockets to their genitals and light them. Yes, they profited from this, but if a high-school dropout manages to make an obscene amount of money by creating a novel way to torch his genitals, then he is simply an obscenely wealth dropout with a singed pubic muff. That’s it. In the end it doesn’t mean that he is a success because he wasn’t bright enough to figure capital gains or realize that buying a fast car and plenty of hookers isn’t exactly a financially sound investment. So now we are almost back to where we started. A high-school dropout with a recovering pubic muff and or merkin without an obscene amount of money. Simply put, money does not equal success, and should you feel the need to wedge an explosive device in your rectum or douse yourself in alcohol for the “thrill” of it, be my guest, just so long as you do so away from my home, but just maybe close enough so that I can watch from a safe distance as you run screaming through the night. grin

  27. DOF writes…

    Opening the floor to suggestions as to exactly what is wrong with these two.

    They’re a couple of idiots who think they’re being “cool.”

    The thing that cracks me up about all this defending of the Jackass TV show/movies is that I’m not complaining about the TV show/movie. The guys of Jackass are at least getting paid to do really stupid and painful things for the entertainment of others and they actually take some steps to ensure help is nearby if they should do serious damage to themselves. The kids that are imitating them don’t and aren’t getting paid for their stupidity. That just makes the kids into idiots.

  28. we do make money in our movie. it might not be as good as what the other people are making but we don’t care we like doin what we do. but all you do is sit at your computers and complain how bad jackass is. you are acting like babies. there is notin you can do about it so why complain about it.
    ps. lea highland for life.

  29. KPG, you’re getting kinder/gentler as each of Don’s posts wafts thru the ether . . . I’m shocked! wink

    Look at all the great material up there! “Pass tense” . . . smashing brains out on a wall at “60 mpg” . . . it’s a bit like reading a missive by Norm Crosby.

    Except, ya know – Don isn’t funny.

    “Let’s all circumcise our watches!”  GAWD, ol’ Norm used to kill ‘em!  LOL

  30. KPG, you’re getting kinder/gentler as each of Don’s posts wafts thru the ether . . . I’m shocked!

    Well, you know, I’m tired, it’s been a long day. There other stuff could all be written off as typos but that was an attempted definition of a word that was outright wrong, and since Don holds such big stock in definitions I figured it needed to be corrected.

  31. well we do what is fun to us. not boring shit you do.  we want to live our lives to the fullest. so fuck off.

  32. we want to live our lives to the fullest.

    Didn’t Joel and Jesse make it through the night?  LOL

  33. Trevor et al: Have all the fun you want, just know I’ll be here writing about what dumbasses you are when you end up in the newspaper after one of your stupid stunts goes wrong.

    Also you’ll note that I haven’t once badmouthed the show Jackass just all of the idiots like you two who try to imitate it.

  34. hey les ur ugly grow some hair and not on ur face on ur head… atleast we get laid from our movie it doesent look like uve EVER got any action what do u say to that?

  35. I think ‘Wu’ and the many others like him who are seriously injured can only blame themselves. He may have pored the alcohol over himself and told his ‘friends’ to set him alight, they did NOT have to do it.. They should not have done it..

    As others have said, many people have been doing stunts for years, be it for personal pleasure (which is admittedly more than slightly weird) or for the entertainment of others, maybe these people completely lack in self esteem and/or are giving into some sort of peer pressure. What of stunt men in movies, yes they are professionals but do they not risk their lives for the ‘entertainment’ of others?! So, they get paid and are cared for, made sure they’re safe, take proper precautions. But even then, they die or get seriously harmed. Yet if they didn’t do it we would be moaning that the latest action flick was crap, it looked soooo fake.. How many times did Robert Craig Knievel aka Evel knievel break bones etc.
    At the end of the day opinions are opinions and people are welcome to make their own, but why be so harsh and insulting..
    Yes, Wu and many others are very unfortunate in the fact they got hurt, yes they did do it themselves, where were the parents?? why did his friends actually light him up?? why blame a movie?? Wu poured the alcohol he made the choice. As for the friends, i think they are worse than Wu, maybe it was a cry for help, did nobody entertain that view? Why did the friends not run for help, he was obviously unstable mentally..
    I guess we can only fully judge, if we are present in these circumstances or something similar happens to one of us?
    No matter how you look at it, it could have been worse however in a world like today shouldnt we be more focused on people ending others lives for no reason, war, rape etc etc… instead of looking at people who are foolish enough to end their lives??

  36. He wasn’t necessarily mentally disturbed.  More likely he did no experiments or research to determine the possibility of injury.  He could start by watching “mythbusters” to get some idea of the care and planning that goes into making Hollywood stunts look accidental.

    in a world like today shouldnt we be more focused on people ending others lives for no reason, war, rape etc etc… instead of looking at people who are foolish enough to end their lives??

    False dichotomy.  We can focus on war, oppression, etc. and point and laugh at stupid people.  It keeps us out of the pool halls.

  37. Point taken, i just mean we shoud be discussing more important things than wasting time on life wasters

  38. I don’t know about you but I haven’t got the energy to be significant all the time.  Sometimes a bit of silliness is just what the doctor prescribed.  But of course, your mileage may vary.

    Excuse me; that phrase may be obscure.  “Your fuel economy may vary.”  There, now it’s international.  tongue rolleye

  39. Look, i don’t have qualms with doing things for a rush, i’ve done very many stupid things myself, some where i did get hurt, but i was never stupid enough to set myself on fire. I do however have scars from things but none as bad as Kelvin will bear to this day, i was about his age too.

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