How to make a hit Christmas Pop Song.

Brett Domino is a musical genius. I am now fully prepared for making my own hit Christmas Pop Song despite a total lack of talent in the songwriting or the instrument playing normally associated with music creation. That’s how amazing this instructional video is.

Check it:

That song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day now.

Amazon just launched Prime Music.

PrimeMusicI love Amazon Prime. We signed up for it a year and a half ago and it’s been worth every penny. Between the large collection of TV shows and Movies we can stream for free and/or rent and the free two-day shipping, it’s paid for itself in a matter of weeks. Now Amazon has made it even better with the launch of Prime Music.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can now listen to over a million songs, without ads, on almost any device, at no additional charge. You can even download the songs to your mobile device to listen in places without Internet access. I think the only thing you can’t do with them is burn them to a CD, but if you want to do that it’s pretty easy to purchase the MP3 you just listened to.

This won’t completely replace Pandora for me because the point of Pandora is to be exposed to stuff I might like that I don’t know about and Prime Music doesn’t appear to offer a similar function. Still, it’ll come in handy when I decide that I really like some group I’ve just been newly exposed to and want to hear a whole album from them. Plus I can make playlists of stuff I haven’t gotten around to buying yet. If you’re a Prime member you should check it out.

What do you get when you combine a light-up diablo and a digital projection system?

A wicked cool music video:



I like this music video for obvious reasons not the least of which is that it’s done using Team Fortress 2 characters:

It’s kinda weird how many things I’ve been fond of in my life that have become trendy. I got into computers back when they were a novelty. Nerd Culture has gone mainstream. Doctor Who is not only heard of, but popular in America. Shaving your head is in and now beards are back in a big way. Many of the things that used to make me feel like an outsider are now popular. Sure, otters as a favorite animal is still a niche thing, but I figure it’s only a matter of time before folks catch on to that as well.

If I didn’t know any better I could be forgiven for thinking I was a trend setter.

And now, a musical interlude.

How do you improve on a “Nerdy Love Song”?

You add a ukulele-playing kitten to it:

I think I’m in love.

A shameful confession…

It pains me to say that it took me 35 years to realize the lyric is Big Ol’ Jet Airliner and not, as I have been singing since I was 10 years old, Big Hotel Carolina.

The song makes a lot more sense to me now.

Fortunately, I’m not the only one to have misheard it this way. Apparently there’s quite a few wildly different interpretations of that lyric:

Big old Jeb at the lineup or Bacon cheddar lighthouse and Be gone, Chet Ahlinah. Don’t carry me over the bay.

SEB Music Break: “Don’t Stop Lovin’ Me” by Pomplamoose.

The duo do a little electronica for this outing:

Best of all, they’re giving this song away for free!

It is a sad day for memes: Mr. Trololo has passed away.

The song wasn’t particularly popular back when it was released in 1976, but it eventually found fame on the Internet nearly 40 years later and now the man who sang it has passed on:

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — Eduard Khil was a beloved Soviet crooner who only won sudden international stardom two years ago when a 1976 video of him singing “trololo” instead of the songs censored words became a global Internet hit.

Khil, best known as Mr. Trololo, died Monday at age 77.

He had been hospitalized in St. Petersburg since a stroke in early April that left him with severe brain damage. The stroke was the cause of his death, said Tatyana Mamedova of Petersburg-Kontsert, which organized Khils concerts.

Soviet crooner Mr Trololo dies in Russia – People Wires –

Contrary to the claim in the article, the lyrics weren’t censored. They just didn’t really have any according to Mr. Khil himself. The had a lyric or two, but thought they were pretty bad so he just made up some vocalizations and winged it resulting in eventual Internet fame.

If you’ve never heard his rendition of “I Am Glad, ‘Cause I’m Finally Returning Back Home”, and if you’ve been on the Internet for any amount of time it’s hard to imagine how you haven’t, then here it is in all its glory:

That man could sing.

Google Music now lets you download your saved music to another device

Surprisingly enough, I’ve been using Google Music a lot more than I thought I would. I’ve not bought anything through it yet, but I’ve got all of the MP3’s on my PC uploaded to it and as I rip my CDs in my collection I make sure to add them in.I don’t use it daily, but I use it often enough that it’s worth maintaining. #seb #GoogleMusic #Music #CloudStorage

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Google Music now lets you download any song in your library from the web interface.

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Google Music Now Lets You Download All Your Saved Music
One of our biggest complaints about Google Music was that you couldn’t re-download any songs you’d added to your online library. Google’s now brought this feature for the web interface and the Music M…

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