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This does seem very familiar indeed.

Simon’s Cat perfectly captures yet another of the joys of being roommates with a feline:

In our house this fun is doubled as it seems to infect both cats at about the same point in time. At least once a night we’ll hear something fall to the floor in another part of the apartment and ask aloud to each other “What the hell was that?”


The stereotype has always been that dogs chase cats. Dogs are macho and tough whereas cats are effeminate and fragile.

The reality, however, is a little different…

I can recall Tiger, a cat we owned when I was a kid, living up to his name on more than one occasion. Even chasing a Saint Bernard three times his size out of the yard. That said, Tiger generally got along with our family dog, Pepper, who was never scared of being around the cat, let alone walking past it.

The joy of cats at Christmas time.

ornament killer cat

We tossed our old artificial Christmas tree last year because it was looking pretty battle weary from years of being in the same house with cats. I had planned to buy a new one during the summer off-season, but it didn’t happen. Now it’s looking like we won’t have one this year at all which makes me sad, but not as sad as my cats who have noticed that the outdoor lights are up and glowing. That usually means the tree of shiny things that tinkle when you knock them down is usually not far behind. They are very confused by the lack of the tree of shiny things.

YouTube arguments as read by two old guys.

I make of point of not reading the comments left on YouTube videos because they have a tendency to damage your IQ if you read too many of them. To say that the majority of comments left on any particular YouTube video are less than helpful is an overstatement of stunning proportions. You’d probably learn more by hitting yourself repeatedly in the head with a ballpeen hammer than you would by reading the comments left on the average YouTube video.

That said, when you take an example of said comments — say an argument between two One Direction fans — and reconstruct it using two old guys, the results are surprisingly entertaining while also reinforcing just how useless such comments are.

Note: There is some NSFW language in this clip.

I suppose if YouTube comments can’t rise above the level of drooling psychophants, at least they can be entertaining when handled properly by professionals.