So, apparently this exists…

weenerkleenersoapWords fail me.

Chicago’s Magical Piano adds a little music to holiday travels.

I think it’s great that we live in a time where technology and people’s creativity allow for things like this to happen. Just a shame they never happen here in Michigan.

Even smart people need to be told not to do dumb things.

I work in a building full of automotive engineers. I’ve always thought of engineers as being particularly intelligent. Yet occasionally you’ll stumble across signs on things like this one:

It's like we're all in first grade except that this paste is toxic.

You’d think particularly intelligent people wouldn’t need a warning label like that. Granted, this tub is in the refrigerator a lot of us store our lunches in (you can see my lunchbag in the bottom left background), but as a general rule I don’t mess with things in the fridge that I didn’t put in there to begin with. I always figured that was true for everyone, but apparently it’s not. Apparently you have to warn otherwise intelligent people not to open up a random tub and shovel its contents into their gaping maws just because it happened to be in a refrigerator or someone will end up doing just that at some point in time or another.

You could write that off as just being extra cautious and I could agree with that, but then there’s this:


Granted this is on a door that at one point in time you could just push to open, but that changed well over a year ago. You’d think most folks would understand how to open the door by now making such a sign unnecessary. Yet every now and then you’ll hear a muffled thud resound through the building as someone runs headlong into the door because they forgot to turn the damned handle.

Which isn’t to say that the engineers in my building are stupid — I’ve forgotten to turn the handle on more than occasion myself and I’m pretty smart — just that every now and then even smart people need to be reminded not to do stupid things.

The hidden messages under our desks.

My cubemate has been sitting at the same desk for the past 4 years. Today while reaching for something under his desk his hand brushed up against a flat magnet adhered to the side up near the center drawer. It’s been there the entire time and he had no idea. It’s one of those magnets that usually contain some form of uplifting message that you slap on a fridge or a filing cabinet.

The message written on this one is… interesting.


For the record, he says that if that’s what it takes then knock yourself out.

Your typical Christian reaction to a rebuttal of something they wrote.

I already shared this on my G+ account, but it was too amusing not to share here.

It appears that Clay Kraby of Reasonable Theology isn’t too happy with the rebuttal I wrote of his Four Miracles of Atheism article. He hasn’t approved the pingback to his article on his blog so I left a comment about it on his Reasonable Theology G+ page and now it appears he’s blocked me from following him on G+.

Below is a screenshot of the RT G+ page in two browsers. I’m signed in to Google+ on the left and not on the right. Notice anything different between them?

Click to embiggen.

Click to embiggen!

Yeah, there’s a distinct lack of content on the side I’m logged in with. I’m not surprised, just amused. I bet if I were to comment on his Facebook page I could get myself blocked there as well. To his credit he hasn’t deleted the comments I made on one of the entries on his G+ page, but he certainly doesn’t seem to want me to keep up with any other bullshit he’s shoveling. I hear this works pretty well too:

La la la la I can't hear you!

God shows up in Florida and sets her car on fire.

I’m going to assume this is a case of someone taking some bad drugs or eating the wrong kind of mushrooms. Then again, they do say that God works in mysterious ways and this would certainly qualify:

Police: Woman claiming to be ‘God’ set car on fire at gas station |

Holy BBQ Batman!

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — A woman claiming to be God doused her car with gasoline and lit it on fire at a BP gas station in Daytona Beach, police said.
Employee Clerk Edna Sandrus said Barnes Alexandra Barnes, 29, went behind the counter, grabbed a lighter and then ran out the door.
Surveillance video shows another clerk, Craig Walker, run after Barnes and tussle with her to get the lighter.

“I could smell gas on my hand from wrestling with her,” Walker said.

Walker said he realized there was fuel on the back of the car and on the ground, and that’s how he realized what she meant when Barnes said, “Don’t move, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it.”

Barnes grabbed another lighter from her car. She flicked the lighter and the car went up in flames.

Apparently God forgot that she had dogs in her car, but fortunately they were rescued by a bystander before they became hot dogs.

SEB posts this as a reminder of the importance of taking your medication each and every day.

Socks always going missing? You need some guard kitties!

This is why we have cats in the house:

“Gangnam Style” has the same effect on me too…

Too cute not to share.

The solution to global warming is simple.


Well, that’s one problem solved. What’s next?

Why won’t the government move the deer crossings to a lower-traffic area?

That’s the question Donna has for the DJs at Y94 Playhouse in Fargo, ND:

That was back on October 8th. That phone call has since gone viral so they brought Donna back on with a followup interview on October 17th:

She appears to be taking her new found notoriety all in stride considering the amount of ribbing she’s taking for it. She admits to feeling stupid after someone explained to her that the deer crossing signs are to alert us to the possibility of encountering deer there and not to direct the deer to cross at that location. She goes on to say, in her defense, that she truly didn’t have a clue and she “never really thought about it enough” to realize how silly her question was.

That seems to be a common problem these days. It’s not that she’s stupid, she just didn’t take the time to think about it before she tried to take action to correct what she saw as a serious problem. She had been in three deer related accidents immediately after seeing a deer crossing sign so the obvious solution would be to move the signs, right? Who really needs to think about it that hard? It seems to me — and I don’t really have anything objective to back this up with — that more and more people do this these days. Something bad happens and their immediate reaction is to try and get a solution to it put into place without really thinking about what the problem really is and what the solution would really need to be (or what their proposed solution would really do).

Fortunately in this case it just gave Donna some embarrassment and her 15 minutes of fame, but when our legislators do it we end up with bad laws with lots of unintended consequences like the TSA or the DMCA or the Patriot Act.